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Magento Setup and Customization

Magento Customization and Development Services

Magento, with open source content management system, gives your eCommerce website the complete freedom and direction to upgrade, as well as can customize it exactly as per your business requirements. Considering the today's market trends, large community of developers using Magento web development services continuously, to develop numerous codes and other technical fine-tuning of the application, to generate error-free and smooth functioning of online eCommerce business.

We make it Work for You
  • Integrated Power

    Magento, the ultimate eCommerce application platforms, different in comparison of others, provides advantage to get associated with other third-party software. Magento is a powerful, impactful and flexible code framework which supports in better scalability and easy integration with applications of your choice.

  • Magento Shopping Cart Customization

    In comparison of other shopping cart, Magento customization brings forth to some innovative uses. Some of the basic uses of the Magento cart are:

    • Provides management of Content, Product Lists, and Shipping
    • It offers multiple uses, language, currency, support
    • It is SEO friendly, and helps in the promotion and marketing of the product
    • Facilitating mobile commerce
    • Helps in Taxes and Revenues calculation
    • Support in creating exclusive customer groups classifies on the basis of various parameters
Excellent Features To Increase Your Performance
  • Magento comes with features that equip an online shopping site to become easily maneuverable, directive and good looking - all while being highly secure and with several online promotional and SEO possibilities. Some of its specialties are:

    • It is easy to use administrative system, which offers support for better control over user interaction; multi-website and multi-linguistic interfaces; and product entries/updation.
    • It provides exclusive features to the eCommerce website, such as multi-address shipping functions, product-specific comment, and detailed comparison sections.
    • Its on-page checkout feature helps users to conclude a shopping process without being redirected to any else complications.
    • Automatic feeds to RSS; integration with Google analytics, and a host of reporting features helping in better product promotion and a detailed assessment of the services.
    • Customers are required to follow a set of specific and friendly steps - helping in making better decisive moves towards booking orders or adding products to a wish list.
    • 100% customizable design, hundreds of updates, free templates and many more.

SynapseIndia is a leading software development and IT outsourcing service provider, which design and develop the best customized software depend upon the client's requirement. We have proven excellence in Magento, PHP, and other object-oriented web application frameworks; and their successful implementation in developing shopping cart and eCommerce solutions for a list of global clients. From last few year,s we are appraised as the Magenta website development company. We can help you to:

  • Implement Magento design while developing your eCommerce website
  • Customize existing Magento setup with effective add-ons and process-specific features
  • Fulfill a Magento customization need with comprehensive implementation service and technical support

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Are you looking for the right platform to make your eCommerce business grow? Then just connect with us and we will provide the complete customized solution for your eCommerce site. We have a team of proficient and experienced professionals which are experts in designing and developing the finest customized eCommerce site. Just connect with us and hire magento developer for your business website.

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