What are the Major Challenges of Mobile Apps Development?

With user focus shifting from desktop to mobiles, there has been a flurry of mobile apps in the market. It has even been estimated that in the year 2015, the number of mobile app development projects will outscore those for desktops by a huge margin. One can find thousands of apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry etc., suiting one taste & preferences. It may bring out to some people the aspect that mobile app development is a fairly easy task; which is not the truth. A lot of challenges are involved in the process and developers have to counter them using their skill & expertise. Let’s know more about these challenges in detail-

1. User Experience – Creating an app that offers enhanced user experience has been one of the major challenges for almost every company engaged in mobile application development in India and abroad. Unfortunately, its a fact that most of the mobile apps available these days offer a cumbersome experience to users. A major reason behind this shortcoming is that developers don’t understand the fact that user interactions & behaviors are not the same and so build immature apps that don’t offer satisfying experience to users.

2. Security – Concerns related to security rank high among the the mobile app development challenges. Availability of a wide variant of operating systems & devices makes the task of security management around devices & apps quite complex to manage. Users never want their personal info to be misused. Hence, companies follow an intrusive approach which when not handled correctly leads to poor user experience.

3. Context – The mobile context of users depends mainly on their preferences, attitude and situation. Delivering excellent contextual experience thus becomes another big challenge in the way of developers. To counter this challenge, you need to pool info from various sources like user’s devices to know their context of preferences. However, gathering this data may prove to be another challenge as it will be stored on different systems.