The Moment of Truth: Determining Success or Failure of Your Website

It’s the time to face of reality. The time you finally know whether your website is a success or a flop. This is the thirty-day mark when you can determine whether your website is a lead machine or a money pit.

Why 30 Days?
After the period of 30 days from a new or redesigned website goes live, you can actually measure the impacts for your SEO, website usability, and other general esthetics. Is your website driving traffic? Are visitors staying on your website, what’s the conversion rate? These are questions that sounds very basic but offer a significant amount of value.
Finding out if you’ve succeeded or failed is indeed easier than one might think. By focusing on some of the core items or matrices you can figure out if your website is a hero or a zero.

Metrics to Help You Decide Success or Failure of Your Website

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1. Organic Search Position – Where does your website rank when it comes to primary keyword and phrases? If you have redesigned your website, your rank for these keywords has improved or gone down? Design does make an impact on SEO. An old & corrupt design architecture can negates your SEO efforts. On the other hand, some designers knows and implement SEO guidelines in website design process that can improve your website ranking.
2. Website Traffic – What changes you see in terms of website traffic in 30 days? Just create an annotation in tracking tool like Google Analytics or Omniture for the date your website went live and monitor the traffic differences before and after. If you’ve done things right, you can notice the indication of success through these metrics..
3. Social Interaction – Designing a website that not only presents great content but also allow users to easily share it will produce great results. Again you can check Analytics tool to find out an impact on social engagement.
4. Conversions – Only having traffic on website is never enough. The traffic is useless until it doesn’t convert into potential leads. You need to make sure that you are getting the right traffic that is converting into sales. Design plays a vital role in conversion, so make your website is visually appealing and presents great content.

What About Intangible Benefits?
Success of your website is often based on many intangible factors such as usability, ease of navigation, and information transfer. A design that focuses more on the happiness factor than the income factor is likely to be more successful. Web development services in India are easily affordable and extremely knowledgeable professionals can turn your web design & development project into huge success.