The Intricacies Involved in SharePoint Migration & Its Solution

Correct SharePoint implementation is essentially required to make the entire process successful; when we say correct implementation, it implies eliminating all chances of failures and avoiding delays completely. During a typical migration process, the estimated time may deviate from that actually required due to a number of factors like unavoidable delays that take your SharePoint implementation on the wrong foot.

Conducting migration in a timely manner is not the only requirement; precisely, the details must also be set right. More care needs to be taken in regard to checked-out documents as users will never like to redo on the documents again once the migration is completed. Hence, prior to migration, get a report to know the number of checked-out documents existing in SharePoint. Besides that, also fetch a report on the database size and the number of sites that have been updated lately.

Migration Expert – Minimizing Risks in SharePoint Migration…

You can do all of the above manually or can get a migration tool for the same. Migration Expert is a tool that gives you the leverage to look into whatever you are having in SharePoint; further it analyzes it and accordingly delivers reports that you can use for better migration.

It essentially scans following –

  • Web applications
  • Content databases
  • Site collections
  • Sites that are against Microsoft-recommended thresholds

Post successful scan, Migration Expert provides the results (with links to a database) against 60 metrics. Its suited for SharePoint 2007 or 2010 migrations besides SharePoint 2013 and Office365 too. Almost every SharePoint development company in India and abroad is employing it as a best practice for SharePoint Migration. Better prediction of required time periods is the biggest pros related with this tool as it eliminates all chances of risks.