Learn how usability testing can take your business to next high level through few easy to use tools

Before understanding about the tools that are used for usability testing, it is of paramount importance to understand, what Usability Testing is all about?
It is a process in which the evaluation of a product by testing it on users, that is used in user-centered interaction designs, is done. A highly effective mode of testing, it gives a direct and accurate result of viability of a process through user interaction. Not only this, but this process is also used for checking the human made product’s capability to meet its intended customer.

Since the advent of 21st century, human civilization has travelled various miles. From inventing the first computing device to today’s mobile applications, all has been a testimony of our development and evolvement with time. Not only this, but the pace with which e-commerce websites have been developed makes ‘usability testing’ more important.

Software development in India is not new, but the programmers working in India are much more creative and advanced in all terms. Owing to which, they have developed some vital and effective tools for usability testing including, Concept Feedback, the process in which all pivotal information is gathered from experts about new designs for marketing or advertising. Other than this, Chalkmark, Clicktale, Clixpy, Crazyegg, Ethnio, Feng-Gui.com and feedback army are the other tools.

All these tools are very useful and easy in application. And these usability testing tools assist clients in many ways. Removal of errors, easy software learning, better quality software and easy acceptance of software by the users are some of the benefits that end user can have from this.