Methods To Make Your Users Think Your App Loads Faster

While designing an application, we don’t have the means to simulate various loading speeds. So, we always try to create a proper design which provides ultimate user-experience, instead of making them wait for content to display. However, the internet speeds are not guaranteed, though it is was necessary at the time of downloading an image, video or music. In such cases, we need to decide what to show and what not, to satisfy the users demand and filling the gap. Here are some methods that surely will help you:

Mobile Application Development

1. Loading Spinners are Bad
The Loading spinners are not the perfect solution to present the loading error. The default loading icons provide the negative significance. They perform at various operating system functions, and provide the status of everything from device boot to problems connecting to network or loading a data. Somehow, making the user stare at a loading bar or spinning wheel can enhance the bounce rates. How much time it will take for loading the page? you should clearly indicate your user. You should design for operational transparency by offering progress-UX that’s given powerful impact.

2. Background Operations
The background operations packed actions provides two benefits, i.e., they are invisible to the user and occur before the user ask for them. It is more beneficial to give users other interesting things in front to focus on, as a loading process will continue in the background.

3. Dummy Content and Placeholders
If you really want to make your users experience pleasant, without shorten the time, then add on temporary information containers. Use interesting dummy content as text and image placeholders, which keep your users engaged. However, in the loading process, load a small blurry image first, and then large image, that give the impression of fast downloading. By using the placeholders and dummy content, you can’t speedup a loading process, but can make your users feel like it is.

4. Distract Your Users
To save your users from getting bored while waiting, provide them some interesting distraction. It can be something funny, unexpected or anything that can easily catch the users’ attention for a longer period of time. This way your app get enough time to load.

Usually, the users don’t like to wait for a long time for content to upload. But if you make them feel they are not waiting, surely they will like your app. For good and performing app, you need a significant app design. For that you need to select the best designer that can properly design and develop your app. Find and hire the best mobile application development company, which have a team of best designers and developers, and know the importance of users for the app. Then only you will get the finest app for your business.