Some Alarming Security Threats in Web Development

An important part of developing a website or application is to take security concerns in consideration. Web development process includes the practices of creating extremely secured and user-friendly websites and applications. Whenever you avail web development services in India or anywhere else, make sure that particular company is good in taking security concern into account while developing your application.

Security Threats in Web Development

When it comes to the security concern for a web application, few common mistakes that developers make are:

1. Cross Site Scripting: It is a threatening glitch that allows the significant execution of the script available in your browser. It can result in hijacking of user sessions more easy and even can introduce malicious worms. This error is often caused by inappropriate validation of information for user-supply.

2. SQL injection: It is a kind of malicious attack on a website that noticeably exploits validation of insufficient input. SQL injection acquires the access of the shell on server of database.

3. Shell injection error: This thread is very similar to the before mentioned SQL injection. Under such thread, the attacker basically tries to develop a different input string so that he can get the access to your web servers’ shell. By accessing your web server’s shell, attackers can hugely harm your site. This error usually occurs when you pass on an untreated user input in the shell. Such attacks can be prevented by sanitizing and validating all of your user inputs.

4. Phishing attack: This is amongst the most common web attacks. In phishing attack scammers try to trick the users for acquiring their login details. To ensure your website does not affected by these attacks, you should use only one significant and valid URL for login.