Optimize The Advantage of Micro-Moments For Your Mobile App and Website

The smartphones have completely transformed the business strategies and created a vital position for itself in the business market. The businesses have changed their marketing strategies and is focusing on mobile phones, for engaging more and more customers towards their brand. For this, the marketing professionals have come up with a wide range of mobile applications that not only enhance the output of their marketing efforts, but also drive more traffic to their website, through tablets and smartphones.

One of the major advantages of mobile applications, is the way they engage customers directly  towards a brand. Now, the businesses are looking each of the interaction deeply to find out the best method for engagment. Google has named this process as micro-moments. In this process, those moments are considered, which are driven by intent and happen when someone use their smartphone for “know”, “go”, “do” and “buy”. By examining the micro-moments, the brands can create more business opportunities. If you are still confused that how can you take advantage of micro-moments, then here are some points that will help you to understand this better:

1. Consider The Top Mobile-Centric Searches

Firstly, search out what your customers usually search on their mobile phones. With this, you will get a deep insight about your customer. You will come to know what exactly your customers prefer and what are the brand or other products they search for, as well as the products they are looking  come under your category or not. You can take advantages of these searches, as it will help you know the customer preferences.

2. Consider The Questions That Are Frequently Asked About Your Brand or Product

By considering the frequently asked questions that are searched by most of the customers about your brand or general product, will help you to understand the consumer’s demand. Questions like what, how, which, or why, about your product, categories and brand will provide a useful information about the customer’s preferences. These questions will provide deep insights on the customer’s choice. This will help you to find out the best method to handle the client different preferences. Even, you can create content to reply to the specific questions.

3. Focus More On Consumer Surveys

By reframing the consumer surveys, you can optimize its advantage. Through a survey, you can obtain the consumer’s opinions and can obtain the reliable results. Mobile is one of the most convenient methods for conducting surveys about your brand and for generating valuable information from it. While surveying, your key focus should be on the micro-moments. Make a questionnaire efficiently which can generate valuable information on how your customers use their phone at the moment, while using it to ‘know’, ‘do’ or ‘buy’. With this, you can also know that how your customers using their mobile devices for help and answers regarding the type of product.

4. Do Team Work For Better Understand the Customer Journey

When it comes to the consumers, they want a positive experience and valuable information while shopping. So, it is essential that your team, work together and ensure that the tools developed by your team provide speedy experience to the customers and meet all expectations. You and your team should develop an idea that helps your business to the customer’s demands.

5. Conduct In-store Interviews

In store interviews can be really helpful for your business, as it helps to understand your consumer’s  preferences, what they are looking for, as well as they were satisfied with the obtain results or not. With this information, it will be easy for you to come up with the new application offering all the features that support the consumer in the review’s moment.


Due to the consumer insights, you can obtain the basic issues and can take necessary steps to ensure that the consumer is satisfied. It will provide you information that explains the consumer needs and helps you to create an application which helps the consumer to understand your brand and products. For creating an efficient mobile application, you need to connect with the top web development company India. The development company will understand your requirement, and provide the best application according to it.