Crucial Features of PHP Application Development

PHP is the acronym of Hypertext Pre-processor. The open source HTML embedded scripting language is used for PHP application development to create dynamic web pages. Following points describe the features of PHP that render app development easier –

    • PHP can perform any task that can be performed by CGI program. However, its main strength lies in the fact that it is compatible with several kinds of databases, that brings out how flexible PHP is while working with different databases.
    • PHP can also be used to talk across different networks with the use of POP3, HTTP or IMAP.
    • The versatile nature of PHP renders PHP application development or PHP Web development an excellent option. Today, more than 200 million websites are powered by PHP. It is therefore obvious that PHP has in the last decade become significant in the wide field of web development.
    • In an HTML document, the PHP script is enclosed within the special PHP tags. As PHP is embedded within the special tags, its possible to jump between HTML & PHP (just like in case of ASP and Cold Fusion) rather than relying on heavy codes to output HTML

Hiring a PHP Application Development Company

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SynapseIndia is well known in the field of web development. Today, its expertise extends into PHP web development as well. Its PHP developers are able to develop rich web pages quite easily. Since web pages using PHP have a fair amount of content inside them; these are more suited for modern day’s demands in web surfing.