Why Drupal Framework Is The Perfect Choice For Online Business?

Drupal is an open source and free content management framework that is used by over thousands of websites across 229 countries. It is distributed under the General Public License which provide the users a complete freedom to modify their website architecture according to their requirements. Due to its extensive features, it is widely used for business collaborations and knowledge management purpose. These are some of the reasons that make the Drupal, one of the most powerful frameworks.

Drupal Framework comes with an ample range of powerful and efficient features that include menu management, user account registration, media management, layout customization, RSS feeds, taxonomy, themes, caching features, workflow tools, advanced search, release updates, system integration, etc. Moreover, its core installation can perform as a simple website or a multi blog which provide a user-specific content.

Distinctive Features of Drupal

1. Data Abstraction Layer: The Drupal has extended the data abstraction layer due to which the programmer did not need to write SQL queries as a text anymore. Now, Drupal uses the PHP data objects for database abstract. Microsoft has created a database driver for SQL Server and Drupal, which basically support the file SQLite DB Engine.

2. Support Windows Developers: With data abstraction layer and capability to perform on the Windows web server IIS, Drupal has made easy for the Windows developers to become a part of the Drupal community, which works on various issues that are faced by the Windows developer.

3. Extending The Core: This feature allows the third-party modules to extend, contribute, and override Drupal’s default behaviors without making any changes in the Drupal’s core code. Basically, Drupal confine the core files from contributed themes and modules which increase the flexibility as well as allow the administrators to simply upgrade to the latest releases without overwriting the website’s core customizations.

4. Consistent Improvisations: Drupal has various improvements for the administrator and visitors, both. The drag & drop functionality, image galleries, add labels by default, custom content, color contrast & intensity, third-party integration tools, content listings, and private messaging are some of the features that are improved.


Due to its extensive features and extended functionality, the Drupal has become the most preferred framework for developing a content-based website. So, if you want a content based website for your online business, then Drupal framework is the perfect option for you. Hire the best Drupal development Services India and get a powerful website for your online business.