Vital Tips for Facebook Application Release & Maximizing Growth

Development of Facebook application for your business is highly beneficial as well as tedious to achieve; businesses that realize this fact direct their efforts to create the most awesome Facebook application with the help of experienced developers. Once your Facebook application development processes are done, you will look further for the prospects of viral growth. Here, we will discuss about some ways that can help yield maximum traction with your new app.

Facebook application development

Analyze your App Screenshots & Icons – Initially, when potential users have interaction with your Facebook app, you need to give them something really impressive. This requires focusing specially on the app logo, app icon and screenshot; ensure that all of these are well-ready before you actually go for the actual launching.

Create an Appealing App Copy – You need to present your app to users in a smart way; this requires making a highly interesting app copy that’s informative yet concise. Around 250 characters is all you get to impress your targeted audience; so ensure that your phrases are quite punchy. Maintaining consistency is important and hence you can look forward to using the same text at places where the app is advertised.

Submit App to Directories – There are two main directories that you can consider for submission – the official Facebook directory and the not-so-official New Apps directory. Submitting your app to Facebook directory would consume a bit of time due to requirement of 5 users. Also, your app may take several days to actually appear in the official directory.

Set a Time for App Release – Make sure you are aware of the different usage patterns of social network users. Always remember that breaking into social circles quickly & effectively will bring better results for your Facebook app. If you want quick traction for your app, ensure that users add your app while their other friends are online.

Establish Communication with Users – Form “Bugs” thread and “Feature Request” thread in your Facebook app’s about us page. Make sure any bugs reported by the users are fixed therein without delay. Users are more interested in your product if you develop it actively while adding new features timely. Generate goodwill by resolving problems users face while using your app.