Important Factors That You Should Know About Latest WordPress Version 4.7.2.

On January 26, 2017, the WordPress introduced its latest version 4.7.2 that focused on the website security. It also came up with newest security update in order to resolution the 3 risk vulnerabilities that usually reported by the WordPress community. Besides, with this update, the WordPress did not announce any changes in the core functionality of the codes.

In the previous versions of WordPress, there were various vulnerabilities reported by the users. This WordPress version 4.7.2. is a solution for all such vulnerabilities. If you have updated your WordPress version to 4.7 or 4.7.1, you will surely know about those vulnerability in the Application Programming Interface (REST API). Through “REST API”, an intruder can unethically make changes in the content of a WordPress blog post. If you are facing the similar the problem, then upgrade your WordPress website to the latest 4.7.2 version.

The main reason behind the WordPress 4.7.2 version is the security reason. Earlier, when this security threat was detected, the users were already facing the security issues. To overcome this problem, the WordPress developers had started working on the security features and came up with the web protection solutions that will protect your WordPress websites from the hacking attacks.

Even, the WordPress organization had contacted some of the major hosting companies and informed them on how they can secure their client’s websites from security threats. Although, it was a temporary but an effective method to secure the websites from threats, before the official launch of the security feature.

However, this threat will affect only the WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1 versions as they have a default setting of enabled REST API. So, the users that are still using the WordPress older version or have a REST API installed, this security threat will not affect their website.

In case, you have turned on the automatic update feature in the setting of your WordPress website, then it would have automatically updated to 4.7.2. So, check your website and see that everything is in place or not. If not, then go for the latest version.

Being one of the most preferred CMS, WordPress is always on the top choice of the intruders for hacking attacks. They keep on trying to go at the backend of the WordPress website and harm the database. So, it is essential that admins upgrades their website to the latest version 4.7.2. If you also want to secure your WordPress with these security threats, then connect with the best WordPress Development Company India and upgrade your website to the latest version 4.7.2.