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Technology helps to grow clothing & accessories stores business

The business of selling clothes online is on a high-rise these days.
A multitude of online retailers are available to offer a vast range of fashion apparel & accessories for widespread customers.

In the midst of all this, traditional way of selling retail products is slowly fading away. The reason behind is the changing customer preference.

You are already aware of the fact that customers prefer convenience, comparison, and best price of products. All this is possible having an online shopping portal running 24×7 for all types of customers.

Well, in that case, start an eCommerce website by transforming clothing & accessories stores into a profit-making business.

See how technology helps to expand fashion & apparel business
Website development, mobile app development, and CRM solutions are three broadly classified technologies meant for retail business.

Anyone looking forward to starting an online shopping portal, makes the best out of above technologies to increase product sales.

On the other side, SynapseIndia, an IT company is available to offer result-oriented technical support to fashion retailers. In fact, many fashion retailers have transformed their enterprise using technical solutions of this company to witness a growth of 78.8%.

Rely on the professional expertise and years of experience of this pioneer IT company to transform clothing & accessories stores.

Avail the following technology services to witness improvement and fast business growth

Website Development
SynapseIndia offers top-rated website development services for clothing & accessories stores to expand business. Creative experts of the company create innovative designs to catch user’s attention.
Even certified developers are fully proficient to add updated functionalities on eCommerce portal for maximum engagement.
Ultimately, you get to experience a success-driven eCommerce website created by expert technology partner to make a difference in business.

Mobile App Development
The next set of service is developing a user-friendly mobile application for fashion-related products. Be it like Android, iOS, or Windows, expect a fast-operational application to yield higher retail business results.
Additionally, features like multiple payment gateways, customized designs, screen-friendly presence, and feature of push notification is also there.
You can further expect to add custom features to serve customers worldwide and increase overall sales pattern.

CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management is specialized software for clothing & accessories stores. It helps to know what customers like to purchase, at what time, and in which manner.
The software helps to analyze data of previous purchases, users added on company’s social media platforms, and other details. Based on the filtered data, a retail company can take informed decisions to make better sales.

Really make a difference in clothing & accessories stores business by transforming online with aid of SynapseIndia.

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How Can You Enhance The User-Experience of Your Website?

As the website has become the basic necessity of a business, it is essential that it creates an adequate impact, can provide a smooth user experience, and can fulfill client needs. Whether it is an eCommerce business or informative website or any other kind of website, visitors come to it with an aim of finding the results according to their searches. So, if you want to get a good website traffic, it is necessary that your website contains all the information that your visitors are looking for, as well as it can provide an excellent user-experience.

As a web design creates a great impact on your website user experience, you need to focus more on it. Add numerous powerful features and functionalities to your web design, which not only enhances the quality of user experience but also helps in gaining a desirable digital rating. Here are some web designing principles that will surely help you to achieve your targets:

1. Matchless Value Proposition

In the industry market, maintaining a unique identity among the deluge of websites is quite difficult.  Through value proposition, you can explain to your visitors that how can your products and services meet their needs. For this, you can implement the visual illustrations that simplify the user access and increases their engagement with the website. Also, you can add a unique content to your website, which helps in creating a unique identity among the websites that are offering the similar products and services.

2. Add Right Call-To-Action:

To convince the visitors for making their action, the Call-to-Action button is really important. So, it is necessary that it is designed attractively and aligned properly with the website design. Try to add your call-to-action button in the middle or bottom of your web design, which provides a better look to your visitors. Also, include the words such as Best, Try, etc., which attract your visitors and enrich their user experience.

3. Avoid Broken Links

When it comes to the website links, it should work properly and quickly. A broken link not only spoils your visitor’s user experience, but also make them leave your website page, and make them never visit it again. To avoid such situation, it is essential that you work on the broken links. You should create a 404 error page. It will keep your visitors on the website and refer them some valuable links related to their search. You can also use the 301 redirects which help the users to understand that this web page is not available, as well as redirect them to an appropriate web page. Additionally, avoid using heavy image files with longer codes. As heavy files, make the links bulky, it takes a time to load, which can irritate your visitors.

The above measures will surely improve your website design and provide a better user experience to your visitors. To implement these measures in your web design or developing a perfect web design with them, you should take a help of professional designers. As they are professionals, they can properly implement all these measures to your website. So, connect with a top company of website design India and hire their services.

5 Tips To Make Your Website Landing Pages More Lucrative

For building an efficient website, the developers need to work really hard. They prepare a design layout, implement proper codes, add a big list of product and services, and develop a professional website. But, most of the time, registering a website on the Internet doesn’t help to earn a decent ROI. It means you are unable to earn the business profits according to your success parameter. This is just because of the communication gap between the website visitors and the website landing page. When a web visitor clicks on the specific link and redirects on another link page, then visitor instantly leave your website. So, it is quite important to make your landing page user-fascinating and bug-free.

List of  some exceptional tips that surely help you to make your website landing page warm welcoming:

1. Consider User Expectations: When it comes to the web designing and marketing strategies,  user preference should be the top priority. Think and ensure who is your target audience and what is the perfect way to share your message along with them. Also think, your user’s expectations from your website.

2. Use Simple Language: A good content is always a powerful tool to keep the visitors on the website long time. So, it is necessary that your website content should be written in simple language and offer informative message. A simple content is more readable and understandable for the web visitors, as well as it helps to grab the attention of the readers.

3. Excellent Design: Although, a large number of free templates are available on the internet, but unable to drive more organic traffic. Instead of using the generic design for your website, create a custom design for your company’s website. With a custom web design, you can easily attract more visitors on your site and can create a good impression.

4. Highly Secured: Although, a wide number of unreliable offers are present online, it is truly difficult for the web visitors to trust anyone. So, just make sure that your landing page provides only authentic and reliable information to the visitors. You can do it easily by adding your address, email, phone number, etc. Also, you can add some customer’s reviews and feedbacks regarding your product or services that will help you to build the trust among visitors as well as existing customers’.

5. Implement The Right Visuals: As per the recent researches, the visitors respond quickly to the visual content in comparison to the textual content. So, integrate a professional theme to your site and introduce relevant images & business logo that would be able to convey the correct message to your target audience.

Even though a huge number of websites are present in the market, it is really difficult for you to build a strong identity for your business website. If you really want to stand out in this competitive market, then you need to really work hard. Implement the custom design website, add all functionalities & build the most authentic landing pages for your business website. But for all this, you need a great assistance of the best designing and development team. So, connect with a reputed Custom Website Design Services India and prepare yourself to get business reward soon.

The Dos and Dont’s For Mastering Responsive Web Design

When it comes to mobile web design, the developers need to design the website for a mobile platform. This is so, because it is not just bringing the content smaller so the mobile screen, but also it is optimization the website content. For this you need a responsive web design for your website. But creating a responsive and custom website design is not easy for anyone. It need’s years of work experience. The designers should have years of experience in creating a responsive website design. Here are some of the essential points that designers need to take care while designing a website.

Designer Should Do

a) Understand The Need of Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design is created to provide an excellent user-experience for an ample range of devices. Usually, the user prefers to see the interactive websites, which have their size and layout compatible to the devices they are using. Through responsive website design, the users can easily read the text, visit various pages, open new links, and have complete control over the navigation. So, the designers should create a responsive web design for enhanced mobile user experience. The website should be mobile -friendly, optimized content, easy navigation and great visibility.

b) Should Have Adaptive Images

Website’s image plays an important role for the product based website. For eCommerce business, mobile shoppers are very essential as they bring huge business. So adding the product images to the website is just not enough. The designer should optimize all the images according to the responsive site. Once the images are optimised, they should be properly managed and adjusted on the responsive website. It should have techniques that can detect and adapt the user’s screen size automatically. For making the mobile adaptive images, it should have one line JavaScript, one PHP file, and one .htaccess file, which allow the users to drag and drop the files easily into the root directory.

Don’t Need

a) Abandon the Content

Usually, for fitting the content on a small screen, the designers hide the website content, which is not a good idea. Most of the users prefer to see the same content, what they have seen on the desktop website, in a different style. For hiding the content, the designers use the hamburger menu, which is located at the top of a screen. The hamburger menu is used for keeping the website clean and minimal, but it’s not a good option to use. As the customers did not like seraching for the hidden information, provide them the clear information and proper navigation to the searches they are looking for.

b) Ignore Designing for Touch

Currently, most of the users have touchscreen mobile devices, and prefer those sites which they can manage to touch. So, it is very important that the responsive website should have design that can manage to touch. The mobile site should have complete functionality with simple and easy accessibility.

How HTML5 simplified website development


Since the inception of markup languages, internet has evolved many folds comparing to the present scenario. HTML5 being the latest development that is creating a buzz in world of markup languages. It has not only improved the language from HTML4 with support for latest multimedia but also has become one of the easily understandable languages to work on.

It is specially designed to deliver rich internet applications without the need of any extra plugins. It has new semantic, graphics and multimedia elements that makes it feasible on a cross-platform. HTML5 also has new form elements & new API’s to make it easier to build web applications.

Not just markup, HTML5 specifies special scripting application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used with JavaScript to improve the user interface and give the developers an easier way to improve website development.

Few newly introduced API’s that are making HTML5 a new tool for website development are :

  • Canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing
  • Cross-document messaging
  • Browser history management
  • MIME type and protocol handler registration
  • Microdata
  • Timed media playback
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Document editing
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Web Storage , an upliftment in storage system having similarities to cookie module.

According to a report released by Binvisions, 34 of the world’s top 100 websites were using HTML5 to give their web UI – a better interface of customer interaction .

As HTML5 syntax has no commonness to standard generalized markup language but it is compatible with common parsing of older version of HTML.