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SynapseIndia IT services for business management & growth

Increasing online sales is the primary motive of every single business. No matter, is there is a small, medium, or large enterprise, everyone has the same goal & that is to acquire growth.

If look carefully, then there are numerous ways to expand the existing organization and sell more products online. Getting the best IT services of a reliable tech company is one of them. It helps to increase the limit of business and earn more.

SynapseIndia offers innovative IT services for all the companies, looking forward to start online or plan to expand the same. The premier IT brand has already supported multitude of companies to meet business purpose and create a unique online identity.

For more than 20 years, SynapseIndia is enriching the business performance all across the globe and features a long list of clients. At present, this pioneer brand is offering top-notch IT services like the following:
1. Software development
2. Web development
3. Mobile app development
4. Cloud computing solutions

Have complete faith in an experienced and industry-driven company to acquire desired IT services for rapid business expansion.

Leverage tech solutions for all types of businesses
Technology has always been the main element for driving the success of any business worldwide. Numerous kinds of industries like healthcare, banking, travel, education, real estate, etc are making the best out of technology.
Different features, applications, and software have paved the way for meeting the company’s goals at a rapid rate.
You can also leverage the best of technology by acquiring leading services of SynapseIndia and make way for the future ahead.
The robust and the latest technical solutions, not only transform the business process but also update the way of managing operations.

Top benefits for availing customized IT services of SynapseIndia

Highly updated: Technology keeps on changing time after time. Developers of SynapseIndia lay hands on the facets of technology to bring optimum results to your business. Be it like a website or a mobile app, experience the updated measures to stay always ahead. Avail the fast operational, secure, and technically advanced features to meet business purposes.
Assistance of certified developers: Expert professionals of SynapseIndia are well-trained and certified to offer industry-specific services. They match the international quality standards while creating, developing, & maintaining your mobile app or software. This allows you to run online operations in a smooth manner and reach more customers for extensive leads.
100% success: Years of experience and proven innovative methods of developers at SynapseIndia ensure your business success. This provides a ray of hope to overcome all the challenges and focus more on the positive results.

Ensure smooth management and efficient growth of your online business with effective IT services of SynapseIndia.

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5 Useful Tips on Improving Software Security

Amid the ongoing cyber attacks, now the need has arrived to protect the software from the malware. Along with the website safety measures, software security is also a matter of concern.

Here are some tips to improve software security:

1. Provide training on different security practices
Each team member of a software development company should be provided proper training. They should be made aware of basic security concepts and to know about the security vulnerabilities and threats. Special training programs on ethical hacking and secure coding should be organized for developers to understand the development points to be protected.

2. Provide information about security requirements
Before start working on a software development project, it should be considered that every member of the development team is aware of all the security requirements of the system and development platforms or frameworks. The required documents in the possible security threats should be provided to each team member to take care while developing the required features.

3. Making team members aware of the software security importance
Apart from feature implementation and meeting the project deadline, security also plays a pivotal role in quality software development. Each team member of the development project should be acknowledged of this fact and their suggestions to improve the security essentials should be considered to develop the best.

4. Use retained procedures for database calls
Hackers find it easy to get into the database and edit the codes if you are using parameterized procedures. On the other hand, stored procedures act as a shield from SQL injection attacks.

5. Appointing a project security officer
A project security officer must be assigned for a project to take care of all the security concerns. The security officer must be an expert in the deployment of robust security features to protect the software from any external or internal threat.

If you are looking for a highly seçured and feature-rich software for your business needs then you should hire the reliable service of SynapseIndia, which is the leading software development company in India.

5 Tips for Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs Effectively

Outsourcing IT needs has now become popular worldwide to get the best solutions. Foreign companies are outsourcing their software needs to the reputable IT companies to get the desired custom software solution within the stipulated deadline. India is successfully delivering the relevant and advanced engineered software solutions to help the global companies dealing in diverse niches. Before outsourcing the software development needs to a reliable software development company in India, the businesses need to go through these five tips so that they can get the right software solutions delivered to them.

1. Requirement Discussions: While choosing your outsourcing partner, you should discuss the exact requirement of your project in details. Your discussion with the software development team will make you understand about the technology and the development procedure. If it seems promising then only you should assign the project to the team.

2. Verify then Trust: Only going throughout the proposal and the contents available over the Internet, you should not rely on a company’s credibility. You must verify the company’s work quality and expertise level by cross checking the portfolios and the trusted customer reviews.

3. Packaged Deal: You must hire the service of an IT outsourcing company that can offer you a package development deal. It will prevent you from paying additional charges for the name of testing, deployment or modifications. The fixed package deal also includes maintenance and support service for a period of time.

4. Clear Communication: The offshore development partner should have a clear cut communication approach to understand and implement the client’s expectation. The clients should have a detailed channel of communication to convey their message to the concerned professional for the particular needs of the project.

5. Documentation: Before finally assigning your project to a software development company, you must sign a clear Scope of Work (SOW) document. In the case of any breach, this SOW or the project delivery agreement will help you in keeping your point. You also need to save all the email communications in order to get the quality project delivered on time.

Considerable Key Points To Hire Reliable Software Developers In India

Hiring a software developer in India is trending. Being the most preferred country for offshore software development, the software professionals in India are delivering the software of International importance to the worldwide clients. Hiring a team of well-experienced software developers is the best part of the project commencement in the best possible ways. Here are the key points that you need to figure out while choosing your software developers –

1. Communication Approach – The foremost requirement of the developers is that they should be good at communication. Communication helps the clients in explaining the exact requirement to the developers. If the developer is unable to understand the requirement of the client, then wrong implementation or development is done which inturn consumes a lot of precious time against the rectification for the same.

2. Expertise & Efficiency – Before hiring developers, you must check their efficiency. You should ask them to provide samples or portfolios of software developed by them. It will help you in understanding their area of expertise and the work standard. You should only hire the developers who have the same core expertise in the technological domain, for which you want to get your software developed. Suppose you want a CRM software then you should hire the experts having the wide expertise of developing custom CRM solutions over the years.

3. Reliability – If you are hiring the developers who are a part of esteemed IT organization, then you don’t have to worry about the professional expertise and on-time delivery of your project. The reliable company which has a successful track record in the software development industry can provide you the best effective solution for your software requirements.
If you are successful in hiring the expert developers, then it will help you in getting the best software solution delivered on time.

If you are looking to hire software developers from India then SynapseIndia which is the leading IT outsourcing company will get your job done in the best possible ways.

Tips For Finding The Most Appropriate Software Development Company

For the development of a good website, it is necessary that you connect with a leading & a reliable software development company. But finding a best software development company is really a difficult work, as a wide number of companies already exist in the market. To decrease your confusion for making a selection, below are some points to consider:

What You Want To Create:

Initially, the most important thing is to decide what exactly you want to build. For this, firstly understand what you want to do with your website or an app, what is the aim of your website or app, who are your target audiences and for what type of devices your website or app will be compatible. Once you are ready with all the basic information, its time to select a best Software Development Company in India. Try to select a company who have great expertise and years of experience in the concerned domain, as well as can provide a detailed information about the latest market trends and competitive market. Here are some of the tips that surely help you to make your selection:

1. Discover Your App Platforms: Initially, you need to decide your target audience. Once you are done with a selection of your preferred customers, its time to know what type of devices they are using. Check whether they use iOS, Android, Window Phone, or tablets. Once you know your customer’s preference, ask the app development company that if they can provide development services for a specific platform or not.

2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Basically, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a kind of prototype implement in the mobile app. It is used to get maximum first users and decide which features are needed to be changed or removed. Another reason that you need to build an MVP is that it help you to evaluate whether it is working out or not.

3. Get Engaged: Although, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, then also you are an important part of the development process, as you know very well that how your final app should look like. Explain your concept and need to the team so that you can see create your app according to your requirements.

4. Get Results in Small Size Packages: While developing an app, the process is divided into smaller parts that are known as sprints. This allows you to observe the development process and make all the required changes. So, ask your development company to provide your results in smaller packages. So, whenever you want, you can track the application development process.

5. Choose Between The Material & Time As Well As Fixed Prices: Eventually, the time & material provide a great flexibility to control the development process and help to manage your budget, efficiently. Moreover, it will help you to know the correct specification of the project.

6. Check What You Are Paying For: Before hiring a software development company, make sure that they are ready to provide you the source code. For a majority of the cases, developers can able to use the open source libraries. If the developer has a custom library, you can’t own it. You will get a royalty free license for using it.

7. Select An Appropriate Company For Your Project: While making a selection of an software development company, you should check and confirm that how many developers they have and how many will work on your project. If your project is small, you didn’t need to hire a big development company. You can also hire even an experienced small development company.

Why India is Preferred For Outsourcing Software Development Services

For a long time, India is well-known for its software outsourcing development services in the global market. With cutting-edge technology and good communication, the outsourcing software development in India has become a highly profitable option. The Software Development Company India have a team of highly-qualified professionals who have years of experience in custom application development. As well as create bespoke finest tailored-made software applications that not only meet the clients’ requirements, but also matches the global standards of software engineering.

For decades, India is offering high-technology based software outsourcing services to their valuable clients, at affordable prices. Many of the companies in India have teams of knowledgeable and experienced software professional like IT project managers, software engineers and other professionals that provide the latest technological based solutions and software services for the global clients. Due to excellent and reliable outsourcing services, most of the international clients prefer India, for their software business needs. Thus, with a wide list of services and a satisfied customer base, software outsourcing services brings a great success in India.

Many big brands like Microsoft, Oracle, etc., preferred India for IT outsourcing as they are sure about the high quality products, at low costs. If we consider the facts, a huge number of talented and efficient IT professionals are qualified in the country. Moreover, the working culture in the nation is completely client friendly, trustworthy, and based on rules to provide the finest services to the clients. Considering the industrial facts, a numerous technologically advanced outsourcing firms are present in India that offers leading-edge technologies based services and reliable communication facilities to their clients’.

Even, the global companies prefer to hire outsourcing companies in India, as they know that their project work done by the experienced professionals with the latest updated technology, at affordable prices. Moreover, the IT professional offers various software solutions like website development, mobile app development, and software applications with the support of the state-of-the-art technology. In addition to this, the outsourcing companies understand the requirements of the clients, and deliver the excellent customized solutions to them, according to their business needs.

Software outsourcing services in India are very much in demand. They offer quality services and low cost which makes international clients to invest more and more in the country. The Software Development Company in India has teams of programmers, engineers and web developers that provide quality assurance services with dedication and timely.

Correct Methods To Display Partners On Your Website

When companies ensure excellent delivery of their services or products, they start to rely on their valued partners. Soon, this partnership network becomes so big and important for the company that they put efforts to maintain it. But, when it comes to the collaboration of hundreds of partners together, and creating a partner page for the website that is perceptual and user-friendly, it is somehow a major challenge. Here are three golden rules which surely make your partner page work for your company.

1. Adapting a Search Engine To  Relieve Your Prospects Of Search Burdens

Instead of long lists of partners, use a smart search. With a limited number of partners, it is easy to place all of them together in a table or list. Just like Google, show up the most valuable partners to your prospects. Use the Partner finder, and select the most relevant partners by applying the range of customizable filters. Filters may get differ from company to company and include:
Location specified by Country, State and City
Specialization (particular product, service, or its type)
Industry focus

Also, you can add on some more categories like Partner Type, Product, Competencies, Business Needs, Certifications and Awards, etc.

2. Handling Search Results and Partners’ Profiles to Solve The Prospect’s Problem of Choice

Sort Results By Relevance: If we talk about a smart Partner Finder, it can provide long lists of results. Therefore, it is a best idea to visualize search results as a list or a map, and set up sorting search results by relevance (best match, rating, or distance).

Provide Quick and Detailed Views of Partners’ Information: Provide each partner’s basic details, as well as link them to a dedicated page with full information. But, make sure it performs quick and quite usable (like pop-up windows).

Make Sure a Partner Profile Does Not Interfere with the Search: Ensure that a partner’s page will open in a new window or tab, which allow viewers to compare it against several other companies. Also, add on a back-to-search option on every partner page.

Remember You Can Make The First Impression Only Once: Although, an overview page is the first impression of your partner, many companies visit to the page. Try to convenience your partners to add on some useful information about their company, products or service, key industry focus, portfolio, awards, certifications, etc.

3. Main The Balance Between Nutritious Content and Sweet Design

There are two important questions that should consider while creating a partner page:

Is this page visually appealing?
What do I want to communicate with this page?

Although, the relevant search is for information, not for design, but good design page catches attention.

Create a Best Place for a Partner Finder On Your Website: As it is for your prospects’ convenience, so make sure the partner page is easy to find. The page path should be insightful that make the page stand out in the navigation bar.

Make the Difference Between the Statuses of Your Partners Evident: Empower a structured comparison or use buttons, and create a slide show to give a short description of every status one by one.

Target Prospects, Think Partners: Although, the mission of your Partner Finder is to present information about partners, but make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your partner network or communication with existing partners. Just add in links to your partner portal,  and a Partner page to it.


Adding Partner Finder page to your website will enhance your website traffic, increase reliability, build trustworthy relation and create more business opportunities. If you want an exclusive partner page for website, you can connect with any software development company. SynapseIndia is a well-known Software Development Company in India. Here, we understand our clients’ and their needs. Considering clients’ needs, we offer innovative and precise solutions based on latest technologies. Our proficient team of professional is always ready to provide valuable services to the clients.

Why Industry Specific Software Development Services Are Important?

Softwares play a significant role in simplifying the functionality of the businesses. As it is very difficult to manage each and everything manually in the business, you need to implement the right software for the proper & efficient management. Usually, most of the people relate the software to the IT industry, but it is not only necessary for IT industry only. It is beneficial for various other industries too. The only difference being that the every businesses require customized software development services as per their industry requirements.

Software Development Services

Why is Industry Specific Software Required?
The software is a concept or an application, which is created on the basis of specific requirement criteria. For example: a billing software is used in many industries like in a restaurant or a hospital, as its purpose is same. However, in this situation, the industry specific software development services are required. The billing software works according to the requirements of the hospital and restaurant. While customizing the software, its basic structure remains the same, but it will be very specific to the industry.

Benefits of Industry Specific Software Development Services
There are many reasons that you should take Industry Specific Software Development Services are:

  • It’s better for time management. When softwares are implemented in the industry, it manages a lot of things and saves time.
  • It increases the work efficiency thereby improving the bottom line of the company.
  • It reduces the work effort in the industry.
  • It helps you to get along with the competition with the others.
  • Due to its ability and trustworthiness, it can be used by any company irrespective of its size.
  • It helps you to work smarter rather than over work to meet the targets.

How to get Industry specific software services?
There are many software development companies, which are providing the excellent software development services, India and are working on expanding the Industry specific software services. These specific software services are designed and customized according to the industry’s requirements. So, before customizing the software, it is very important that you understand the requirements and the domain of the industry, which ensure the success of the software. These specific services are available for all types of the industry, whether it is small or big in size, or focused to any domain.

How to Improve ROI By Outsourcing Software Development Services to India?

The whole process from conception to development of a program for an individual user requirement is commonly known as software development. Broadly, the development process is divided into various stages like requirement gathering, designing, computer programming, testing, writing and maintaining source code, bug fixing and finally deploying. With the increasing number of software companies, the demand of customized software is also increasing. Here are some essential tips to remember while selecting a development company:

1. Searching and Planning: Initially, before selecting the development company, you must evaluate your business requirements. Once you evaluate and plan the requirement structure, you have a clear picture about what type of software you want, its target market and your budget. A clear understanding of software requirement can help you in finding a company that fulfills all your demand.

2. Experience: In the competitive market, all the companies talk about their unique skills, exclusive services, and great experience in providing the customized software according to the desires of the customers. Therefore, it is really important that you consult your team head regarding the features of the software required by your company, as well as evaluate the moderate services offered by the service provider.

3. Portfolio: A portfolio is the finest way to judge the potential skills and the quality of the services offered by the company. It is a compilation of the samples of their previous work. While, going through these samples, to briefly understand the working qualities of the company. If you consider the portfolio of the company, you will come to know about the software applications they are using to display their capabilities, as well as what they can offer you? You will get the clear view about the application development services, which includes custom software applications, Macintosh applications, Linux tools and Android apps. Just to be more confident about the company, simply visit to the Portfolio link:

4. Service Charges: Always, a best software development company will offer you with its excellent services in higher prices, in comparison to others. If you want to avail their finest services, then you should be ready to pay higher amounts. Don’t compromise on features for saving money.

5. Latest Technology: As technologies keep on changing, frequently, it is essential that you find a company that keeps itself updated from the cutting-edge technologies and the latest market trends. You should consider their work, so that you can get the idea of the latest software with the latest technology.

6. ROI: Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It helps in measuring the amount of return on an investment cost. Globally, software development companies are offering various pioneering strategies to increase the revenue levels of the companies, as well as to make you sure about the future profit possibilities. They will provide you the customized software which are designed according to the revenue strategies, and help you in getting more revenue. So select only that company, which can help you to get ROI benefits.

Following the market trends and software necessities, there are many companies which are providing excellent software designing services to their potential customers. For managing the industry challenges and generating more business opportunities, the companies are using various unique software for their online presence. If you want a unique software solution to operate your business effectively, then you should hire professionals from the top software development services in India. They are specialized in the softwares, and work on the platform of cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas.

An entire team of qualified developers intensely enjoys working on the development projects, by applying their innovative concepts, latest technologies and technical capabilities. They are offering various services, including:

  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • eCcommerce Store Development
  • Microsoft SharePoint development
  • Silverlight development

As they understand the requirement of all size businesses, and value of the investment of the clients, provide only quality work, and deliver projects on time. They always provide optimum quality services and maintain 100% client satisfaction by following core values and business ethics.

7 Reasons Which Make You Choose PHP for Developing Website

For enhancement, the Internet industry has been upsetting various evolutions. Most of the web developers prefer using PHP to design their website because it is an open-source server-side scripting language that provide diverse elements to perform. PHP is an interpreted script language which fitted best for developing websites. Due to its compatibility with Windows and Unix-based operating system, it is highly valuable. It provides a suitable base to build exceptional quality websites and web applications, easily. Here are some points which prove using PHP is highly beneficial for the websites:

PHP Web Development Company India

1. User-Friendly
PHP is easy to use perform language in comparison of other programming languages. It provides a base for creating secure and minimum coding web based applications with maximum functionality.

2. Adaptability
As one of the most flexible languages in comparison of their languages like Asp, .Net, etc. Being finest high-end programming language it simply matches the custom requirements of any businesses.

3. Dynamic
Its dynamic features help you to develop lively websites which automatically refresh. PHP based websites did not require any updates manually for refreshing it.

4. Profitability
Using PHP is highly profitable for the developers who are new in the online market. Economically, its benefits as it can easily be obtained free of cost from the internet. The users can download its latest version with paying any money.

5. Data Processing
PHP enhances the website function on a large level. It supports the user to include fast data processing features on the websites, which increase its proficiency.

6. Open Source
PHP is a free of cost and simple to use open source language which offers the ultimate solutions for all website development needs.

7. High Performance
with it’s extensive features, PHP enhanced the speed of development instead of increasing the speed of execution. It makes complete use of Apache web server and the MySQL database.

There are many PHP web development company in India, which are well-known with their work. Due to extra-ordinary features, web developers prefer using PHP languages for creating an unimaginable PHP web development projects instead of other languages.