9 Essential PHP Testing Frameworks 2016

The adjusting PHP code isn’t really interesting to do, that’s why PHP testing framework has been created. To increase the proficiency of the developers, these frameworks provide automatic testing, which speed up the PHP development process, recognize issues, decreases security issues, remove bits of superfluous code, and enhance the complete performance of the web applications for which the code is used.

For PHP web application development process, there are few automated PHP testing frameworks available, and selecting the appropriate framework is really challenging. Here is the list of top PHP testing frameworks which will highly use by the developers, in the year 2016.

PHP web application development

1. Simple Test
Simple test is quite easy to use and light weighted. It has many important and useful features, such as support for SSL, Forms and Proxies, as well as quick PHP task checking. If you have worked on the JUnit, then you will find a SimpleTest’s interface quite similar with it.

2.PHP Unit
PHPUnit is the most used framework by the PHP developers. It is a most impactful programmer-oriented unit testing framework, which got recently updated with the 5.1 stable release.

3. Behat
Different but impactful, Behat is a behavior-driven PHP testing framework, which is used as a story-based behavior driven development, to creates tests look like stories. It is simple to understand and easy to use, which make it quite popular among the developers.

4. Codeception
Offering excellent PHP testing to both beginners and pros, Codeception provides a 5 minute run quick app tests, as well as easily integrates with other frameworks to allow API testing, Functional testing and acceptance testing.

5. Peridot
by providing describe-it syntax, Peridot permits the developers to write tests in a natural method. As it is event-driven, you can simply create an ad-hoc extensions for it, which makes it faster, lightweight, and can be customized with reporters and plugins.

6. DBUnit
For large and Big testing projects, DBUnit is the most preferred choice of the developers, because It is a robust PHP testing framework for data fixture.

7. PHPSpec
PHPSpec or SpecBDD PHP is a behavior-driven testing framework that used by the developers to write the specifications to determine how apps behave. It is one of the trustworthy framework which comes with a detailed user guide.

8. Mockery
Mockery is a flexible PHP mock object framework which is easy to use. It can be efficiently used with other frameworks, especially with PHPUnit, for unit testing.

9. Selenium
Due to its accessibility and utility, Selenium automates browsers and web applications for testing purposes and helps developers to create robust browser-based regression tests.