Correct Methods To Display Partners On Your Website

When companies ensure excellent delivery of their services or products, they start to rely on their valued partners. Soon, this partnership network becomes so big and important for the company that they put efforts to maintain it. But, when it comes to the collaboration of hundreds of partners together, and creating a partner page for the website that is perceptual and user-friendly, it is somehow a major challenge. Here are three golden rules which surely make your partner page work for your company.

1. Adapting a Search Engine To  Relieve Your Prospects Of Search Burdens

Instead of long lists of partners, use a smart search. With a limited number of partners, it is easy to place all of them together in a table or list. Just like Google, show up the most valuable partners to your prospects. Use the Partner finder, and select the most relevant partners by applying the range of customizable filters. Filters may get differ from company to company and include:
Location specified by Country, State and City
Specialization (particular product, service, or its type)
Industry focus

Also, you can add on some more categories like Partner Type, Product, Competencies, Business Needs, Certifications and Awards, etc.

2. Handling Search Results and Partners’ Profiles to Solve The Prospect’s Problem of Choice

Sort Results By Relevance: If we talk about a smart Partner Finder, it can provide long lists of results. Therefore, it is a best idea to visualize search results as a list or a map, and set up sorting search results by relevance (best match, rating, or distance).

Provide Quick and Detailed Views of Partners’ Information: Provide each partner’s basic details, as well as link them to a dedicated page with full information. But, make sure it performs quick and quite usable (like pop-up windows).

Make Sure a Partner Profile Does Not Interfere with the Search: Ensure that a partner’s page will open in a new window or tab, which allow viewers to compare it against several other companies. Also, add on a back-to-search option on every partner page.

Remember You Can Make The First Impression Only Once: Although, an overview page is the first impression of your partner, many companies visit to the page. Try to convenience your partners to add on some useful information about their company, products or service, key industry focus, portfolio, awards, certifications, etc.

3. Main The Balance Between Nutritious Content and Sweet Design

There are two important questions that should consider while creating a partner page:

Is this page visually appealing?
What do I want to communicate with this page?

Although, the relevant search is for information, not for design, but good design page catches attention.

Create a Best Place for a Partner Finder On Your Website: As it is for your prospects’ convenience, so make sure the partner page is easy to find. The page path should be insightful that make the page stand out in the navigation bar.

Make the Difference Between the Statuses of Your Partners Evident: Empower a structured comparison or use buttons, and create a slide show to give a short description of every status one by one.

Target Prospects, Think Partners: Although, the mission of your Partner Finder is to present information about partners, but make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your partner network or communication with existing partners. Just add in links to your partner portal,  and a Partner page to it.


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