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BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry heralded an era where information is on your fingertips wherever you go. Whether it is about personal communication or professional, with BlackBerry nothing is difficult or out of reach.

Supporting endless business applications

You can enjoy web browsing, emailing, text messaging, and telephone services on your BlackBerry, which also supports endless business applications. From email to SMS, and phone organizer to corporate data, the functionalities that can be incorporated into this next generation phone with the help of BlackBerry Application Development are truly immense.

Seamless and secure access to corporate information on the go!

With BlackBerry in your hand, you enjoy:

  • Web connectivity
  • Access to corporate data
  • Access to people and resources within your organization
  • What's more, you enjoy all this in a seamless and secure manner!

    The other applications supported by BlackBerry include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), field services, instant messaging, order entry, and other activities to aid the management in better decision making.

SynapseIndia- for truly innovative blackberry application development

BlackBerry application development services extended by SynapseIndia provide businesses with a leading edge by keeping them connected while on the go. We are a team of BlackBerry experts and have a proven track record in developing and integrating various applications that have helped our global clientele achieve desired success.

J2ME and MDS experts catering to your blackberry application development needs

We are a team of J2ME and MDS experts. Our expertise lies in utilizing both J2ME and MDS to deliver truly innovative solutions that help you get the best out of your BlackBerry.

J2ME - BlackBerry devices run on Research In Motion or RIM is own version of J2ME including APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

MDS - Developed for BlackBerry, MDS runtime applications need BlackBerry backend software to run

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