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5 Reasons: Why Mobile App Is Essential For Retail Store

Being part of a digital world, every business person is willing to get connect their business with the internet. Whether it’s a big business or a small business or a retail business, everyone wants that the customers simply love their brand. To connect with more and more customers, they have created their online presence. But, even with top-notch customer service and high product demand, they missed potential customers. To attract more valuable customers, businesses are switcing towards Mobile apps. Through mobile app, the customer can easily access the retail store at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they want. Even, if you are confused that why mobile app is important for your business, here are the 5 main reasons for it.

1. Everyone’s Having a Mobile App

When it comes to mobile app for business, your competitors and their competitors, all are using mobile apps for their shops. Whether it’s a larger company or a small to medium-sized businesses all are providing a shopping platform to their customers. Through mobile app, the consumers can easily access to your retail stores, and can shop whatever they want to buy from the retail store. So, if you want to stay in the race, you need to have a mobile app.

2. It’s Fun

A good mobile app allows the consumers to get more interactive with your brand. The discount coupons, shopping offers and contest options provide a great fun and mind-blowing user experience at your store that gives your brand a personality boost.

3. Huge Opportunities for Loyalty

The huge opportunities offer always get success in attracting a large number of potential customers. Through Coupons, special Sunday offer ads or 20% off exclusively through the app, etc., you can easily make your customers download your app and enjoy the exclusive benefit of using the app. Moreover, direct access to sales is making your customers and your business sense the bond of loyalty. These offers, not only make your customers more confident about the best deal, but also make them come back with the incentive of more earnings.

4. It’s Extremely Convenient

Through customizable search engines the users can easily find out exactly what they’re looking for anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the apps provide the complete information of the products that are available in the stock, as well as the products are displayed systematically, which helps customers in hassle-free shopping.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

In today’s market, mouth-to-mouth advertising or publicity is really matters for any business success. When a customer listen about the store and its good services from another person, definitely they consider the store and get interested in making purchases from it. Even, the collaborative forum features can help you to create a community around your company, making a positive association that takes your brand to a great heights of success.


The above points will help you to understand why mobile app is essential for your retail store. By connecting with the topmost mobile application development company, you can get the finest mobile app with all latest features, developed according to your store requirements. Even, if you have any problem with the app in the future, then also the mobile application development company will help you by resolving your issues.

5 Essential Questions That You Should Consider Before Developing a Mobile App

Seeing the mobile app requirements in the market, a large number of people started Appreneurship, without realizing its facts and drawbacks. It’s look simple and interesting, but actually it is not. For a successful Appreneurship, the person or appreneur needs to work daily on various important factors, such as finances and taxation, customer development process, managing teams and expectations, customer service, etc.

Even, if you don’t have a good product idea, it will lower your enthusiasm. So before moving into appreneurship and becoming a mobile application development company, here are some of the pertinent questions that will help you, and navigate your journey with more clarity.

1. Am I in this for the long haul?

In any business, overnight success is always being a fairy tale. So, before getting into the Appreneurship, just make sure that whether you want to invest your time, money and energy in the development of your idea, and also you are ready to invest a enough effort and dedication to reach at a success point.

2. Is there a market?

As part of market competition, if you want to develop an app, just make sure about your idea first. Do market research and obtain, what type of apps are in demand, and what are the features that the users are looking for in an app? Also, identify the spark of your app which can make it popular and make it stand out from the competition.

3. What is my buyer persona?

When it comes to targeted buyers, the buyer persona is really matters a lot. So, before building an app, make a detailed analysis of the people who will buy your product. While analysis, consider customer behavior patterns, demographics, motivations, and goals. The more you know about your customers, the more it is easier to identify their specific needs, and help you to build a product that can fulfill those needs.

4. Do I have a launch plan?

Mostly, people think that building a product, means job done. But, it is not true. In fact, being a mobile application development company, we can say that’s not even half the battle won. As a building a product is very easy, but launch it in a powerful and impactful manner is really very tough. For successful launch, if you’re planning to spend money on Facebook advertising, firstly know about your buyer persona. Believing on SEO, content marketing & social media methods, need to wait for the results for a longer period of time.

5. Do I have the resources for marketing?

Marketing is a stage where you need to work with patience, as it needs a whole lot of time to experiment, what works and what doesn’t. Also, you need to decide that you hire an external agency or make your own team for the marketing of your app. Also, recognize your potential customers’ platform, and decide strategy that how are you going to attract them towards your app.

What Steps Should Add In Pre-Planning Of Mobile App Development

In the current scenario, the upgraded mobile app market has enhanced the big opportunities for the developers in mobile application development. However, to build a successful app, it is really essential that the developers have a well-designed laid-out concept and structured process, on which they can depends and can successfully complete every stage of mobile app development. Through pre-planning of the mobile app development process, the developers can avoid the situation of deviations from set goals, which somehow can create some dramatic changes to the final product.

Moreover, pre-planning helps to gain insights into the target audience, the competitors, and the latest market trends. Also, it will help to convert the innovative ideas into the key features of the app. Especially, the mobile application development company prefers to pre-plan the each stage of the mobile app development process, on the basis of valuable market knowledge, which helps them to build a unique and successfull app that include different features than other similar apps. In short, a pre-planning helps to streamline the development process, organized and to get better outcomes.

How to Pre-Plan Your Mobile App Development?

Here is a comprehensive guide, which helps in the pre-planning of the mobile app development.

1. Describe Your App in a Nutshell

In the initial stage of pre-planning, you need to discuss and prepare a very short description of what the app should be all about. Add on all the expecting factors like key features, the core idea, etc., and compiles into a nutshell.

2. Determine the Needs of Target Audience

As the most critical stages, it helps to highlight many key factors that will be beneficial in building an appropriate mobile app. Most of the time, it is difficult to identify the target audience, as well as know their ‘buying’ behavior and preferences. But, through a online surveys that include forums and discussions or social connections, helps to understand the customer’s preferences and expectation for the app, and likewise, that you can integrate the same in your mobile application.

3.Browse Through Similar Apps

Unless you have a great and unique app idea, it is easier to find similar apps in the app store. So, research on these similar apps, point out their key features, notice their functionalities, consider technical aspects, review customer ratings, etc. This doesn’t mean that you need to replicate something that is already exist, but you can innovate better.

4. Create a Master List of Outputs

The final product is always a different from what it was conceptualized in the beginning. On the bases of research and users’ requirements, develop a comprehensive list and compare it with the initial concept. Even on the bases of the latest changes, you can also improvise the short description.

5. Translate Your Ideas into a Simple Flowchart

When it comes to display of idea, workflow system and functionalities to the development team, then a diagram or flowchart is the best method to do it. But, just make sure that it remains simple and clear, so it can easily understand by everyone. The successful flowchart should include the app concept, budget, features and functionalities, roles and responsibilities, development process, QA and testing requirements, deadlines, etc. Try to make it as comprehensive as possible, so it can be easily understood by everyone, in detail.

How You Can Protect Your Privacy & Secure iPhone Data

How secure is your iPhone, and the personal data stored in it? To get the answers to these questions, we have examined the iPhone’s built-in privacy measures, and trust us that Apple is the most secure phone. Even, the users can apply the security codes on various iPhone applications that are downloaded by them.

iPhones Powerful Privacy Measures

When it comes to the security and privacy, then iPhone is the best smartphone, as it is not easy to break its several protective features that provides complete safeguard of the users’ privacy.

1. Passcodes

Through iPhone passcode set option, the user can easily secure their phone data by stopping people from getting it. While using the iPhone’s passcode option, the user needs to add on a custom alphanumeric code, which is not seriously easy to crack. After six-wrong-attempts, the delay is activated that make the phone more secure. If the phone has highly sensitive or business-critical data, and anyone put passcode 10 times wrong in a row, the iOS will automatically erase the data, but only when the user has activated this option.

2. Touch ID

The latest models iPhone 5s and later versions are coming with Touch ID fingerprint scanners. The user can use their fingerprint to unlock the device itself. For any third-person it is really difficult to break the fingerprint-protect password and hack the important data. The extremely privacy-conscious iPhone users can secure their data through passcode, as well as with Touch ID.

3. Secure Enclave

The highly equipped security measures are assembling in the iPhone, which is can’t even break by the Apple’s own engineers. That’s means no one can be able to access the data inside. The exceptional security measure of the iPhone is Apple’s Secure Enclave feature. The iPhone has a processor chip – a separate processor in its own right, which stores the fingerprints and other security-critical data, as well as it has a crucial part of the encryption setup. It is defined as a Secure Enclave, as it has a secure boot system to ensure that it the code it runs that can’t be modified by anyone. To understand, it is a powerful form of a little computer within the computer that’s difficult to attack.


As the Apple’s phones are the most secured one, the developers are designing the efficient apps that are compatible with the iPhone system. While iPhone application development, the developers are using coding that are compatible with the iPhone security system and the apps can be easily passcode by the user.

Android N: A Steps Ahead For Becoming A Virtual Reality Platform

On March 9 2016, (Wikipedia), the Google surprised us all by releasing the first Android N developer preview. It is the top news among the developers. Following the tradition, the latest version of the Android OS is named after a sweet treat! Following in the eminent footsteps of Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ince Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow, the Google has suggested Android ‘N’.

Concurrently, till the official announcement made by the Google, we will have to oppose with results from the internet polls that the project will name as Android Nutella or Android Nougat. However, it was not launched yet, still we can concentrate on what we do know as far as latest news is concerned.

With the aim of revolution, Google has released its latest version of the developer preview to empower Android N with full VR support features. This is what with which the Google is expanding their push into virtual reality. According to the information, this realease preview suggests that apps will be able to register themselves as VR Listeners or VR helpers. Also, additional permissions warnings explain that apps will able to run while using the applications in virtual reality mode.

Other Essential Points:

These six previews builds are expected before the actual release of Android N:

1. Android N will support for the new Vulkan graphics API that provide better gaming experiences and better quality games
2. New emojis based off Unicode 9 find a place in Android N
3. Google is bringing support for Java 8 features to Android N. This authorizes the developers to use native Java features using JACK ( Java Android Compiler Kit) while developing applications
4. Scoped directories will also get entry in it. This provides a tighter security as apps that need access to a certain directory, get access to just that instead of sweeping access
5. With Data Saver feature in the settings, Android N lets the system block background data usage and allow apps to use less data in the foreground.
6. Android N provides multi-window support on phones and tablets.

Since, its launch is not yet confirmed, but the developers are eagerly waiting for it. Though, Android N is not launched, but still you can get your mobile application as compatible with it. If you want a better compatible mobile application, you can hire the superb mobile application development company, as they know what suits best to your application.

Methods To Make Your Users Think Your App Loads Faster

While designing an application, we don’t have the means to simulate various loading speeds. So, we always try to create a proper design which provides ultimate user-experience, instead of making them wait for content to display. However, the internet speeds are not guaranteed, though it is was necessary at the time of downloading an image, video or music. In such cases, we need to decide what to show and what not, to satisfy the users demand and filling the gap. Here are some methods that surely will help you:

Mobile Application Development

1. Loading Spinners are Bad
The Loading spinners are not the perfect solution to present the loading error. The default loading icons provide the negative significance. They perform at various operating system functions, and provide the status of everything from device boot to problems connecting to network or loading a data. Somehow, making the user stare at a loading bar or spinning wheel can enhance the bounce rates. How much time it will take for loading the page? you should clearly indicate your user. You should design for operational transparency by offering progress-UX that’s given powerful impact.

2. Background Operations
The background operations packed actions provides two benefits, i.e., they are invisible to the user and occur before the user ask for them. It is more beneficial to give users other interesting things in front to focus on, as a loading process will continue in the background.

3. Dummy Content and Placeholders
If you really want to make your users experience pleasant, without shorten the time, then add on temporary information containers. Use interesting dummy content as text and image placeholders, which keep your users engaged. However, in the loading process, load a small blurry image first, and then large image, that give the impression of fast downloading. By using the placeholders and dummy content, you can’t speedup a loading process, but can make your users feel like it is.

4. Distract Your Users
To save your users from getting bored while waiting, provide them some interesting distraction. It can be something funny, unexpected or anything that can easily catch the users’ attention for a longer period of time. This way your app get enough time to load.

Usually, the users don’t like to wait for a long time for content to upload. But if you make them feel they are not waiting, surely they will like your app. For good and performing app, you need a significant app design. For that you need to select the best designer that can properly design and develop your app. Find and hire the best mobile application development company, which have a team of best designers and developers, and know the importance of users for the app. Then only you will get the finest app for your business.

Top five strategies For Mobile App Success

With the number of mobile phone subscribers reaching 6 billion globally and the rapid booming market that promises to further connect tens of billions more within few coming years, has changed business strategies forever. The technology enhancement provides a grand opportunity to how an organization connects and execute business with its clients, workers and accomplices.

To overcome the growing market competition, businesses are focusing on mobile applications as their major strategy. According to the Lopez Research survey, more than half of the companies have plans to build more than 20 enterprise mobile apps this year. Here it is vital to mark out some of the strategies that make these mobile apps successful. They can be summarized as below:

1. Flexible software development tools: Today’s advanced mobile app development platforms offer modules to support critical management elements such as testing, app version control, application catalogs, performance analytics, security and lifecycle management. This flexibility is sure to play an important role in achieving huge success for mobile apps.

2. Data Security: A major point of concern that prevents an app’s success is ‘How’ and ‘Which’ data is accessed & transmitted via mobiles as everyone is worried about their personal information theft & misuse. Data must flow seamlessly and securely between a corporation’s data center, the cloud and mobile devices. This should always be kept in mind while developing an app.

3. Custom Applications: An application that can’t only access the data a person needs but also exceeds his expectations is sure to create a buzz in the market. Companies need to cash this feature by building custom applications after a deep research.

4. Continuous improvement and user engagement: Customer feedback must be looked into and continuous improvements should be made for improving engagement & user experience with the app. Tackling ability to inform like crash reporting, flow visualization, session length, frequency of use, etc shall be a strong differentiating factor.

5. Leveraging cloud computing technology: Nowadays cloud solutions are used for application testing, mobile application development platforms, and enterprise app integration. Processing of mobile and IoT data with high accuracy & ease has further glorifies the concept.

Hence, we can conclude that these points are vital in success of the mobile apps and one should consult the best mobile app development companies which would further strengthen this possibility.

How to Select the Right Mobile Application Development Company?

We all know what role a mobile application can play in success of a business in today’s digitally connected world. Businesses are also understanding what benefits a mobile application can offer and therefore they look for a professional mobile application development company.

Below listed are some tips that will assist you in choosing the ideal mobile application development company:

  • Go through their portfolio: Go through the previous projects on which company has worked. Try to figure out the kind of applications they have developed. This will give you an idea about their capabilities.
  • Do they have any certification? Choose companies which are ISO/CMMI certified for mobile application development. CMMI accredited companies ensure in time delivery of your project with cost-effectiveness.
  • Research about company reputation: You can checkout what their previous clients say about the company. For this you can check their online reviews and also reach out to their existing clients. This will enable you to find the right mobile development company, within your budget.
  • Look for an experienced company: Since how long a company is providing its services? Choosing a company that has many years of experience is likely to provide you a quality solution that will incorporate appropriate coding standards.
  • Expertise of Employees: Make sure that company you are contracting is able to create cross platform mobile applications. This will make your mobile app accessible on different mobile devices & operating systems.
  • Communication: Excellent communication is the key of an effective working relationship between you and service provider. Getting the desired app developed will require you to share your ideas and specific requirements with service provider. This way company you are going to hire must be good in communication.

Business Benefits of developing Enterprise Mobile App

Business is more than buying and selling things. It’s about developing a base which can make our daily work quite easy for each interest. Launching a business and reaching it to the desired level of success are two diverse exercises. Every business success depends on two things; first its output and second one is the ROI (return on investment). Every successful business has high sales and low investment.

The collection of people, technology and process in order to manage connectivity options of mobility solutions and software is known as an enterprise mobility solution. In the developed business world, we should increase the productivity and wish to gain an aggressive edge in the global business, and to achieve this we need to optimize the use of resource in a progressive manner.

Mobile Application Development

These solutions are developing very fast pace globally and with the using of smart phones and mobile applications, mobile world reaches new heights each day. Mobile apps are normally designed for gaming and shopping purpose, but now mobile apps are also used by people for their official work. In present time, Mobile application development company, develops various mobile apps for the whole purpose of business benefits. Let’s have a look the benefits of business mobility solutions and try to understand why it becomes trendy in the present economic environment:

  • One of the major benefits of enterprise app is that it connects employees anywhere, anytime and therefore it increase productivity.
  • Using enterprise apps decrease the cost of other equipments and tools required to work like marketing and sales.
  • It is useful to the maximum utilization of resources like inventory data, customer information, sales and marketing also.
  • These apps are helpful to drive business operations.
  • It improves customer relationship and customer satisfaction and support.
  • It encourages centralized communications among clients, customers, stakeholders and vendors etc.

Hybrid Mobile App Development – Must Know Points for Developers

HTML is a highly popular language for mobile app developers; cross-platform code portability and low cost of development are the major reasons behind developers going for these web technologies. In respect to mobile apps, Hybrid apps have gained much importance over the years. Native apps apps are mobile apps in their purest form and one can definitely find a mobile application development company for getting native apps developed as per need.

By taking the native path, developers are able to make use of all the capabilities of an operating system as well as the device. Conversely, web app your code can be easily ported across different platforms in form of a web app. Hybrid apps on the other hand blend the best of both worlds and thus present a more effective option for developers.

Building Hybrid Apps Demands Precision & Expertise…

Mobile application development company
Typically, there are two ways in which a Hybrid app can be built; it can be either in the form of WebView app or as a Compiled hybrid app. When taking the WebView app approach, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code base are running in an internal browser wrapped in a native app. Through the wrapper, native APIs get exposed to JavaScript. In the compiled hybrid app approach, C# or JavaScript is used for writing the code that results in a native app produced for each platform. However, with this approach, there is less freedom for developers.

Both of these approaches are extensively used by developers across the globe; however, WebView apps are more common as these allow developers to employ the best of their skills. Hybrid apps loose the edge in some areas as compared to native & mobile web apps. One of the biggest drawbacks related with is the performance issues that exist for certain types of apps. Additionally, support is not available for all operating systems & devices that makes it a bit risky to choose hybrid. You just cannot ignore these drawbacks as hybrid approach is not suited for all types of apps. It would be essentially required to evaluate the target user segment, their platform preference as well as the requirements of the app before choosing the hybrid approach.