Did Google’s Click-to-Call Change the Organic Search Game?

Now-a-days, one of the common online communication methods is Google’s click-to-call. It is a web-based communication that implemented on websites. For starting communication, the user need to visit a website and clicks on an object, such as a picture, button or text, to start a requested communication via phone call, VOIP, or text.

Chance of Click-to-Call to Change the Organic Search Game?

In 2010, a Call Extensions feature introduced by Google. It includes a click-to-call feature, which provide advertisers a platform to add on their location-specific phone numbers on ads. Later these numbers will easily viewed on mobile devices with internet connection.

In March 2016, for stepping ahead in the Call Extensions feature, Google has been testing its click-to-call function with organic search results, to checkout it performance with it. It means that clickable phone numbers, now will appear in relevant search results to what the user is looking for, not just for paid advertisements.

How Does Click-to-Call Search Results Work?

For relevant click-to-call search result, whether it is a business or service, if a user enters their desired search, the results will showcase the all relevant websites with a phone number placed down, under the title of the webpage and meta description. Moreover, the phone numbers will be highlighted same as a hyperlink does. For connecting with the selected business, the users should click on the phone number, which begin the mobile phone calling process, and connect them.

Why is Click-to-Call Effective?

According to a research, the company that focuses on local advertising and business marketing, as well as uses smartphones to calls businesses, will surely rule the marketplace. Moreover, this Click-to-Call feature is really essential, as it provides business a capability to call a business directly from the search results page. It is very effected, as users wants to have quick access to communicate with their preferred brands, without putting huge effort into it.

Industries like restaurant, travel, local services, finance, retail, technology, etc., are enjoying various benefits by offering easy one-on-one communication. A large number of click-to-call activities is done for making a purchase or booking or reservation.

Marketers Views About Click- to-Call?

Google and many other businesses are using click-to-call feature as a method of advertising and marketing campaign, as well as an advantageous platform to engage with consumers. By marketers, it is considered as the best method to boost revenue, even by maintaining a business connection with the brand’s consumer base.


Google’s Click-to-Call feature has become the latest advertising and marketing method for the businesses, wants to showcase their products and services, and desires to connect with their potential buyers. If you want to use click-to-call feature, just connect with SEO company in India, and they will help you to get appropriate business link on Google Search result.