Top Demanding Web Development Trends in 2017

Web development industry is continuously being updated to serve the website needs of the individuals or business in the most promising manner. The experts of web development in India are always updated with the latest trends and techniques pertaining to the business industry.

Here are a few web development tools & techniques, trending in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Artificial Intelligence is the hub spot for all the web developers. Now the web development experts have found various ways to implement the AI to the website. The most sought after artificial intelligence which is trending is Chatbot. It is an artificial conversational entity. It acts as a virtual assistant and communicates with the web visitors that help in providing a better user experience. Various eCommerce giants like Amazon, Dominos and so on are on the way to develop their own chatbot to provide the best shopping experience to their customers.

JavaScript is the fundamental language for each sort of digital application development in the current web industry. All sorts of business or services are developing their websites based on JavaScript coding language. Due to its versatility, it is the most sought after coding tools to develop interactive website elements. IBM has also acclaimed this language as the best programming language for web development.

Progressive Web Apps with React.js
This JavaScript framework helps the developers in the development of highly useful and innovative applications. React.js can be easily integrated with any kind of software architectural pattern. Even Facebook and Instagram have been developed with the help of this framework. A full fledged progressive web app can be developed using this framework.

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5 PHP Frameworks to Provide Custom Made Solutions globally

In this technology dominant world, solid web presence is vital to expand your business globally. Now, website developers are able to create complicated websites using the feature rich web development technology, PHP. The PHP platform is blessed with dozens of frameworks that enable you to develop powerful websites in the best possible way. List of some of the award winning PHP frameworks that will facilitate a powerful backend web development opportunities for your business:

1. Laravel: The most trending PHP web development frameworks, comes with amazing routing capability and offer extremely excellent features for new generation web development services.

2. Symfony: A highly scalable PHP framework helps in developing feature rich web applications along with its simplified maintenance. It offers the advantages of core components like Templating, Translation, Validator and more.

3. CodeIgniter: With the latest available 2.2.6 version, it comes with simplified documentation process. The framework has become one of the finest solutions for modern businesses due to its extraordinary turnkey features like no large-scale monolithic libraries, great compatibility with standard hosting, no stringent coding rules etc.

4. Cake PHP: One of the finest PHP frameworks that follow CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) system. This facility eases the work of developers amazingly. Some other interesting features of CakePHP includes- session, cookie, security and more.

5. Zend Framework: The lightweight and the most popular PHP framework that is fully featured for award-winning web development solutions. The USP of this extremely demanded framework is the great consistency in design and the powerful object-oriented programming system.

PHP frameworks are truly perfect for high-end web development solutions that allow limitless users to safely manage the web content. This is why PHP framework development services in India renders the most exclusive solutions for all sort of web development needs.

Prominent Ways to Let Your Visitors Stay on Your Website

If your website is unattractive or irrelevant, then the visitors will switch to another tab while having other similar searches. To minimize this bounce ratio, you must design your website in an appealing way so that the website would be communicative enough to make the visitors spend a few minutes on your website. Let’s go through some prevailing web concepts to provide an engaging user experience to the website visitors.

Design Speaks

The website is the first visual interaction between your business and your organic web visitors. The theme of the website should be best matched with the business nature. As for example, a website dealing in children’s products should have the funny and playful fonts and images while on the other hand, a website dealing in women’s products should have the pink coloured theme with an added touch of beautiful sceneries like butterflies, hearts and teddy bears. Your website theme and design should truly represent your business nature and about your vision. Your website design is the first and foremost tool to attract the visitors so that they could have an insight to the motive of your online identity.

Content Communicates

The content uploaded on your website should be intended to satisfy the user’s urge of the relevant keyword search. In an effort to bring an appealing and unique touch to your website, the design of your content should never be too complex to get understood. The font or format of the content should be easily readable and understandable and the content should be matched with the desired objective of the web page. The more unique or communicative your content will be, the more users will retain to your website.

Navigation Matters

The design of the website must have a smooth navigation to browse throughout the website in the hassle free manner. The navigation must be intuitive and simple to let the users move from one page to another in no time. Each corner of the website should be easily accessible to allow the users fully explore your business or products.

With a proper understanding of the contemporary web trends, the website must be designed in business specific manner. The web designers and developers at SynapseIndia, the leading web development company India are well versed with the visitors’ demand as per your business and would love to assist you in building your appealing online identity.

Why is PHP considered a better option for web application development?

PHP based application development has become the trend of web development industry. The debate is still going on pertaining to usefulness of the PHP language. But the relevancy of PHP is leading on the worldwide domain. Most of the major online websites and applications are developed in PHP and it is the foremost choice for developers as well as the business owners.

Due to various advantages, PHP is highly recommended for websites and applications development. It is evolving at a very rapid pace to remain ahead amid the cutting throat competition in today’s digital world. If an older framework of PHP is found to be lacking the features needed for the modern web development requirements, it upgrades itself by bringing the new versions. The innovative frameworks of PHP such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony help the developers to build the innovative PHP based application to let the diverse businesses achieve their vision.

PHP has become a community level language for the developers and more than 70% websites all over the globe are based on PHP frameworks. Modern and innovative eCommerce frameworks such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla have been written in PHP language. With continuous evolution and upgrade, PHP is still the easiest and the most useful scripting language to use. PHP scripting language is helping in the development of fast loading and feature-rich web applications.

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Top WordPress Security Plugins To Shield Your Website From Getting Hacked

WordPress is world famous for offering a large number of adaptable templates, eye-striking themes and powerful plugins for diverse range of businesses. These customizable templates are cost effective as well as fulfill the custom needs of global clients.

Apart from its simple to utilize interface, it require minimum coding efforts. WordPress also provides ultimate security features that shielding your business website from malware attacks. Such secured ecosystem offered by this world accepted content management system is one of the major reasons behind its expanded acknowledgment among the global customer base.

Top WordPress Security Plugins that can secure your website amazingly:

1. All in One WordPress Security & Firewall: This tool helps you understand how secure is your site by showing a score on the dashboard. The security element of this powerful plugin instantly perceives the progressions in WordPress site to keep customer aware of any future risk.

2. BulletProof Security: It helps instant security with single click security solution. Having an amazing capacity to analyze the number of login endeavors, this plugin additionally scrutinizes recently uploaded contents for malicious activities. This plugin instantly shares an alert on enlisted email id or other communication details if there should arise an occurrence of malicious threat. It offers excellent security protection against CRLF, RFI, XSS and SQL injection.

3. Sucuri Security: WordPress users can be used this plugin with no investment. It tracks a wide range of hidden activities on the site. In the event of any malfunctioning of a website, web admin has great option to review his activity log and short out the problem area quickly.

4. iThemes Security: iThemes offers more than 30 approaches to secure site against website hackers and possible threats. Available in two different versions, free and premium, iThemes security offers the robust security of site against any assaults.

5. Wordfence: This WordPress plugin is most popular globally as it offers advanced security options such as IP blocking, filtering, firewall protection and much more. While checking the site from scratch, it identifies whether the site is infected or not.

WordPress Website Development Services in India are truly professional at integrating this powerful plugin in your website. With such amazing benefits of WordPress, business owners should hire the WordPress professionals in order to develop feature rich WordPress solution.

Top 4 WordPress Website Boosters In 2017

The mobile responsiveness or the website loading speed always matters the most in online business. It impacts the business ROI to a large extent. The web page speed and business sales conversion are inter-related, therefore we need to develop a fully optimized website. While developing your business site responsive, you can’t trade off on the quality content of the website. This is the place where WordPress plugins can do miraculous things for your website. Search engine ranking and great client communication are the fundamental components which take your WordPress site a step ahead of your competitors.

Some Powerful plugins of WordPress:

  • 1. W3 Total Cache: The W3 Total Cache plugin is among the profoundly appraised and prescribed plugins for site streamlining. It has great ability to increase the website downloading speed up to 10-15 times faster. This plugin can store the images as well as javascript files on a centralized server. So, every time a user arrives on your site, experiences minimum time to load the same.
  • 2. WP Smush: Another great option to make your site load faster is to get the support of WP Smush to compress the website theme into appropriate formats. The best part of this plugin is that it will reduce the size of the images and make them more optimize to upload rapidly.
  • 3. WP Super Minify: It consolidates the HTML, JS and CSS files efficiently. These important files are squeezed and conveyed to the site visitors which lessens the website loading time. In the event that you don’t need the plugin to condense certain files, the plugin provides you the option to cripple the compression of JavaScript and CSS.
  • 4. Cache Enabler: This is one of the finest caching plugins for WordPress based sites. The plugin is truly lightweight in itself and you can install it without much of your efforts. The website admins have the complete access to set the coveted cache expiry period and a couple of different options.

WordPress Website Development Services in India understand the valuable time of a website visitor and that is why they put their best possible efforts in order to provide the user-friendly environment on the developed websites. If you are looking forward to develop a fast loading and feature rich website, then connect with the WordPress Website Development Services in India & enjoy the actual benefits from your business.

How Zend framework is the Finest Solution for Developing Custom Web App

Every business has the constant need for apps in order to make the business operations simple and effective. Although, there are several benefits of having custom web applications, but it is primarily important for the synchronization of various business processes. If you want to develop custom-based web applications for your business operations, then PHP platform can do miraculous things for your business. The PHP platform has blessed with several frameworks including the Zend Framework. This is an object-oriented framework, best suited for building business centric web applications. Zend Framework has become more popular among PHP developer’s as it offers ultimate benefits that support in building and customizing a marvelous project.


Open source solution: Being a business standard open source solution with a large community of members, businesses promptly opt this framework due to the reasonable cost of development.

International level solution: Various components of Zend Framework like Zend Date & Zend Currency can set the time, dates or currency as per the given preference of professional’s at different locations. It supports multilingual and therefore developers at Zend Framework Development Company in India can work as per their preferred language.

Easy Installation and hosting process: The installation and hosting of this framework are quite simple. It can be easily installed on your server by downloading the code from the library.

Hiring developers: Being a world accepted PHP 5 framework, most of the PHP professionals are closely familiar with this feature-rich framework. Globally, many web development companies use this framework in their web application development framework.

Support MVC Components: It supports Model View Controller architecture and helps you to develop stunning PHP templates and layouts. It can be helpful to implement the front end controller pattern and separate business logic from user interface efficiently.

Why Are Mobile Applications Important In Today’s Business Model?

In the last few years, the smartphones and tablets have brought huge opportunities for the businesses. Through this advantageous technology, you can now easily reach out to maximum number of potential customers than ever before. This has become possible because of the Mobile Applications. With apps, you can earn great advantages for your business as they can be easily installed in the mobile phones and tabs. By using the mobile app, the customers can directly connect with you and buy various products & services at any time, from anywhere.

Considering the usefulness and benefits of mobile apps for the business, many companies are focusing on the development of appropriate mobile apps. With mobile apps, you can enhance your consumer’s experience, as well as can improve the company’s brand Image. If you are still confused why your business needs a Mobile App, then here are some points that help to understand its importance:

1. Increase Customer Engagement: With mobile apps, you can directly connect with your potential consumers in the real time and increase their engagement rate. Moreover, you can obtain various critical information about your customers like their profile information, current location, etc., and can prepare marketing strategies according to it. This will increases the chances of converting the visitors into potential buyers.

2. Customer Service and Support: Through the mobile app, you can offer an exclusive platform to your customers, to connect with you, buy your products and services from anywhere, at anytime. This platform not systematizes your business process but also helps to earn good opportunities.

3. Promotion: As apps are quite popular among the internet users, you can start any promotional activity on it, which will help you to get exposure. Additionally, you can offer various discount deals or coupons with apps that surely help you to attract more consumers to your website.

4. Smooth Selling Online: Online selling and buying are very much in trend. With a mobile app, you can enhance your selling process and make it more smooth and hassle-free for the users. Moreover, it provides a great flexibility to the customers to explore an ample range of products, select the appropriate products and make their purchase decision.

5. Branding: When it comes to the branding, you can easily do branding for your business through a Mobile App. Whenever a user sees the enterprise logo of the app, they will recognize your brand and remind the time when they make a purchase from your app. Moreover, they can spread the word about your brand among the circle which actually do an automatic branding for your business.

Mobile apps have completely transformed the online business market. Now, the consumers prefer to buy the products and services through mobile apps. Considering the focus of consumers on mobile apps, the businesses are also considering it and coming up with their powerful and attractive business apps. If also want to build an effective and exclusive app for your business then connect with a significant Mobile Application Development Company India and hire their services.

Important Factors That You Should Know About Latest WordPress Version 4.7.2.

On January 26, 2017, the WordPress introduced its latest version 4.7.2 that focused on the website security. It also came up with newest security update in order to resolution the 3 risk vulnerabilities that usually reported by the WordPress community. Besides, with this update, the WordPress did not announce any changes in the core functionality of the codes.

In the previous versions of WordPress, there were various vulnerabilities reported by the users. This WordPress version 4.7.2. is a solution for all such vulnerabilities. If you have updated your WordPress version to 4.7 or 4.7.1, you will surely know about those vulnerability in the Application Programming Interface (REST API). Through “REST API”, an intruder can unethically make changes in the content of a WordPress blog post. If you are facing the similar the problem, then upgrade your WordPress website to the latest 4.7.2 version.

The main reason behind the WordPress 4.7.2 version is the security reason. Earlier, when this security threat was detected, the users were already facing the security issues. To overcome this problem, the WordPress developers had started working on the security features and came up with the web protection solutions that will protect your WordPress websites from the hacking attacks.

Even, the WordPress organization had contacted some of the major hosting companies and informed them on how they can secure their client’s websites from security threats. Although, it was a temporary but an effective method to secure the websites from threats, before the official launch of the security feature.

However, this threat will affect only the WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1 versions as they have a default setting of enabled REST API. So, the users that are still using the WordPress older version or have a REST API installed, this security threat will not affect their website.

In case, you have turned on the automatic update feature in the setting of your WordPress website, then it would have automatically updated to 4.7.2. So, check your website and see that everything is in place or not. If not, then go for the latest version.

Being one of the most preferred CMS, WordPress is always on the top choice of the intruders for hacking attacks. They keep on trying to go at the backend of the WordPress website and harm the database. So, it is essential that admins upgrades their website to the latest version 4.7.2. If you also want to secure your WordPress with these security threats, then connect with the best WordPress Development Company India and upgrade your website to the latest version 4.7.2.

5 Best Ways To Enhance Your Website Traffic

The success of a website can be determined on the basis of total number of website visitors that converted into actual customers. The increasing number of website traffic results in more customers. Although, obtaining good website traffic is quite difficult, but more difficult is to bring back the customers again and again to visit the website and make use of the call-to-action.

When it comes to the website traffic, there are various methods through which you can increase your website traffic like search engines, paid advertising, social media networks, forums, link building and many other. By combining these traffic-boosting methods, you can not only enhance your website traffic but also generate good business opportunities. Here are some of the methods that surely help you to boost your website traffic:

1. Create Engaging Content: Start your engaging content with a good title. Usually, while searching anything, the users scroll down the search results quite faster, due to which many results remain unwatched. So, if you want to make visitors read you content, then it should have a catchy title so that it can catch the eye and interest of the visitors before they move to another website.

2. Add Valuable Information In Your Content: To make your blog more readable and attractive, it is essential that it include the quality, relevant, and interesting content in it. Eventually, the readers focus more on the informative content that answers their questions, rather than focusing on self-promoting content.

3. Select a Relevant & Strategic Domain Name:  Usually, the website owners think that site name is not important and they can keep it any name. But actually, it is not so. By adding a perfect, short and catchy domain name to your website, you can discover unbelievable benefits from it.

4. Build Traffic With Blogging Tools:  It is really difficult to increase the web traffic without using any blogging tools. Although the blogging tools are created for some specific purposes, you can improve your website quality by adding the images, SEO, etc., and can make it more productive.

5. Use Appropriate Keywords: If you really want to increase your website searchability, then you have to work on the keywords. Instead of implementing the useless keywords that do not help you to get good website traffic, add the relevant words that actually represent your content, your website, and help to get a high search volume. A proper keyword with right location will make your blog more SEO-friendly.

By implementing the following methods, you can enhance your website traffic and earn good business opportunities. Hire a top SEO Company India to implement all these methods to your website and enhance its traffic.