Top 5 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Resource for Developing Desktop Windows Application

The Windows is still here and will be forever. It might just accommodate itself being open source-friendly!

Considered as the most iconic innovation in the computer industry windows operating system is the most preferred place to be while using any computer globally. No matter how much robustness Mac has been offering for past several years, the loyal customer base of Windows has not been affected that much.

If we go over the data shared by TNW (i.e. The Next Web) in their survey of worldwide OS market share in December 2013, it is clearly visible that Windows has a strong domination of around 90.83% and Mac just 7.43%. The app development industry is much influenced by this factor and as a result of this a steady growth in windows desktop application part has been visible in past one year.

This has got more leverage with the release of Windows 8 which is totally cross-platform compliant and is fit for platforms like tablets and futuristic desktops along with mobiles which allows gesture and fingertip movement.

Desktop Application

What Exactly is this Desktop Application all About?

Desktop applications are primarily meant for a single user usage with maximum security. Business houses shifting to cloud are keeping a considerable part of their data in desktop applications as these are in private hardware environment. Generally the .Net platform is the base of such type of applications, but can be integrated with any software or application. The windows store is now getting great response from users with high rate of download from global brands desktop app version.

The Difference of Taste:

The understanding of any software development environment makes one fit for delivering windows desktop application is not totally true and hence one should consider hiring dedicated resource for the same related to this niche. Hire software developer related to this domain as they are the ones who knows in and out the whole operation and approach process. There are quite a few advantages that come with dedicated resource hiring and here are top five for your review.

  1. Understanding of Windows API index: A professional related with this has complete understanding of the Windows application programming interface (API). With that they deliver desktop & server applications which run with any Windows version and outside applications if needed.
  2. Knowledge of secured development cycle: The security is the part that you cannot compromise with, and so with professionals related to windows desktop application development follows stringent Security development life cycle which ensures flawless platform elements protection. They carry on threat model development, uses tools for code scanning and extensive QA.
  3. FSRM understanding: The file server resource manager API is one of the most crucial parts as it deals with directory size ensuring, file management and reports generation, etc. With a knowledgeable professional you are in safe hands.
  4. UI and UX area justifications: The very purpose of any application is ultimately for offering the finest experience and a developer with the right UI and UX understanding makes the usage of it with the functionality part.
  5. Freedom from buggy end result: In most of the fixed software delivery contract in absence of prolonged conversations on regular basis the end-result is not always what one desires to have. Hiring dedicated resource not just keeps you updated with every progress; you can even keep on adding inputs on every stage and add value to the end-result with much more efficiency.