Color Psychology in Web Design: Choosing a Great Color Scheme for Your Website

Think, what if the next day you wake up and find everything as black and/or white only. The world as you have known till now, is gone. All the colors have faded away. No more green is the tree, no more colored apparels and clothing, no more paints to distinguish your house, no more colors on your TV or desktop screen, no more colors except for two – black and white.

Boring! Isn’t it? Colors have made our world more vibrant and lovely. Without colors there would be no emotional responses, no feelings and no connection among people and things in this world.

Psychology of color or color psychology deals with observing, studying and application of effects of various colors on human minds as they tend respond emotionally under each colors influence.

Psychology of color is considered as the most effective tool in the design & marketing world today. “color accounts for 85% of the reason for a product being purchased” – says Neil Patel. What expert marketers do is they use different colors and seek respective emotional responses from potential customers. This gives them the edge over other rivals. Of course, there are many other factors that affect the buying decision of a customer, but color psychology plays a crucial role in the process too.

Psychology of Colors in Web Design:
Psychology of color in web design deals with how a person responds emotionally when s/he comes across a website. Research says that when a person is browsing casually, it takes mere 10 seconds for him/her to decide whether to stay on the page or not. Those 10 seconds are very crucial and only eye catching websites make him to stay there.

What do you think plays the most important role in those 10 seconds. Is it the content, the products or services listed? No, it is the color and the color psychology of the web design that helps decide the person whether to stay or to leave.

Important considerations when choosing website colors
It’s recommended to speak clearly about the website color scheme to the company you’re contracting for web design or web development services in India. Below mentioned are some factors that will help you making a right decision.

  • Does your website require to synchronize with an existing color scheme? This could be the case for business sites which require to reflect the specific branding that the company already uses.
  • Knowing the purpose of your website. If you’re selling products or services, make sure that colors you choose should inspire the particular emotion in website visitors.
  • What kind of contents (images & graphics) will you use into the site? Your color scheme should match your images for maximum impact.