Latest Mobile Marketing Trends That Can Boost Your Business Effectively

Today, the mobile devices have become an essential part of people’s life. From chatting to shopping, everyday purposes, people prefer to use their mobile devices. As part of the modern life, mobile devices are also playing a vital role in mobile marketing trends. Through mobile marketing, the businesses can easily enhance their customer acquisition rates, retention rates, and can maximize their business ROI. Additionally, with mobile marketing platform, the businesses can understand their potential customer’s psychology, personalize their experience and can get the enhanced results for their brand.

In the last few years, some of the highest performing brands have transformed their business strategies and have set a leading example of what is possible with mobile business strategies. Also, how you can use mobile email and push notifications, as well as how the responsive mobile landing pages support your brand.

1. Responsive Mobile Landing Pages

According to the facts, 74% of the customers use their mobile phones for shopping. But, this is beneficial only when you have an attractive website content or layout, else the customers will not engage with your website and make their purchase. So, it is really important to have a website with responsive mobile pages. By ignoring the responsive mobile optimization, your website will get the decreased conversions rate of mobile users.

For impactful and attractive mobile web presence, the mobile website should have a responsive designing and engage landing pages. If the users didn’t get the first impression good, they would not make their purchase. The mobile strategy and design should be clear, simple and straightforward. Moreover, the user interface (UI) should feature all the main elements. The site should contain various cues like different color, button size and contrast to guide content interactions.

2. Responsive Mobile Email

A mobile email campaign is designed and created for the mobile devices and is totally focused on the mobile consumer behaviors. Although the mobile tech interfaces are limited, it affects the consumer’s behaviors. So, here are some ideas that should consider while making an attractive  mobile email campaign.

  • Use a simple layout
  • Make personalize emails and create suitable headlines according to the requirement.
  • Write attractive headlines that can easily gain the reader’s self-interest.
  • Create value immediately with short copy.
  • Use actionable CTA to get broad links for enhanced user engagement and conversions.

3. Optimizing Push Notifications

According to the research, around 68% of mobile users prefer using push notifications in comparison of an email campaign, for their app. This is because the push notifications allow the apps to gain higher rates of retention in comparison of other methods.

Although, a good push notification strategy is important for more customer retention rates, but while optimizing it, make sure that it is delivered by permission only. Through this, you can increase the mobile home screen communications for users, as well as increases user’s engagement quality and duration of your app relationship.


While reading the above points, you may realize the importance of the latest mobile marketing trends for your mobile online presence. For getting the more user engagement to the site, and for increasing the user experience, it is essential to optimize your mobile marketing strategy. For this, you can connect with any Mobile Application Development Company, India, and get the best mobile website with the latest marketing strategy for your business.