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How to Hire Best PHP Developers in India?

In today’s competitive business scenario, all sorts of growing businesses own a PHP based website or web based application to better serve their audiences. In order to remain competitive, PHP is helping the companies in achieving their business objectives effectively. If you are going to hire a PHP developer in India for your web based project development, then you must follow these tips to get the best developers for your project –

Execution Expertise
If you are looking to get a little assistance for your existing website, then you may go for an intermediate PHP developer. But if you have a fresh and important project which need to be developed in a specific time period, then you must hire the expert developers who have the industry experience of several years. The experience of the developers plays a pivotal role in effective project execution, clean coding, required implementation or overall we can say a smart project development.

Flexible Development Approach
Each of the business differentiates from other in terms of nature and objectives. The PHP developer you are going to hire must be adept in understanding your business, its nature, and the associated objectives. He should be flexible in understanding and implementing your specific requirements. Apart from coding, he should be creative and possess research skill to get adhered to the required development needs. He should be able to implement the changes frequently and effectively from the perspective of the faster development of the project.

Communication Skills
A developer without a smart communication skill cannot help you in the successful execution of your project. So, before hiring a PHP developer, you should be able to communicate with him in a professional way. The clear communication approach of the developer will help you in conveying your requirements and the essential inputs. The communication gap can result in irrelevant and goal-deviating development.

To hire PHP developers in India, you should do some analysis to get the best team. These few things should be considered that can help you in being decisive for your project development needs.

5 PHP Frameworks to Provide Custom Made Solutions globally

In this technology dominant world, solid web presence is vital to expand your business globally. Now, website developers are able to create complicated websites using the feature rich web development technology, PHP. The PHP platform is blessed with dozens of frameworks that enable you to develop powerful websites in the best possible way. List of some of the award winning PHP frameworks that will facilitate a powerful backend web development opportunities for your business:

1. Laravel: The most trending PHP web development frameworks, comes with amazing routing capability and offer extremely excellent features for new generation web development services.

2. Symfony: A highly scalable PHP framework helps in developing feature rich web applications along with its simplified maintenance. It offers the advantages of core components like Templating, Translation, Validator and more.

3. CodeIgniter: With the latest available 2.2.6 version, it comes with simplified documentation process. The framework has become one of the finest solutions for modern businesses due to its extraordinary turnkey features like no large-scale monolithic libraries, great compatibility with standard hosting, no stringent coding rules etc.

4. Cake PHP: One of the finest PHP frameworks that follow CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) system. This facility eases the work of developers amazingly. Some other interesting features of CakePHP includes- session, cookie, security and more.

5. Zend Framework: The lightweight and the most popular PHP framework that is fully featured for award-winning web development solutions. The USP of this extremely demanded framework is the great consistency in design and the powerful object-oriented programming system.

PHP frameworks are truly perfect for high-end web development solutions that allow limitless users to safely manage the web content. This is why PHP framework development services in India renders the most exclusive solutions for all sort of web development needs.

Why is PHP considered a better option for web application development?

PHP based application development has become the trend of web development industry. The debate is still going on pertaining to usefulness of the PHP language. But the relevancy of PHP is leading on the worldwide domain. Most of the major online websites and applications are developed in PHP and it is the foremost choice for developers as well as the business owners.

Due to various advantages, PHP is highly recommended for websites and applications development. It is evolving at a very rapid pace to remain ahead amid the cutting throat competition in today’s digital world. If an older framework of PHP is found to be lacking the features needed for the modern web development requirements, it upgrades itself by bringing the new versions. The innovative frameworks of PHP such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony help the developers to build the innovative PHP based application to let the diverse businesses achieve their vision.

PHP has become a community level language for the developers and more than 70% websites all over the globe are based on PHP frameworks. Modern and innovative eCommerce frameworks such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla have been written in PHP language. With continuous evolution and upgrade, PHP is still the easiest and the most useful scripting language to use. PHP scripting language is helping in the development of fast loading and feature-rich web applications.

SynapseIndia is the leading web and application company for innovative and appealing PHP web application development in India. At this destination, you will get the desired result of web and application development services for your business in the best possible way.

Why PHP Is The Best Programing Language For Web App Development

In today’s digital era, PHP has become one of the most powerful and the finest scripting languages that is highly used by the developers, globally. Through PHP, the developers can easily create a dynamic, efficient and interactive web application. Considering its popularity and features, some of the major brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc., were created on the PHP framework.

When it comes to the PHP, it is an open source general-purpose programming language, which provide complete freedom to the developers, to design and build innovative web applications. Additionally, in comparison to other scripting languages, it offers a great flexibility and high speed to the web applications. However, a large number of scripting languages are available in the market, it is really difficult to select the best language for the development of web applications. To clear your confusion, here are some of the best features that explain why PHP is the best programming language.

1. Excellent Design Aspect

PHP comes with five major principles of designing i.e., open-closed, interface segregation, single responsibility, Liskov substitution and dependency inversion. It allows the frameworks to redesign the software source code and remove the code smells.

2. Less Coding

Usually, many developers are more likely to show their exceptional coding skills and develop their own codes. But, with PHP they don’t need to do this. As various coding issues and the solutions are already shared by PHP community over the internet, and therefore, the developers need not to write new codes for routing, unit conversion, etc. They can simply download it from the internet. Also, the developers should create a list of required codes for website app development and directly download from the internet.

3. Usage of Latest Version

To use the maximum features of PHP for web application development, it is quite essential for you to use the latest versions of PHP. It does not only introduce the latest features in your website application but also offer amazing security features. Moreover, the latest version also decreases the maintenance of the web application.

4. Unit Testing

Eventually, the unit testing is one of the finest methods of getting the codes feedback. As small tests are written in PHP, they perform fast and ensure that the codes are running properly. Through mail unit testing tools like Snap test, Codeception, and PHPUnit, you can easily obtain the valuable feedback on the design of the application.

PHP is a major platform through which the developers can easily create the finest applications for the businesses. To enjoy the maximum features of PHP in your web applications, it is necessary for you to use the latest version of PHP. For this, you just need to connect with a top PHP application Development Company India. As they are highly professionals, they know very well how to use the latest version of PHP for the effective web application development.

Top 6 Advantages Of Using CakePHP For Building a Large Scale Website

PHP platform has multiple frameworks that can be used for developing different professional websites and applications. But, when it comes to the web development, the developers prefer only CakePHP. It is an open source web framework, which is written in PHP language and follows the MVC approach. It is widely used by the developers for creating high-end websites. Although, it is one of the best frameworks for all sort of website development, but it is specially used by the developers for a large scale website development. Here are some solid reasons why it is so:

1. Model View Controller Approach: CakePHP framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, which helps in connecting and saving the queries to the database. If you want to make any type of changes within the database, then you can do it effectively. This model will help you to insert, delete, alter or read the model efficaciously. Moreover, it also supports in offering real-time progress report of the project.

2. No Default Language: Normally, a large number of frameworks runs on a default language (English), which actually a major problem for the developers. Various professionals are unable to understand the exact meaning of the default language and find themselves in a big trouble. But, with CakePHP, there is no such problem, as it has no default language. The developers can select the framework language according to their choice.

3. Configuration Autodetected: CakePHP comes with an auto-detection feature, due to which the developers did not need to configure the framework manually. In CakePHP Framework, the URL you use and the location of each and every library is automatically detected. Except Database connection settings, there is nothing that should be managed manually by the developers.

4. Completely Secure: CakePHP has Licensed under the MIT license, which makes it a registered and authorized tool. Moreover, it also provides complete security to various built-in tools like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, XSS prevention and input validation.

5. Do Not Need Huge Coding: While creating an application, writing each letter of the code becomes really irritating for the developer.  CakePHP has various plug-ins and components that can be used without writing any source code. This is not only helpful to save your precious time but also cost-effective.

6. Object Relational Mapping: In CakePHP, every table is in a form of class, due to which the developers can easily define the relation between different tables. Once the developers properly define the relation, they can use it along with the main record impressively.

Whether it is a big project or a small project, CakePHP fits into each requirement. Considering the exceptional benefits of CakePHP framework, if you want a CakePHP framework website, then connect with the best CakePHP Web Development Company India. They will understand your requirements and create a professional website for your business.

Why PHP Is Essential For Web Development

When it comes to the website development, the developer’s first choice is PHP, as it provides various options and benefits. With the technological growth in the PHP platform, the development process has become more refined and shaped. Here are the points that explain how PHP development empowers to develop effective web development solutions:

  • PHP is Server-Side Scripting Language that can deployed on any operating system and platform free of cost.
  • PHP development expands the level of efficiency and increases the benefits of applications and websites.
  • It resourceful code structures and powerful functionality grant a robustness to the web solutions.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. It performs smoothly on UNIX and Windows, both.
  • It has extensive features that make development solutions interactive and user-friendly.
  • Data processing is also one of the crucial features of PHP development.
  • With PHP syntaxes, you can write valuable codes that can perform the desired functions, effortlessly.
  • PHP makes to embed it into HTML1. For this action, you don’t need separate lines of coding to make it perform.
  • PHP has various open-source libraries that consider as the PHP binary builds.
  • It built-in modules helps in accessing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers and database servers.
  • PHP also supports Payment gateways and helps in its integration. While using a payment gateway, the PHP file store the post data into variables and create a query string including the authentication credentials.
  • Through PHP, you can create dynamic pages static-looking URLs as well as can make HTML files that can easily modified to many scripts to create relevant page titles. These are the essential factor in SEO, as it required the dynamic pages which can easily upload.

However, the PHP offer a wide number of benefits for website development, but it is the most compatible language, which you can use seamlessly for developing your web solutions. Even, if you are non-programmers, but have some knowledge of PHP, definitely you will prefer PHP development for your website.

There is a huge difference between the solutions developed by a learner or by the experienced professional. The new learner did not have the deep knowledge about the usage of PHP development, but the experienced professionals have expertise in coding, as well as can provide splendid solutions.

There are many companies that provide excellent services for PHP Application Development in India. You can hire any of them, but before hiring them just make sure that they have a team of experienced professionals and have years of experience in the developing the website. This will provide you the surety of getting a successful development project.

Top Reasons to Hire PHP Developers from India

Following the latest industry trend, it is really essential for all the small and medium sized businesses to have their own valuable online presence. This requires creating a unique website for your company, which can attract your potential customers’ and enhance your business opportunities.

Hire PHP Developer India

But, when it comes to unique web application, then PHP web development has been the most preferred choice of companies, from last few years. The constructive platform of PHP development can solve business challenges efficiently, and increases the functionality of the website, that’s the reason why companies prefer PHP websites. Considering the value of the PHP websites, here are the top reasons to Hire PHP Developers from India, for your business:

1. Cost Efficiency
For running a business productively, the budget plays an important role. Choosing the cost-effective method, business owners prefer hiring dedicated PHP developers from offshore areas for their web and mobile app development work, which cost them cheaper prices for it.

2. Flexibility
Indian PHP developers are flexible in their work, which provides a chance for the companies to give any task or project to them, and get their project ready within the estimated time period.

3. Easy to Hire
PHP developers are easy to hire, as there are a number of PHP web programmers in the industry, are looking for the best employment opportunity to show their true potential. Also, there are many web development companies which outsource PHP development for their clients, at reasonable prices.

4. Dedicated Developer
Nowadays, businesses search for the quality work, which the web development companies understand very well. That’s why companies offer only services of trustworthy and dedicated web developers, which are reliable and complete the project on time.

5. Expertise
PHP developers from Indian, are expertise in PHP development and have great knowledge about PHP language and its tools. With their expertise and experience, a PHP developer will make your website more effective and productive.

9 Essential PHP Testing Frameworks 2016

The adjusting PHP code isn’t really interesting to do, that’s why PHP testing framework has been created. To increase the proficiency of the developers, these frameworks provide automatic testing, which speed up the PHP development process, recognize issues, decreases security issues, remove bits of superfluous code, and enhance the complete performance of the web applications for which the code is used.

For PHP web application development process, there are few automated PHP testing frameworks available, and selecting the appropriate framework is really challenging. Here is the list of top PHP testing frameworks which will highly use by the developers, in the year 2016.

PHP web application development

1. Simple Test
Simple test is quite easy to use and light weighted. It has many important and useful features, such as support for SSL, Forms and Proxies, as well as quick PHP task checking. If you have worked on the JUnit, then you will find a SimpleTest’s interface quite similar with it.

2.PHP Unit
PHPUnit is the most used framework by the PHP developers. It is a most impactful programmer-oriented unit testing framework, which got recently updated with the 5.1 stable release.

3. Behat
Different but impactful, Behat is a behavior-driven PHP testing framework, which is used as a story-based behavior driven development, to creates tests look like stories. It is simple to understand and easy to use, which make it quite popular among the developers.

4. Codeception
Offering excellent PHP testing to both beginners and pros, Codeception provides a 5 minute run quick app tests, as well as easily integrates with other frameworks to allow API testing, Functional testing and acceptance testing.

5. Peridot
by providing describe-it syntax, Peridot permits the developers to write tests in a natural method. As it is event-driven, you can simply create an ad-hoc extensions for it, which makes it faster, lightweight, and can be customized with reporters and plugins.

6. DBUnit
For large and Big testing projects, DBUnit is the most preferred choice of the developers, because It is a robust PHP testing framework for data fixture.

7. PHPSpec
PHPSpec or SpecBDD PHP is a behavior-driven testing framework that used by the developers to write the specifications to determine how apps behave. It is one of the trustworthy framework which comes with a detailed user guide.

8. Mockery
Mockery is a flexible PHP mock object framework which is easy to use. It can be efficiently used with other frameworks, especially with PHPUnit, for unit testing.

9. Selenium
Due to its accessibility and utility, Selenium automates browsers and web applications for testing purposes and helps developers to create robust browser-based regression tests.

Crucial Features of PHP Application Development

PHP is the acronym of Hypertext Pre-processor. The open source HTML embedded scripting language is used for PHP application development to create dynamic web pages. Following points describe the features of PHP that render app development easier –

    • PHP can perform any task that can be performed by CGI program. However, its main strength lies in the fact that it is compatible with several kinds of databases, that brings out how flexible PHP is while working with different databases.
    • PHP can also be used to talk across different networks with the use of POP3, HTTP or IMAP.
    • The versatile nature of PHP renders PHP application development or PHP Web development an excellent option. Today, more than 200 million websites are powered by PHP. It is therefore obvious that PHP has in the last decade become significant in the wide field of web development.
    • In an HTML document, the PHP script is enclosed within the special PHP tags. As PHP is embedded within the special tags, its possible to jump between HTML & PHP (just like in case of ASP and Cold Fusion) rather than relying on heavy codes to output HTML

Hiring a PHP Application Development Company

SynapseIndia is one of the foremost offshore service providers in India, offering a wide range of web designing & development services to global organizations. The company’s strength lies in its superior knowledge of industry verticals and this helps Synapse in delivering value to its customers through its quality solutions & services.

SynapseIndia is well known in the field of web development. Today, its expertise extends into PHP web development as well. Its PHP developers are able to develop rich web pages quite easily. Since web pages using PHP have a fair amount of content inside them; these are more suited for modern day’s demands in web surfing.