Why and How to Hire the Right SharePoint Developer for your Project

Microsoft now has a new CEO in Satya Nadella and with him the company has set sails on a boat that is poised to take their success story ahead. Without any doubt, in the technology niche, they are undisputedly the biggest name. Being such a big name is not always that easy as it seems to be. Every year they keep on trying many things in their lab out of which only 14% seem the reality of beta and alpha stage. From that 14% on average 4% of the products or solution witness the success for which they are developed. A great deal of thought always plays behind the scene. Microsoft’s SharePoint is just another such splendid feather in their cap.

The Prologue

SharePoint is a tool developed in the den of Microsoft using which top-notch websites can be designed with extensive features. Its primary usage area is that of enterprise. Among many of its utilizations generally SharePoint is a great combination for intranet based websites and document management system. In SharePoint 2013 the social angle has been additionally incorporate to make it more robust for users.
This is a quintessential tool meant for adding value to the production structure of any organization and paces up the speed of delivery. SharePoint can be customized through HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, based on each and every business requirement people goes for tailor-made customization.


Know your Magician:
With so many options to play with one need to hire someone who is a master of custom SharePoint development with an extensive knowledge on the subject. Though it seems very easy the hiring process is not that simple, one must know how to make the right selection. To begin with one must look for following points in a developer who is portraying himself as a SharePoint developer:

  • Technical and Programming Expertise: A person who is developer of SharePoint must have thorough .Net knowledge as it is the framework on which it is based. While performing the customization knowledge over HTML, jQuery and JavaScript is a must. Along with all these complete understanding about Windows Server and SQL Server is also considered additional trait. The list does not end here as other chapters include Windows SharePoint 2.0 & 3.0, workflow solution, WCF SharePoint, Infopath, .Net development, Microsoft Office SharePoint, MOSS 2007/2010, portal solution, etc. If you are looking to hire someone for SharePoint make sure get one with these chapters’s knowledge.
  • Microsoft Certification: As always hiring someone with certified skills is of great advantage. This proves this person’s metal and Microsoft SharePoint Certification is really a tough module to crack. Only the cream of the crop gets past this barrier, so one is rest assured of getting the finest services from a developer who is certified. Thus, this pointer is a must follow one.
  • Full competency over Website fundamentals: SharePoint is must for creating intranet and extranet website. This along with the design understanding makes one perfect for development based on SharePoint.
  • Understanding of Business Movements: SharePoint is meant for productivity increase of any company and that too with the help of several supporting tools. A developer must have thorough understanding of business flow.

When you go for searching the right person for your next project keep in mind the pointers shared above.