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SynapseIndia Business Solutions

Navision recognises that professional and successful marketing, sales, implementation and support of Microsoft Business Solutions are the most important elements of their client assessment of the value of their business solutions. The high quality of the products itself is a prerequisite for client satisfaction but not a guarantee. Only high quality and service minded professional people behind trained on the products can guarantee that each Navision installation deserves the business of the clients.

At SynapseIndia - a Navision Solutions Partner, we are staffed with experienced individuals with background in business, computers and software who understand the needs of businesses in their market so they can fine-tune the vanilla product into unique solutions for individual client's. We understand how to make Microsoft Business Solutions become the information backbone and how to automate all aspects of the business. We provide long term solutions and strategies in the use of modern information technology. We have in-house capabilities and can work together with organisations to provide total solutions covering hardware, software, network, installation, planning, project management, accounting, and Navision customisations.

Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision ®

Microsoft Navision Standard is made for small organizations - growing companies that don't have a lot of time to spend on their business management software. Such companies can benefit from technology usually reserved for larger businesses. Microsoft Navision Standard frees the company to focus on business. It consists of a subset of the functionality found in the extended Navision product and it addresses core needs at a very competitive price.

It includes:

  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Purchasing capabilities
  • Human resources
  • Inventory
  • Quick and easy reporting.

It's for between one and five program users, but can always be upgraded to the extended Microsoft Navision product, which can accommodate as many users as the company needs. Because Microsoft Navision Standard consists of a base package, which covers core business processes, it doesn't require costly and time-consuming tailoring and customization. We can work closely with the company to help them get up and running as quickly as possible and with minimal disturbance to its business. In case the company's business changes later on, we can help them add whatever new functionality that are needed.

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