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Expanding general merchandise stores with profitable retail solutions

Are you involved in running a retail business of general merchandise stores? Just enhance your business with profitable retail solutions offered by 20+ years IT company SynapseIndia.

There is a multitude of technical solutions available for retail sector to increase the sales of products. Especially in relation to general merchandise stores, SynapseIndia offers eCommerce, inventory management, and product labeling solutions.

Importance of technical services for general merchandise stores
The traditional model of selling general merchandise products is slowly fading away due to advent of so many eCommerce websites.
You need to stay ahead of the competition by bringing some technical innovations in business to enhance services and reduce cost.
In that matters, SynapseIndia brings forth you technology services that are essentials to adopt at present changing times.

Ecommerce Solutions for Retail Business
When you think about availing eCommerce solutions then it is not only confined with creating an online shopping site only.

It involves more than that in terms of designing appealing framework, adding multiple functionalities, and features.
Create your own eCommerce selling platform along with running the physical store as well to avail the following few advantages:

  1. Increase sales: Omnichannel functionality of general merchandise stores sure to increase your business sales. You will allow customers to buy daily consumable items from your newly formed website. Plus, you can also manage to widen the sphere of your customers.
  2. Improve customer experience: Provide an enhanced level of customer experience to your existing ones. Start an online retail eCommerce website to introduce online channel of buying products without wasting much time and effort.
  3. Reduce overall cost: In a way, you are going save much on your online portal as compared to running the stores. Just reduce the investments on physical store and make little ones on eCommerce website to witness higher results.

Management of Product Inventory Using a Software

SynapseIndia helps retail partners to avail eCommerce software solutions of Inventory Management System for bringing automation. This helps to save manual effort in counting stocks every single day and maintaining the efficiency of same.

Witness what is left in the stock and how much to maintain inside using an electronic inventory system. The user-friendly software is created using technical efficiency of SynapseIndia developers.

Labeling of Products

Product labeling software is effectively created for automating the means to put scanned labels on products. This technology helps to simplify the process, maintain a smooth flow of retail chain, increase efficiency, and more.

Technology helps to grow clothing & accessories stores business

The business of selling clothes online is on a high-rise these days.
A multitude of online retailers are available to offer a vast range of fashion apparel & accessories for widespread customers.

In the midst of all this, traditional way of selling retail products is slowly fading away. The reason behind is the changing customer preference.

You are already aware of the fact that customers prefer convenience, comparison, and best price of products. All this is possible having an online shopping portal running 24×7 for all types of customers.

Well, in that case, start an eCommerce website by transforming clothing & accessories stores into a profit-making business.

See how technology helps to expand fashion & apparel business
Website development, mobile app development, and CRM solutions are three broadly classified technologies meant for retail business.

Anyone looking forward to starting an online shopping portal, makes the best out of above technologies to increase product sales.

On the other side, SynapseIndia, an IT company is available to offer result-oriented technical support to fashion retailers. In fact, many fashion retailers have transformed their enterprise using technical solutions of this company to witness a growth of 78.8%.

Rely on the professional expertise and years of experience of this pioneer IT company to transform clothing & accessories stores.

Avail the following technology services to witness improvement and fast business growth

Website Development
SynapseIndia offers top-rated website development services for clothing & accessories stores to expand business. Creative experts of the company create innovative designs to catch user’s attention.
Even certified developers are fully proficient to add updated functionalities on eCommerce portal for maximum engagement.
Ultimately, you get to experience a success-driven eCommerce website created by expert technology partner to make a difference in business.

Mobile App Development
The next set of service is developing a user-friendly mobile application for fashion-related products. Be it like Android, iOS, or Windows, expect a fast-operational application to yield higher retail business results.
Additionally, features like multiple payment gateways, customized designs, screen-friendly presence, and feature of push notification is also there.
You can further expect to add custom features to serve customers worldwide and increase overall sales pattern.

CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management is specialized software for clothing & accessories stores. It helps to know what customers like to purchase, at what time, and in which manner.
The software helps to analyze data of previous purchases, users added on company’s social media platforms, and other details. Based on the filtered data, a retail company can take informed decisions to make better sales.

Really make a difference in clothing & accessories stores business by transforming online with aid of SynapseIndia.

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