Importance of having a money lending mobile app along with a website

Applying for a loan has become a necessity for people especially during this post-pandemic scenario.

Looking at the uncertainty prevailing in every single direction, people are devoid of employment opportunities at the moment. The solution lies with attaining short term monetary assistance to meet unforeseen expenditures.

Money lending mobile app is an ideal investment you make, offering borrowers a convenient way of getting monetary help.

Even if you are having a financial website with easy loan application facility, mobile app is equally important for your business.

Importance of a financial service mobile application
As per the fact, there would be 442 million mobile users by the year 2022 out of which 200 million are app users.

Looking at the huge numbers of mobile application users, it makes it obvious for businesses to have their own app. No doubt, a business website offers informative way of displaying company’s services.

But a mobile application brings convenience, flexibility, and instant loan application advantage to all the borrowers.

Automatically, your money lending business requires a user-friendly mobile application along with a website.

Thus, offer short term loans facility to targeted borrowers via mobile app and let them avail the convenience of monetary accessibility.

Hire pioneer mobile app development company SynapseIndia
Building a financial mobile application along with a website require professional development assistance.

There is nothing reliable than availing mobile app development services of SynapseIndia. This IT company has successfully created profitable apps and websites for the financial sector and resulted in rapid expansion.

Simply rely on certified developers of SynapseIndia for creating a feature-rich app for money lending institutions and add more borrowers.

Top benefits of having a mobile app along with a website

  • Business expansion: Expand the sphere of your financial services business to a large extent using mobile app diversity. This helps to reach a wide range of borrowers in different geographical boundaries, resulting in maximum recognition.
  • Increasing returns: Creating a mobile app is a future investment for your financial services business. The demand for using mobile applications will not slow down in coming years. In fact, users are much inclined towards app to make a purchasing decision. Thus, you can expect maximum returns from added technology services.
  • Increase customer base: There is no doubt in the fact that mobile app has much farther reach than a website. Thus, you tend to increase the customer base by adopting strategic marketing endeavors and add more people.

SynapseIndia is here to completely assist short term loan companies to leverage the best of IT solutions and stay competitive for long.

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Ensure higher growth of retail business with eCommerce automation

The retail sector is always moving towards rapid development and advancement. Ecommerce automation is a necessary push to scale up business growth in a cost-effective manner.

For all those having an eCommerce website selling a multitude of products. There is always a dilemma of facing stiff competition. One way of staying ahead among others is by growing your enterprise to great extent.

This can only be possible, if you properly follow the retail business improvement plan. However, if you still involved in manually operating most of the online retail business tasks. Then, you will find it hard to succeed ahead.

Therefore, it is a matter of great relevancy to bring eCommerce automation to find success in a matter of short time.

Get to know about eCommerce automation of the retail business
An eCommerce platform constitutes of many tasks like managing the product orders, track all refunds, inventory, workflow, etc. For doing all such tasks, you might have separate resources that work for you.

In this regard, bring automation in all such tasks by utilizing specialized eCommerce software, tools, and applications. Rely on pioneer IT company like SynapseIndia to bring eCommerce automation.

All this means, convert all your manual tasks of the online retail business into automatic list of duties. Make the best use of software and applications to update, edit or create things of the business.

Doing all this helps you turn focus towards further development and growth of business. Scale up the enterprise by bringing automation and an updated way of performing several tasks.

Check out the benefits of eCommerce automation features for existing online retail business

  • Fulfill eCommerce website orders with speed and agility. There is a benefit of online retail software that creates a ticket for the placed order. This helps customers to automatically receive confirmation and information stored in your database.
  • Adding automated features of multiple payment getaway with the help of SynapseIndia allows to create automatic invoices. This further helps to send invoices to customers via email in an automatic manner.
  • CMS solutions for eCommerce websites bring additional benefits to manage overall content. This eliminates the requirement of a separate manual resource and technical knowledge. Simply utilize a Content Management System to add product details, blogs, videos, etc.
  • Save the optimum level of time, effort, and money with eCommerce automation features. Head towards the rapid development of business by eliminating unnecessary manual tasks.

There is more to expect from eCommerce automation for online retail business. Adopt the same to bring relevant improvement to increase product sales and enhance business profit.

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Expanding general merchandise stores with profitable retail solutions

Are you involved in running a retail business of general merchandise stores? Just enhance your business with profitable retail solutions offered by 20+ years IT company SynapseIndia.

There is a multitude of technical solutions available for retail sector to increase the sales of products. Especially in relation to general merchandise stores, SynapseIndia offers eCommerce, inventory management, and product labeling solutions.

Importance of technical services for general merchandise stores
The traditional model of selling general merchandise products is slowly fading away due to advent of so many eCommerce websites.
You need to stay ahead of the competition by bringing some technical innovations in business to enhance services and reduce cost.
In that matters, SynapseIndia brings forth you technology services that are essentials to adopt at present changing times.

Ecommerce Solutions for Retail Business
When you think about availing eCommerce solutions then it is not only confined with creating an online shopping site only.

It involves more than that in terms of designing appealing framework, adding multiple functionalities, and features.
Create your own eCommerce selling platform along with running the physical store as well to avail the following few advantages:

  1. Increase sales: Omnichannel functionality of general merchandise stores sure to increase your business sales. You will allow customers to buy daily consumable items from your newly formed website. Plus, you can also manage to widen the sphere of your customers.
  2. Improve customer experience: Provide an enhanced level of customer experience to your existing ones. Start an online retail eCommerce website to introduce online channel of buying products without wasting much time and effort.
  3. Reduce overall cost: In a way, you are going save much on your online portal as compared to running the stores. Just reduce the investments on physical store and make little ones on eCommerce website to witness higher results.

Management of Product Inventory Using a Software

SynapseIndia helps retail partners to avail eCommerce software solutions of Inventory Management System for bringing automation. This helps to save manual effort in counting stocks every single day and maintaining the efficiency of same.

Witness what is left in the stock and how much to maintain inside using an electronic inventory system. The user-friendly software is created using technical efficiency of SynapseIndia developers.

Labeling of Products

Product labeling software is effectively created for automating the means to put scanned labels on products. This technology helps to simplify the process, maintain a smooth flow of retail chain, increase efficiency, and more.

Technology helps to grow clothing & accessories stores business

The business of selling clothes online is on a high-rise these days.
A multitude of online retailers are available to offer a vast range of fashion apparel & accessories for widespread customers.

In the midst of all this, traditional way of selling retail products is slowly fading away. The reason behind is the changing customer preference.

You are already aware of the fact that customers prefer convenience, comparison, and best price of products. All this is possible having an online shopping portal running 24×7 for all types of customers.

Well, in that case, start an eCommerce website by transforming clothing & accessories stores into a profit-making business.

See how technology helps to expand fashion & apparel business
Website development, mobile app development, and CRM solutions are three broadly classified technologies meant for retail business.

Anyone looking forward to starting an online shopping portal, makes the best out of above technologies to increase product sales.

On the other side, SynapseIndia, an IT company is available to offer result-oriented technical support to fashion retailers. In fact, many fashion retailers have transformed their enterprise using technical solutions of this company to witness a growth of 78.8%.

Rely on the professional expertise and years of experience of this pioneer IT company to transform clothing & accessories stores.

Avail the following technology services to witness improvement and fast business growth

Website Development
SynapseIndia offers top-rated website development services for clothing & accessories stores to expand business. Creative experts of the company create innovative designs to catch user’s attention.
Even certified developers are fully proficient to add updated functionalities on eCommerce portal for maximum engagement.
Ultimately, you get to experience a success-driven eCommerce website created by expert technology partner to make a difference in business.

Mobile App Development
The next set of service is developing a user-friendly mobile application for fashion-related products. Be it like Android, iOS, or Windows, expect a fast-operational application to yield higher retail business results.
Additionally, features like multiple payment gateways, customized designs, screen-friendly presence, and feature of push notification is also there.
You can further expect to add custom features to serve customers worldwide and increase overall sales pattern.

CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management is specialized software for clothing & accessories stores. It helps to know what customers like to purchase, at what time, and in which manner.
The software helps to analyze data of previous purchases, users added on company’s social media platforms, and other details. Based on the filtered data, a retail company can take informed decisions to make better sales.

Really make a difference in clothing & accessories stores business by transforming online with aid of SynapseIndia.

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SynapseIndia IT services for business management & growth

Increasing online sales is the primary motive of every single business. No matter, is there is a small, medium, or large enterprise, everyone has the same goal & that is to acquire growth.

If look carefully, then there are numerous ways to expand the existing organization and sell more products online. Getting the best IT services of a reliable tech company is one of them. It helps to increase the limit of business and earn more.

SynapseIndia offers innovative IT services for all the companies, looking forward to start online or plan to expand the same. The premier IT brand has already supported multitude of companies to meet business purpose and create a unique online identity.

For more than 20 years, SynapseIndia is enriching the business performance all across the globe and features a long list of clients. At present, this pioneer brand is offering top-notch IT services like the following:
1. Software development
2. Web development
3. Mobile app development
4. Cloud computing solutions

Have complete faith in an experienced and industry-driven company to acquire desired IT services for rapid business expansion.

Leverage tech solutions for all types of businesses
Technology has always been the main element for driving the success of any business worldwide. Numerous kinds of industries like healthcare, banking, travel, education, real estate, etc are making the best out of technology.
Different features, applications, and software have paved the way for meeting the company’s goals at a rapid rate.
You can also leverage the best of technology by acquiring leading services of SynapseIndia and make way for the future ahead.
The robust and the latest technical solutions, not only transform the business process but also update the way of managing operations.

Top benefits for availing customized IT services of SynapseIndia

Highly updated: Technology keeps on changing time after time. Developers of SynapseIndia lay hands on the facets of technology to bring optimum results to your business. Be it like a website or a mobile app, experience the updated measures to stay always ahead. Avail the fast operational, secure, and technically advanced features to meet business purposes.
Assistance of certified developers: Expert professionals of SynapseIndia are well-trained and certified to offer industry-specific services. They match the international quality standards while creating, developing, & maintaining your mobile app or software. This allows you to run online operations in a smooth manner and reach more customers for extensive leads.
100% success: Years of experience and proven innovative methods of developers at SynapseIndia ensure your business success. This provides a ray of hope to overcome all the challenges and focus more on the positive results.

Ensure smooth management and efficient growth of your online business with effective IT services of SynapseIndia.

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Why Updating Your Website is the Need of Time?

Each of the phenomenal happenings worldwide has a predefined standard. It provides an additional professional touch to make everything eye soothing and useful to the human beings. In the same way, the world wide web has some standard connotations, adhering to which you can make a website online and create a robust online presence of the desired business, services or products. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some web development ideas that will make you understand the importance of an updated website.

Website Development

1. Providing a visual appeal
The professionalism of anything is responsible for making anything more intuitive and interacting. For example, a professional chief executive officer of a company is the main representative of a company and the ideology and the strength of the company get reflected through his personality. In the same way, providing a professional outline to a website is essential in order to remain competitive. As per the latest trend, your website should be updated with the visually appealing graphics and other elements.

2. Making it responsive and mobile-friendly
Responsiveness is the new set trend of any of the websites running globally. If a user is unable to access your website through his smartphone or tablet, then he is not going to make efforts to open his laptop or computer in order to open your website. Even, Google has now focused on ranking mobile index at first, so it is an important aspect to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. Responsive websites run as per the convenience of the users, so you should update your website and make it truly responsive in order to grab the attention of potential customers.

3. Advanced coding and technique
In order to make your presentation globally and to reach to the worldwide audiences, it has become essential to follow the web standards. The source code of your website must be valid and it should be SSL certified so that users can trust while browsing through the web pages. Your website codings and techniques should adhere to the latest versions, framework and feature rich. It should have a fast loading speed otherwise a user takes no time in switching to other websites by closing the current one.

A reputed web development company in India can help you in updating your website as per the latest norms, Google’s algorithm, and the users’ preferences. After having an updated website you will have the more probability to get online leads and establishing your business brand image across the sphere.

Top 4 Reasons to Develop Accessible Websites

Disabled people have to face various problems in accessing the websites. A simple website cannot be accessible for the people who are visually disabled but with a proper website code such as HTML that can provide the textual equivalent to visual information can access the information using text-to-speech software or text-to-Braille hardware.


To make an accessible website, you need to develop a website in such a way that it remains compatible with assistive scanning keyboards and screen readers. Such techniques help the organizations in enhancing their reach to the wide range of audiences.

1. Help People with Disabilities
There are various people who are suffering from certain kinds of disabilities like motor, cognitive or sensory disabilities. They are unable to get the same information through digital means which we are able to access easily. Accessible websites help them in interacting with the information with the help of their friends or family. People who are blind, deaf or any kind of disability of body organs like hand damage, can access the information if there is an accessible website to serve their purpose.

2. More Visitors and Market Growth
If your website is accessible for the disabled people also, then they can become a part of your targeted audiences. For example, if a person in a wheelchair is not able to ride a motorcycle then it doesn’t mean that he is not going to browse throughout the commercial websites selling bikes. He may be interested in buying the same for someone else, his relatives, friends or family. So, for the business growth, it is essential to make your eCommerce website more accessible for all sorts of audiences.

3. Multiple Devices and Browser Access
Accessible websites which are developed as per the web standards perform well on all the browsers and across multiple devices. It results in increasing number of the potential customers.

4. Improves Site Usability for Everyone
If a disabled person is able to use your website thoroughly then it can be easily used by everyone. None of your targeted audiences have to compromise on site’s interactivity and thus you are able to grab more potential customers with an accessible website.

If you are desiring to develop an accessible website to get more potential reach in global market then the expert’s at SynapseIndia, the most recognized website development company in India, will make this happen for your business.

Considerable Factors To Strengthen Your Web Presence

Every merchant needs a perfect web development solution to drive their business over the internet. A strategically designed web development solution can provide you a range of potential benefits. However, the development of stunning and interactive solution is a time-consuming job, but with the great assistance of a professional web development company in India, you will be able to enjoy highly functional, feature-rich, reliable and secure solution for your business.

Considerable factors that will support you in building an excellent web development solution:

web development services India

1. Understand the basics of the development module: When it comes to the solid web development solution, you should analyze the development module effectively in advance and accordingly make your strategy to build an eye-popping online presence. This effort will help you entice more organic visitors to your site.

2. Closely analyze the programming framework: Good knowledge and great command over a programming framework are always fruitful to understand the thin line differences between a web developer and a professional web developer. Even if you have attended various brainstorming sessions and possess extraordinary business ideas, you should understand the basic features of web development frameworks and select the best one that can easily satisfy your business objectives.

PHP, WordPress, and Drupal are some demanded web development platforms that will help you create an exceptionally powerful, versatile, and cutting edge web development solution.

3. Associate with the like-minded people: Like minded people can assist you right solution at the right time. They will help you select the best web development company and provide complete insights into the whole procedure.

4. Role of Prototypes: No doubt prototype plays a significant role while putting your best possible efforts on a software development project. It is truly helpful in delivering the most relevant product and meet the client expectation.

These considerable factors will help you develop and execute the most reliable and feature-rich web development solution even in the stipulated timeline and in a cost-effective manner. Web Development Company India, SynapseIndia has an incredible role in delivering top-notch web development services globally. They believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction in a promising manner.

Turnkey Benefits of Customized Web Application Development

Developing a solid online presence is pivotal to drive your business effectively and therefore the demand for web applications has increased tremendously. Being a website owner, you must offer an engaging experience to all your web visitors. Every business has its own specific needs which cannot be fulfilled with the help of general web apps, so to meet your business objectives you must hire the reputed Web Development Company in India.

There are some incredible benefits of custom web application development:

1. Interaction point between Clients and Business: Various businesses offer similar services and therefore business owners have to face tough competition which is not possible without the effective tools for communication. Developing custom web applications are truly impressive to better communicate with your web visitors whether they are existing or new one. Impressive communication with your web visitors is really useful for increasing business ROI as it helps you achieve more and more referrals.

2. Useful for Efficient and Successful Businesses: With the help of custom web application development, you can effectively manage your business. It can make your business operation seamless and as well as provide the desired result from your business.

3. Offer Business-centric environment: A feature rich custom web development is truly suitable for your business as it offers business centric environment and additionally, you need not invest more money to make your business operation faster and reliable.

4. Reduce Employee’s Expenses: Managing business successfully is not a cup of tea, several employees are needed to manage everything perfectly. But, with the help of superior quality web applications, you need a very limited number of helping hands to manage your business effectively.

5. Reduce the burden of Data Entry task: Custom made web applications are really good for avoiding the most tiresome job which is data entry. As the process of web applications are automated, data feeding work is done automatically.

These are some incredible benefits of the custom web apps development. Thus, hiring a custom web development Company in India, SynapseIndia is truly useful to make your business user engaging and business oriented.

Smart Ways to Develop a Standard and Competitive Website

Websites are the most meaningful ways of interaction between the businesses and the customers. A beautifully designed interactive website loaded with lucrative features help the businesses in getting potential leads and establishing the brand credibility among the audiences globally. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the essential attributes which a website ought to follow in order to represent a business in a credible and enchanting way –

Purpose Oriented Development
Before developing a website, you need to clearly define the purpose for which you want a website. A pre-defined business and website development objective helps in the relevant implementation of the features and choosing the right platform and tools also. A blogger should go for WordPress development to meet his objective, on the other hand, an eCommerce dealer should prefer Magento web development in order to remain competitive in the digital world.

User-Friendly Features
The visitors usually leave the websites which take too much of time in loading and are not user-friendly. Due to the availability of various easy-to-use websites, the preference to user-friendly websites is ruling the online industry. It is essential to develop smooth navigating features, easy to click pages, readable contents and quality images on the website to gain the attention. If your website appeals to a visitor, then he would definitely stay a little more on your web pages and inturn create a chance for them to dig deeper which might ultimately become a prospective lead for your business.

Robust CTA Features
Suppose a visitor is willing to take your service or looking to buy your products after having a look at your website, but unable to find any feature that connects him with you. In this situation, there is more probability of losing that prospective lead. In order to save this lead, you need to implement robust and hassle free call-to-action features like contact button, instant messaging or shopping cart option on your website.

If you want to get a website developed with all the essential attributes to promote your business in a very short span of time, then you should hire experienced services of SynapseIndia which is a leading web development company in India.