Top 6 Advantages Of Using CakePHP For Building a Large Scale Website

PHP platform has multiple frameworks that can be used for developing different professional websites and applications. But, when it comes to the web development, the developers prefer only CakePHP. It is an open source web framework, which is written in PHP language and follows the MVC approach. It is widely used by the developers for creating high-end websites. Although, it is one of the best frameworks for all sort of website development, but it is specially used by the developers for a large scale website development. Here are some solid reasons why it is so:

1. Model View Controller Approach: CakePHP framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, which helps in connecting and saving the queries to the database. If you want to make any type of changes within the database, then you can do it effectively. This model will help you to insert, delete, alter or read the model efficaciously. Moreover, it also supports in offering real-time progress report of the project.

2. No Default Language: Normally, a large number of frameworks runs on a default language (English), which actually a major problem for the developers. Various professionals are unable to understand the exact meaning of the default language and find themselves in a big trouble. But, with CakePHP, there is no such problem, as it has no default language. The developers can select the framework language according to their choice.

3. Configuration Autodetected: CakePHP comes with an auto-detection feature, due to which the developers did not need to configure the framework manually. In CakePHP Framework, the URL you use and the location of each and every library is automatically detected. Except Database connection settings, there is nothing that should be managed manually by the developers.

4. Completely Secure: CakePHP has Licensed under the MIT license, which makes it a registered and authorized tool. Moreover, it also provides complete security to various built-in tools like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, XSS prevention and input validation.

5. Do Not Need Huge Coding: While creating an application, writing each letter of the code becomes really irritating for the developer.  CakePHP has various plug-ins and components that can be used without writing any source code. This is not only helpful to save your precious time but also cost-effective.

6. Object Relational Mapping: In CakePHP, every table is in a form of class, due to which the developers can easily define the relation between different tables. Once the developers properly define the relation, they can use it along with the main record impressively.

Whether it is a big project or a small project, CakePHP fits into each requirement. Considering the exceptional benefits of CakePHP framework, if you want a CakePHP framework website, then connect with the best CakePHP Web Development Company India. They will understand your requirements and create a professional website for your business.