3 Top Reasons That Define Magento As The Preferred eCommerce Cart For Dynamics ERP Systems

In the current scenario, the buying behavior of consumers has completely changed. They prefer more online shopping, where they first explore a wide range of product, compare products, compare prices, read reviews and then take their final decision and make online purchases. From clothes to footwear, accessories to jewelry, electronics to groceries, etc., everything consumers prefer to buy online. Even the physical store understands the changed scenario, and are switching towards online selling. This makes eCommerce a biggest solution for online business, as well as the most compact communication channel between the sellers and consumers.

However, there are a large number of options are available in the market, but the major question is how does a business select the right eCommerce platform for them. The answer is Magento. It is an open-source eCommerce platform that written in PHP. There are many reasons, which prove that the Magento is the best possible choice for the eCommerce businesses.

1. Feature Rich, Powerful and Cost Effective Solution

Magento is a robust and feature rich platform that has extensive features which help in the development of the business. Its enterprise features are designed for more advanced users, which are:

Marketing: Magento is contained with a large number of marketing tools such as deals, coupons, private sales, loyalty programs, etc., which helps in the promotion of the products online. As well as Magento’s advanced CMS support allow to add on the detailed product description, images, videos, etc., to attract and retain your customers.

SEO: It is an SEO Friendly platform that provides an exclusive platform to the website to rank better on the search pages. It includes all SEO elements such as Meta content, search-friendly URLs, top-level URLs, use of the canonical tag, and even redirecting functionality.

Shipping and Payment Support: Due to its capability, Magento support more than 12 payment gateways and integrates seamlessly with multiple shipping carriers. This flexibility ensures the users that they never lose a customer due to lack of payment mode or shipping related issues.

Multi Language, Multi Currency and Multi Store: It extensive libraries provide support for more than 60 languages and multiple currencies. Even, you can operate multiple stores from the same Magento instance, which make you a truly global brand.

2. Technology

Open Source Technology: With unrestricted source code platforms, Magento’s open source technology makes it is highly compatible to new innovations, especially with its active developer community.

Framework: It is built using Zend Framework in PHP. Due to PHP, it is flexible platform, and it’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive to find the required resources.

Scalability: An eCommerce platform is expected to perform conveniently for heavy traffic. Magento was designed by keeping the scalability in mind, so it is quite efficient and capable for handling a high traffic volume.

3. Easy to Maintain, Customize and Flexibility

One of the major feature of Magento is its Flexibility. Due to its flexiblity, it can be easily customized to meet the business requirements. Also, due to its features, it is quite simple and easy to manage and maintain. When it comes to the management of the eCommerce website, Magento offers an exclusive and easy to use admin panel, through which you can easily manage multiple stores from a single interface. As well as, the same admin interface can be used to customize the store and for managing the customer records, orders, products, invoices and analytics.


Magento is a significant platform that provides an integrated eCommerce solution which gives a complete access to multiple channels like eCommerce, mobile, social media and online marketplaces and integrate them with Dynamics ERP systems. If you are willing to have an online store for your business, then you just need an eCommerce website. You can hire any Magento Website Development Company in India for your business project, and can get the best online store which surely enhances your brand popularity.