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Top WordPress Security Plugins To Shield Your Website From Getting Hacked

WordPress is world famous for offering a large number of adaptable templates, eye-striking themes and powerful plugins for diverse range of businesses. These customizable templates are cost effective as well as fulfill the custom needs of global clients.

Apart from its simple to utilize interface, it require minimum coding efforts. WordPress also provides ultimate security features that shielding your business website from malware attacks. Such secured ecosystem offered by this world accepted content management system is one of the major reasons behind its expanded acknowledgment among the global customer base.

Top WordPress Security Plugins that can secure your website amazingly:

1. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall: This tool helps you understand how secure is your site by showing a score on the dashboard. The security element of this powerful plugin instantly perceives the progressions in WordPress site to keep customer aware of any future risk.

2. BulletProof Security: It helps instant security with single click security solution. Having an amazing capacity to analyze the number of login endeavors, this plugin additionally scrutinizes recently uploaded contents for malicious activities. This plugin instantly shares an alert on enlisted email id or other communication details if there should arise an occurrence of malicious threat. It offers excellent security protection against CRLF, RFI, XSS and SQL injection.

3. Sucuri Security: WordPress users can be used this plugin with no investment. It tracks a wide range of hidden activities on the site. In the event of any malfunctioning of a website, web admin has great option to review his activity log and short out the problem area quickly.

4. iThemes Security: iThemes offers more than 30 approaches to secure site against website hackers and possible threats. Available in two different versions, free and premium, iThemes security offers the robust security of site against any assaults.

5. Wordfence: This WordPress plugin is most popular globally as it offers advanced security options such as IP blocking, filtering, firewall protection and much more. While checking the site from scratch, it identifies whether the site is infected or not.

WordPress Website Development Services in India are truly professional at integrating this powerful plugin in your website. With such amazing benefits of WordPress, business owners should hire the WordPress professionals in order to develop feature rich WordPress solution.

Top 4 WordPress Website Boosters In 2017

The mobile responsiveness or the website loading speed always matters the most in online business. It impacts the business ROI to a large extent. The web page speed and business sales conversion are inter-related, therefore we need to develop a fully optimized website. While developing your business site responsive, you can’t trade off on the quality content of the website. This is the place where WordPress plugins can do miraculous things for your website. Search engine ranking and great client communication are the fundamental components which take your WordPress site a step ahead of your competitors.

Some Powerful plugins of WordPress:

  • 1. W3 Total Cache: The W3 Total Cache plugin is among the profoundly appraised and prescribed plugins for site streamlining. It has great ability to increase the website downloading speed up to 10-15 times faster. This plugin can store the images as well as javascript files on a centralized server. So, every time a user arrives on your site, experiences minimum time to load the same.
  • 2. WP Smush: Another great option to make your site load faster is to get the support of WP Smush to compress the website theme into appropriate formats. The best part of this plugin is that it will reduce the size of the images and make them more optimize to upload rapidly.
  • 3. WP Super Minify: It consolidates the HTML, JS and CSS files efficiently. These important files are squeezed and conveyed to the site visitors which lessens the website loading time. In the event that you don’t need the plugin to condense certain files, the plugin provides you the option to cripple the compression of JavaScript and CSS.
  • 4. Cache Enabler: This is one of the finest caching plugins for WordPress based sites. The plugin is truly lightweight in itself and you can install it without much of your efforts. The website admins have the complete access to set the coveted cache expiry period and a couple of different options.

WordPress Website Development Services in India understand the valuable time of a website visitor and that is why they put their best possible efforts in order to provide the user-friendly environment on the developed websites. If you are looking forward to develop a fast loading and feature rich website, then connect with the WordPress Website Development Services in India & enjoy the actual benefits from your business.

Important Factors That You Should Know About Latest WordPress Version 4.7.2.

On January 26, 2017, the WordPress introduced its latest version 4.7.2 that focused on the website security. It also came up with newest security update in order to resolution the 3 risk vulnerabilities that usually reported by the WordPress community. Besides, with this update, the WordPress did not announce any changes in the core functionality of the codes.

In the previous versions of WordPress, there were various vulnerabilities reported by the users. This WordPress version 4.7.2. is a solution for all such vulnerabilities. If you have updated your WordPress version to 4.7 or 4.7.1, you will surely know about those vulnerability in the Application Programming Interface (REST API). Through “REST API”, an intruder can unethically make changes in the content of a WordPress blog post. If you are facing the similar the problem, then upgrade your WordPress website to the latest 4.7.2 version.

The main reason behind the WordPress 4.7.2 version is the security reason. Earlier, when this security threat was detected, the users were already facing the security issues. To overcome this problem, the WordPress developers had started working on the security features and came up with the web protection solutions that will protect your WordPress websites from the hacking attacks.

Even, the WordPress organization had contacted some of the major hosting companies and informed them on how they can secure their client’s websites from security threats. Although, it was a temporary but an effective method to secure the websites from threats, before the official launch of the security feature.

However, this threat will affect only the WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1 versions as they have a default setting of enabled REST API. So, the users that are still using the WordPress older version or have a REST API installed, this security threat will not affect their website.

In case, you have turned on the automatic update feature in the setting of your WordPress website, then it would have automatically updated to 4.7.2. So, check your website and see that everything is in place or not. If not, then go for the latest version.

Being one of the most preferred CMS, WordPress is always on the top choice of the intruders for hacking attacks. They keep on trying to go at the backend of the WordPress website and harm the database. So, it is essential that admins upgrades their website to the latest version 4.7.2. If you also want to secure your WordPress with these security threats, then connect with the best WordPress Development Company India and upgrade your website to the latest version 4.7.2.

Top 5 Features That Would Help WordPress To Rule In 2017

In today’s competitive era, if you want to have a successful online presence for your business, then you should have a user-friendly website. With an effective and dynamic website, you can fulfill your customer’s demand, enhance your business opportunities and build a strong online presence. As a website plays a very critical role for any business, it is essential that you select the best platform for your website development. It means you need WordPress.

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It provides a blogging feature, which companies can use it for fulfilling their marketing goals. Additionally, WordPress provides a valuable platform to its users to add new web pages, blog posts, content, images, and videos. With WordPress, the users do not require HTML or FTP software for building and uploading content on the website. As WordPress website has simple coding, it becomes easy for the search engines to crawl, read and index the website content, and business can get a better website ranking in SERPs. To know more about it, here are some important points.

1. SEO-Friendly: When it comes to the SEO benefits for business, then you should have a WordPress websites. As WordPress comes with numerous built-in SEO attributes, it improves the quality of the website, makes it more SEO-friendly, and helps the search engines to crawl the website more easily. More the search engines can easily crawl your website, more it will get a better ranking in the search results.

2. Provide Complete Control on Website: As WordPress is the best CMS, you can easily update the content of your website, on a regular basis. Even for this, you didn’t require any help of professional developers. Additionally, due to it compatible features, you will have a complete control over your website, as well as can simply customize the design and user interface of your website, if you have technical knowledge.

3. Enhanced User-Experience: When it comes to the user-experience, WordPress website provides an excellent user experience to the visitors, as well as help in increasing the online brand image. Through WordPress, the developers can create a dynamic and interactive website, which provide the better user experience and increase its searchability.

4. Unlimited Extensions: WordPress comes with a large number of extensions and plugins that can easily use on the website. Through these extensions, the developers can easily expand the functionality of the website, improve the design of the website and provide a better user-experience.

5. Scalability: WordPress is a significant platform, which provides various features and functionalities to a website. With WordPress based website, you can set-up multiple users for a website, according to your specific duties and authority. Through admin, the multiple users can easily manage the site as per their duties.

WordPress is a leading CMS platform. With WordPress, you can easily create a content-oriented website. You can easily make the regular content updates on the website, and enhance the user-experience of it. So, if you want to build a good, attractive, and user-friendly website for your business, then WordPress is the best option for you. Simply connect with a top WordPress Website Development Company and get a CMS website for your company.

5 Effective Google Featured WordPress Plugins For Business Website

Google is a major search engine which is highly used by the internet users for searching a particular information. It is not only known for its search results, but it also has a wide range of skillful apps that ensures the enhanced ROI and proper work management. Google apps are focused on managing operational activities, streamline business processes and support WordPress websites and blogs to a great extent. This is because Google provides an ample range of easy apps that can smoothly integrate with the WordPress website with their APIs and plugins. Moreover, with its Gmap, calendar, advertising, etc. features, Google apps adds great flexibility and adaptability to the website. To make the best use of the Google Apps, the WordPress plugins is the best option. Here are the top 5 Google featured WordPress Plugins that surely enhanced the website efficiency:

1. Google SEO Plugins

Through Google, the website can obtain the maximum traffic. With its extensive array of tools, the websites can easily increase their SEO. But for this, they need to install best performing and productive SEO based plugins that increase the digital marketing efforts. Here are some of the WordPress plugins that surely help you to increase the website’s SEO.

a)XML Sitemaps through which you can catalog your web pages, and can inform Google and other search engines about your website’s structure. Whenever you added a new page or delete the old page, it creates a new sitemap and submits it to all the search engines.

b)Google Analytics Dashboard usage various understandable reports which actually makes the Google Analytics data simple. It analyzes custom reports and a widget together and provides key insights of the administration dashboard.

c)Google Analytics help it users to retrieve their data from the Google Analytics account and access all the important features directly from the dashboard.

2. Social Media Plugins

Over the years, the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have made the online promotion and social media sharing simple and easier for the users. You can obtain all the benefits of social media platform by using a wide range of social media plugins that are:

a)Google+ Plugin: Through this, the users can add a +1 button to their portal and display their rating to people. With this, you easily display your Google+ updates in widgets, posts, and pages.

b)Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events: Through this plugin, you can easily integrate your Google Calendar and Google+ Hangout with the WordPress website, which enables you to display your upcoming schedule in the pages, widgets, and posts.

3. Google AdSense Based Plugins

The aim behind the Google AdSense is to help the website owners to earn maximum money with their websites. For this, Google AdSense program endow the website owners to display their ads on their websites and rewards whenever the ad is clicked by the users. Through plugin, the users can easily put their ads anywhere on the portal like posts, pages, etc.

4. Google Fonts Plugins

For those who want to use various fonts on their websites, Google fonts’ plugins are the best option for them. Through this plugin, the users can easily insert the high-quality fonts on their WordPress site. For using the plugins, you need to add the required Google code in it and have to assign the Google fonts to particular CSS elements of the portal from admin panel of the WordPress website. As this plugin has more than 600 fonts, you can select the best fonts and add it to your theme without any coding.

5. Google Utility Plugins

By using the Google Utility plugin, you can make your WordPress website more useful, flexible and usable. Through Google Apps Login, you can safely access your WordPress portal (Dashboard). It means, if a user logged into an email, they can simply log into the WordPress login screen without mentioning any username or password. Another Google Utility plugin is Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA). This plugin saves and secures the website from all type of frauds and abuse. For this, it uses a high-quality risk analysis processes to differentiate between humans and bots.

By adding these Google featured WordPress plugins, you can make your website more powerful and user-friendly. Moreover, they provide a better exposure to a website in various search engines. But for all these you need professionals help. So hire the best WordPress Development Company India, and make the experts handle your WordPress website with appropriate plugins.

Top Benefits of Converting HTML Website Into WordPress Website

In the past few years, the online business competition has reached to a new level in respects of marketing strategies, audience expectations, business opportunities etc. The companies are coming up with their business websites with the aim of getting more business opportunities. To stay ahead in the market competition, the site owners are trying their best to come up with various new innovative development on their website.

Many of people think that having an HTML website is enough to ahead the competition, but actually, it is not so. They did not realize that they are not even the part of the competition. This is because of WordPress. Nowadays, the WordPress has become a primary tool for the businesses who wants to survive in the digital world. The WordPress website gets more organic traffic and low bounce rate in comparison of HTML website, which results in better SEO rankings. The businesses can enjoy various benefits by shifting the website platform from Html to WordPress. For getting your website on WordPress platform, you can connect with top WordPress development company India and take their services. Still, you are confused, then here are top benefits of using WordPress in comparison of HTML.

1. Website Maintenance Become Simple

It is always really difficult to maintain a Html based website. According to the requirements, the programmer needs to make changes in the website. But with WordPress, there is no need to take any help or support from the programmer for making changes in the website. One can make itself the required changes. As WordPress comes with admin panel, the users can simply make the desired changes in the website by login to the backend of the site, which is not possible with the Html websites.

2. Compatible To Search Engine Optimization

Eventually, WordPress is featured as an effective tool for blogging. It has various built-in functions that help in the improvement of the website rankings. With WordPress, the businesses need not worry about the website ranking. This is possible because WordPress analyzes the search engines and develop the relevant keywords for titles, meta descriptions, etc., which helps the website to get visibility on the web index and improve its rankings.

3. Unlimited Plugins

The WordPress websites come with efficient plugins and valuable extensions. It has thousands of plugins that offer various solutions that save the users from the unwanted coding for new features. The users can select any plugin or extension and add it to the website, as most of them come free of cost.


Basically, A WordPress is an open-source content management system, which efficiently manages the content of the website. It comes with numerous plugins and extensions that make the development process really easy and simple for the developers. Due to its user-friendly features, the visitors can stay on the website.