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Trademarks & Copyright
SynapseIndia Trademarks & Copyright

The latest information on SynapseIndia Trademarks is given below..

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  • SynapseIndia
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  • I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
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I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind

The above list includes latest updates (as of January 2011) and each of the above mentioned trademarks is to be referred to as SynapseIndia trademark hereinafter.

By making use of a SynapseIndia trademark, whether in parts or as whole, you acknowledge that SynapseIndia exclusively owns the trademark. You further acknowledge of not interfering with the rights of SynapseIndia in the trademark in any manner. In addition, goodwill earned by using any of SynapseIndia trademark solely belongs to SynapseIndia and inures to SynapseIndia advantage.

SynapseIndia Trademarks & Copyright

Worth mentioning is the fact that the absence of a product/service name/logo in the above list never implies that the missed out product/service is exempt from trademark and copyright limitations. SynapseIndia solely owns the intellectual property produced by any of its units to date.

*Excepting the limited right of using as explicitly permitted under the General Trademark Guidelines, there is no other right that is granted hereunder, whether by implication or otherwise

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