Top 4 Considerable Points for Implementing Live Support

According to research, if customers are not able to find answers to their question and wait for them too long, they simply abandon their online purchases, and move to your competitor’s site. To overcome with this problem, many online businesses have turned to live chat, to offer their customers with quick and support customer service. It is expected that by 2018, approx 80% of companies will provide live chat option on their website or on mobile devices, for their valuable customers.

The online consumers who have taken Live Support Services said that having questions answered by a live person, in the middle of an online purchase, is one of the most valuable features that a website can offer. Moreover, the live support not only increases the customer satisfaction, but it also helps in increasing sales. Through live chat, the companies can encourage their potential customers to make a purchase, and make them a satisfied customer. To help you, here are the four best practices for implementing live support.

1. Ensure That You Have Enough Web Traffic and Resources For Implementing Live Support

The live support can be beneficial for your business, if you have a desirable web traffic, as well as the resources to make it successful. So before installing live support, just make sure that your website has enough web traffic, and visitors that can use your support service to justify the cost. Also, ensure that you have enough team to provide support services, efficiently. If you don’t have enough employees to respond your customers questions quickly and efficiently, then surely you will end up by hurting your business.

2. Consider Outsourcing

If you want to have the benefits of offering live support, but don’t have the enough and the right resources, then you should take the outsourcing services and hire third-party provider for it. The professional live chat operators have all the knowledge and skills required to manage successful live chats, as well as leaving your employees free to do other work.

3. Choose Software with the Right Features at the Right Price.

For your company live support services, you’ll need a right software for it. But due to the increase in demand of live chat, a large number of software options are available in the market. So, while choosing the software for your company, just think about the size of your company first, and then select the software. For getting the most for your money, just choose a software with a clear pricing plan. While choosing the live chat software, there are various important features that you should consider. They are:

  • It should have User-friendliness of the chat interface
  • It can provide canned messages
  • Should have ability to track and analysis the data of the potential customers.
  • Should have option to save the client’s chat for future reference
  • Should have option of proactive chats
  • Can help in integration with CRM

4. Train Your Employees Well

If you have the most advanced and well-designed chat software, but didn’t have highly trained operators, then it is completely useless. So before launching your live support services, just make sure that your staff is well-trained, and as well as they are totally comfortable and familiar with the chat software you are planning to use. Also, the representatives should have a complete knowledge about the your website and inventory, and have ability to provide quickly and accurately answers to the common questions that can ask by the customers.