How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Once a website is live, it has a critical part to play for business. It should be easily accessible to the target audiences on web crawlers. In short, a website should be optimized with SEO point of view so that it turns out to be beneficial for enterprise.

Figuring out how to modify a web page to make it internet friendly is an important guide not only for the developer but the website owner as well. Hence, it is very important to look for the best web development services in India for a website. Let us have a look at the factors involved in making a site easy for search engines to crawl:

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1) Content Should Be Indexable
Content must be placed in HTML format for better search engine listing. Incorporating Alt text for images and audio/ video with a small description and content is a must. It is critical to know how the web pages are visible to crawlers.

2) An External CSS Stylesheet and JS Files
This is important to give the site a standardized appearance. There are some web designers who make use of CSS Stylesheet for their convenience. In addition, these creates an opportunity for web pages to look different without a lot of extensive coding.

3) URL Construction
A very well planned URL framework prompts a nice customer experience. These should be constructed keeping in mind the navigation & web pages with no use of special symbols like #, %, $ etc. These must follow the strict guidelines as per the search engine bots.

4) Speed Optimization
Focusing on load time during web design is a critical factor. Search engines look for page speed and that directly affects the ranking. Internal redirects must be kept in mind to improve the user experience. Optimization in this respect is vital for web designers as well.