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 Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an essential part of any business activity at SynapseIndia. It is this emphasis on quality that sets SynapseIndia apart and ensures that it stays ahead of competitors.

The Software Development Life Cycle of any project starts with marketing activity, moves through different phases of development of the product / solution and ends with the successful installation and implementation of the same. The quality emphasis which is a SynapseIndia hallmark extends through each of these phases.

To ensure quality assurance we employ various technical methods and measures, conduct formal technical reviews, and perform planned software testing. We use SQA (software quality assurance) team testing that includes formal technical reviews, testing strategies and techniques, procedures for change control, procedures for assuring compliance to standards, and measurements and reporting mechanisms.

Our quality assurance (QA) team assists the project team in achieving a high quality product. This team performs a set of activities that address quality assurance planning, oversight,record keeping, analysis, and reporting

A QA plan (governing the QA team and all activities performed by the project team) for a project is developed during project planning and is reviewed by all parties. The plan identifies:

  • Evaluations which are to be performed
  • Audits and Reviews that will be conducted
  • All standards applicable to the project
  • Procedures for error reporting and tracking
  • Documents that will be produced by the QA team
  • Amount of Feedback provided to software project team

The project team narrows down a process for the work to be performed. The QA team reviews the process description for compliance with organizational policy, internal software standards, externally imposed standards, and other parts of the project plan.

The QA team audits and reviews selected work products. It identifies, documents and tracks deviations from the process and verifies that relevant corrections have been made. The team ensures that deviations in the software work and work products are documented and handled according to a set procedure. Deviations encountered in the project plan, process description, applicable standards,or technical work products are then tracked till resolved. The team reports noncompliance to senior management.

Software reviews ensure that errors are removed while they are comparatively inexpensive to correct. Software engineering process data needs to be collated and disseminated to conduct proper software quality assurance. The SQA group collates software metrics.

The QA team improves the quality of the product and of the software process itself. Software reliability models allow collated defect data to be extrapolated into projected failure rates and reliability predictions. At SynapseIndia, software reliability models form an essential part of the Software Development Life Cycle. This ensures that our clients receive a software built and tested to perform under actual conditions.

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