Top Demanding Web Development Trends in 2017

Web development industry is continuously being updated to serve the website needs of the individuals or business in the most promising manner. The experts of web development in India are always updated with the latest trends and techniques pertaining to the business industry.

Here are a few web development tools & techniques, trending in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Artificial Intelligence is the hub spot for all the web developers. Now the web development experts have found various ways to implement the AI to the website. The most sought after artificial intelligence which is trending is Chatbot. It is an artificial conversational entity. It acts as a virtual assistant and communicates with the web visitors that help in providing a better user experience. Various eCommerce giants like Amazon, Dominos and so on are on the way to develop their own chatbot to provide the best shopping experience to their customers.

JavaScript is the fundamental language for each sort of digital application development in the current web industry. All sorts of business or services are developing their websites based on JavaScript coding language. Due to its versatility, it is the most sought after coding tools to develop interactive website elements. IBM has also acclaimed this language as the best programming language for web development.

Progressive Web Apps with React.js
This JavaScript framework helps the developers in the development of highly useful and innovative applications. React.js can be easily integrated with any kind of software architectural pattern. Even Facebook and Instagram have been developed with the help of this framework. A full fledged progressive web app can be developed using this framework.

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