How to Hire Best PHP Developers in India?

In today’s competitive business scenario, all sorts of growing businesses own a PHP based website or web based application to better serve their audiences. In order to remain competitive, PHP is helping the companies in achieving their business objectives effectively. If you are going to hire a PHP developer in India for your web based project development, then you must follow these tips to get the best developers for your project –

Execution Expertise
If you are looking to get a little assistance for your existing website, then you may go for an intermediate PHP developer. But if you have a fresh and important project which need to be developed in a specific time period, then you must hire the expert developers who have the industry experience of several years. The experience of the developers plays a pivotal role in effective project execution, clean coding, required implementation or overall we can say a smart project development.

Flexible Development Approach
Each of the business differentiates from other in terms of nature and objectives. The PHP developer you are going to hire must be adept in understanding your business, its nature, and the associated objectives. He should be flexible in understanding and implementing your specific requirements. Apart from coding, he should be creative and possess research skill to get adhered to the required development needs. He should be able to implement the changes frequently and effectively from the perspective of the faster development of the project.

Communication Skills
A developer without a smart communication skill cannot help you in the successful execution of your project. So, before hiring a PHP developer, you should be able to communicate with him in a professional way. The clear communication approach of the developer will help you in conveying your requirements and the essential inputs. The communication gap can result in irrelevant and goal-deviating development.

To hire PHP developers in India, you should do some analysis to get the best team. These few things should be considered that can help you in being decisive for your project development needs.

5 Useful Tips on Improving Software Security

Amid the ongoing cyber attacks, now the need has arrived to protect the software from the malware. Along with the website safety measures, software security is also a matter of concern.

Here are some tips to improve software security:

1. Provide training on different security practices
Each team member of a software development company should be provided proper training. They should be made aware of basic security concepts and to know about the security vulnerabilities and threats. Special training programs on ethical hacking and secure coding should be organized for developers to understand the development points to be protected.

2. Provide information about security requirements
Before start working on a software development project, it should be considered that every member of the development team is aware of all the security requirements of the system and development platforms or frameworks. The required documents in the possible security threats should be provided to each team member to take care while developing the required features.

3. Making team members aware of the software security importance
Apart from feature implementation and meeting the project deadline, security also plays a pivotal role in quality software development. Each team member of the development project should be acknowledged of this fact and their suggestions to improve the security essentials should be considered to develop the best.

4. Use retained procedures for database calls
Hackers find it easy to get into the database and edit the codes if you are using parameterized procedures. On the other hand, stored procedures act as a shield from SQL injection attacks.

5. Appointing a project security officer
A project security officer must be assigned for a project to take care of all the security concerns. The security officer must be an expert in the deployment of robust security features to protect the software from any external or internal threat.

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6 Vital Reasons – Why Should You Go For Angular JS Framework?

Powered by Google, Angular JS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It has become highly popular among the developers. This is very user-friendly and there are no complications at all. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top reasons for its popularity among the developers –

Angular JS Framework Development

1. User-friendly interface: Angular JS based interface is user-friendly and being based on HTML, the developers are entitled to have a smooth operation while coding.

2. Restful Actions: With a few coding of Javascript, the developers can communicate effectively with the server and acquire the required data. This standard way of communication between the client and the server becomes the restful actions for the developers and the development becomes truly easier.

3. Angular uses HTML as a template: If a developer has a great experience with Hojan or Mustache then he will have no problem while understanding the coding pattern of Angular JS, as it consists HTML.

4. Enhanced HTML: With Angular, the developers can use HTML in a similar way like XML and it also provides infinite opportunities for attributes and tags. Using HTML compiler and directives, the developers can do all the essentials.

5. Developer friendly: The developers need not apply any plugin or additional frameworks with Angular JS. If a developer has great technical awareness with projects like Mocha, Q-unit, and Jasmine then he can make maximum utilization with this ultimate framework.

6. Dependency Injection and Binding of data: Whenever the developer does a change, it automatically gets updated with UI within the pattern of MVVM. Angular JS, itself after analyzing the page DOM, builds the bindings based on Angular-specific element attributes. It helps the developers in writing fewer codes that are error free and easy to understand.

With these amazing features, Angular JS has become the trending web development framework and developers are building enchanting and feature-rich web applications. If you are looking for a web based application based on this framework for your business needs, then you can hire the services of SynapseIndia, which is the leading and reliable web development company in India.

5 Tips for Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs Effectively

Outsourcing IT needs has now become popular worldwide to get the best solutions. Foreign companies are outsourcing their software needs to the reputable IT companies to get the desired custom software solution within the stipulated deadline. India is successfully delivering the relevant and advanced engineered software solutions to help the global companies dealing in diverse niches. Before outsourcing the software development needs to a reliable software development company in India, the businesses need to go through these five tips so that they can get the right software solutions delivered to them.

1. Requirement Discussions: While choosing your outsourcing partner, you should discuss the exact requirement of your project in details. Your discussion with the software development team will make you understand about the technology and the development procedure. If it seems promising then only you should assign the project to the team.

2. Verify then Trust: Only going throughout the proposal and the contents available over the Internet, you should not rely on a company’s credibility. You must verify the company’s work quality and expertise level by cross checking the portfolios and the trusted customer reviews.

3. Packaged Deal: You must hire the service of an IT outsourcing company that can offer you a package development deal. It will prevent you from paying additional charges for the name of testing, deployment or modifications. The fixed package deal also includes maintenance and support service for a period of time.

4. Clear Communication: The offshore development partner should have a clear cut communication approach to understand and implement the client’s expectation. The clients should have a detailed channel of communication to convey their message to the concerned professional for the particular needs of the project.

5. Documentation: Before finally assigning your project to a software development company, you must sign a clear Scope of Work (SOW) document. In the case of any breach, this SOW or the project delivery agreement will help you in keeping your point. You also need to save all the email communications in order to get the quality project delivered on time.

Considerable Key Points To Hire Reliable Software Developers In India

Hiring a software developer in India is trending. Being the most preferred country for offshore software development, the software professionals in India are delivering the software of International importance to the worldwide clients. Hiring a team of well-experienced software developers is the best part of the project commencement in the best possible ways. Here are the key points that you need to figure out while choosing your software developers –

1. Communication Approach – The foremost requirement of the developers is that they should be good at communication. Communication helps the clients in explaining the exact requirement to the developers. If the developer is unable to understand the requirement of the client, then wrong implementation or development is done which inturn consumes a lot of precious time against the rectification for the same.

2. Expertise & Efficiency – Before hiring developers, you must check their efficiency. You should ask them to provide samples or portfolios of software developed by them. It will help you in understanding their area of expertise and the work standard. You should only hire the developers who have the same core expertise in the technological domain, for which you want to get your software developed. Suppose you want a CRM software then you should hire the experts having the wide expertise of developing custom CRM solutions over the years.

3. Reliability – If you are hiring the developers who are a part of esteemed IT organization, then you don’t have to worry about the professional expertise and on-time delivery of your project. The reliable company which has a successful track record in the software development industry can provide you the best effective solution for your software requirements.
If you are successful in hiring the expert developers, then it will help you in getting the best software solution delivered on time.

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Top Demanding Web Development Trends in 2017

Web development industry is continuously being updated to serve the website needs of the individuals or business in the most promising manner. The experts of web development in India are always updated with the latest trends and techniques pertaining to the business industry.

Here are a few web development tools & techniques, trending in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Artificial Intelligence is the hub spot for all the web developers. Now the web development experts have found various ways to implement the AI to the website. The most sought after artificial intelligence which is trending is Chatbot. It is an artificial conversational entity. It acts as a virtual assistant and communicates with the web visitors that help in providing a better user experience. Various eCommerce giants like Amazon, Dominos and so on are on the way to develop their own chatbot to provide the best shopping experience to their customers.

JavaScript is the fundamental language for each sort of digital application development in the current web industry. All sorts of business or services are developing their websites based on JavaScript coding language. Due to its versatility, it is the most sought after coding tools to develop interactive website elements. IBM has also acclaimed this language as the best programming language for web development.

Progressive Web Apps with React.js
This JavaScript framework helps the developers in the development of highly useful and innovative applications. React.js can be easily integrated with any kind of software architectural pattern. Even Facebook and Instagram have been developed with the help of this framework. A full fledged progressive web app can be developed using this framework.

If you are in a hugger-mugger situation while going for a reliable web development firm that can implement your concept into a meaningful way, then SynapseIndia – a leading web development company in India, is there to provide you the best worth of your investment with its large years of expertise in the web development industry.

5 PHP Frameworks to Provide Custom Made Solutions globally

In this technology dominant world, solid web presence is vital to expand your business globally. Now, website developers are able to create complicated websites using the feature rich web development technology, PHP. The PHP platform is blessed with dozens of frameworks that enable you to develop powerful websites in the best possible way. List of some of the award winning PHP frameworks that will facilitate a powerful backend web development opportunities for your business:

1. Laravel: The most trending PHP web development frameworks, comes with amazing routing capability and offer extremely excellent features for new generation web development services.

2. Symfony: A highly scalable PHP framework helps in developing feature rich web applications along with its simplified maintenance. It offers the advantages of core components like Templating, Translation, Validator and more.

3. CodeIgniter: With the latest available 2.2.6 version, it comes with simplified documentation process. The framework has become one of the finest solutions for modern businesses due to its extraordinary turnkey features like no large-scale monolithic libraries, great compatibility with standard hosting, no stringent coding rules etc.

4. Cake PHP: One of the finest PHP frameworks that follow CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) system. This facility eases the work of developers amazingly. Some other interesting features of CakePHP includes- session, cookie, security and more.

5. Zend Framework: The lightweight and the most popular PHP framework that is fully featured for award-winning web development solutions. The USP of this extremely demanded framework is the great consistency in design and the powerful object-oriented programming system.

PHP frameworks are truly perfect for high-end web development solutions that allow limitless users to safely manage the web content. This is why PHP framework development services in India renders the most exclusive solutions for all sort of web development needs.

Prominent Ways to Let Your Visitors Stay on Your Website

If your website is unattractive or irrelevant, then the visitors will switch to another tab while having other similar searches. To minimize this bounce ratio, you must design your website in an appealing way so that the website would be communicative enough to make the visitors spend a few minutes on your website. Let’s go through some prevailing web concepts to provide an engaging user experience to the website visitors.

Design Speaks

The website is the first visual interaction between your business and your organic web visitors. The theme of the website should be best matched with the business nature. As for example, a website dealing in children’s products should have the funny and playful fonts and images while on the other hand, a website dealing in women’s products should have the pink coloured theme with an added touch of beautiful sceneries like butterflies, hearts and teddy bears. Your website theme and design should truly represent your business nature and about your vision. Your website design is the first and foremost tool to attract the visitors so that they could have an insight to the motive of your online identity.

Content Communicates

The content uploaded on your website should be intended to satisfy the user’s urge of the relevant keyword search. In an effort to bring an appealing and unique touch to your website, the design of your content should never be too complex to get understood. The font or format of the content should be easily readable and understandable and the content should be matched with the desired objective of the web page. The more unique or communicative your content will be, the more users will retain to your website.

Navigation Matters

The design of the website must have a smooth navigation to browse throughout the website in the hassle free manner. The navigation must be intuitive and simple to let the users move from one page to another in no time. Each corner of the website should be easily accessible to allow the users fully explore your business or products.

With a proper understanding of the contemporary web trends, the website must be designed in business specific manner. The web designers and developers at SynapseIndia, the leading web development company India are well versed with the visitors’ demand as per your business and would love to assist you in building your appealing online identity.

Why is PHP considered a better option for web application development?

PHP based application development has become the trend of web development industry. The debate is still going on pertaining to usefulness of the PHP language. But the relevancy of PHP is leading on the worldwide domain. Most of the major online websites and applications are developed in PHP and it is the foremost choice for developers as well as the business owners.

Due to various advantages, PHP is highly recommended for websites and applications development. It is evolving at a very rapid pace to remain ahead amid the cutting throat competition in today’s digital world. If an older framework of PHP is found to be lacking the features needed for the modern web development requirements, it upgrades itself by bringing the new versions. The innovative frameworks of PHP such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony help the developers to build the innovative PHP based application to let the diverse businesses achieve their vision.

PHP has become a community level language for the developers and more than 70% websites all over the globe are based on PHP frameworks. Modern and innovative eCommerce frameworks such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla have been written in PHP language. With continuous evolution and upgrade, PHP is still the easiest and the most useful scripting language to use. PHP scripting language is helping in the development of fast loading and feature-rich web applications.

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Top WordPress Security Plugins To Shield Your Website From Getting Hacked

WordPress is world famous for offering a large number of adaptable templates, eye-striking themes and powerful plugins for diverse range of businesses. These customizable templates are cost effective as well as fulfill the custom needs of global clients.

Apart from its simple to utilize interface, it require minimum coding efforts. WordPress also provides ultimate security features that shielding your business website from malware attacks. Such secured ecosystem offered by this world accepted content management system is one of the major reasons behind its expanded acknowledgment among the global customer base.

Top WordPress Security Plugins that can secure your website amazingly:

1. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall: This tool helps you understand how secure is your site by showing a score on the dashboard. The security element of this powerful plugin instantly perceives the progressions in WordPress site to keep customer aware of any future risk.

2. BulletProof Security: It helps instant security with single click security solution. Having an amazing capacity to analyze the number of login endeavors, this plugin additionally scrutinizes recently uploaded contents for malicious activities. This plugin instantly shares an alert on enlisted email id or other communication details if there should arise an occurrence of malicious threat. It offers excellent security protection against CRLF, RFI, XSS and SQL injection.

3. Sucuri Security: WordPress users can be used this plugin with no investment. It tracks a wide range of hidden activities on the site. In the event of any malfunctioning of a website, web admin has great option to review his activity log and short out the problem area quickly.

4. iThemes Security: iThemes offers more than 30 approaches to secure site against website hackers and possible threats. Available in two different versions, free and premium, iThemes security offers the robust security of site against any assaults.

5. Wordfence: This WordPress plugin is most popular globally as it offers advanced security options such as IP blocking, filtering, firewall protection and much more. While checking the site from scratch, it identifies whether the site is infected or not.

WordPress Website Development Services in India are truly professional at integrating this powerful plugin in your website. With such amazing benefits of WordPress, business owners should hire the WordPress professionals in order to develop feature rich WordPress solution.