6 Steps of Implementing Iterative Prototyping in Mobile App Development

For building a unique and attractive mobile app, the developers need to put-in a lot of time and effort. They need to invest their wide knowledge, innovative technologies and great experience to develop an extraordinary mobile app. Therefore, it is necessary that they take care of each and every stage of development process seriously and work on them appropriately.

While building an app, the developers should focus on various important details like operating systems, type of devices, screen sizes, etc., both at the stage of designing and testing. Also, they need to decide the type of mobile app they want i.e., a native or cross-platform. After considering all the factors they should make a decision. Repetitions of these important steps have created the Iterative development process.

A major role is played by the Prototype in the development process as it enables the high-quality testing and allows the developers to build an error-free ultimate website. Therefore, creating a prototype is the most advantageous step in the mobile app design process. Here are 6 steps of Iterative Prototyping that you should follow while mobile app development:

1. Decide Your App Motive & Uniqueness: For moving further with your mobile app development plan, there are few things that you decide, what is the main function of your app? Who will be your target audience, how it will be useful for the customers, etc. These questions will help you to develop a unique and a successful mobile app for your business.

2. Create Design Blueprint: Once the concept of your app is final, the next step that you need to work is designing part. Instead of creating a regular design, you should spend your time for the paper wireframing. This will help you to make changes effortlessly in your app design. For this, draw a prototype with mentioning all the key functionalities in it. This will help you in a proper mapping of UIs, deciding device journey and navigation of your app.

3. Consider The Competitors Files: As a wide number of apps are available in the app store, it is obvious that someone else is also has worked on the similar type of application. So, go through your competitor’s case study and find out what type of issues and challenges they fought with their app. This research will help you get better in the competition with similar type apps, support in deep analyzing of technical requirements, functionality, and features, enhance marketability, etc.

4. Prepare The List of Requirements: Prepare a list of requirements with all basic elements like a screen size, navigation flow, categories to add, etc. This will help you to add all the require features and functionality to your app. So, customize your app requirements with the prototyping tool and add all the required fields in your app.

5. Start Development Process: Once you are done with the app designing work, it is a time to develop an app. Comprises various servers & storages, APIs, prototypes and requirements for developing a powerful app.

6. User Testing: Once the app is ready with unique content and UI element, it is time to go for the user testing on multiple devices. Either you organize a testing stage for your app testing or practice a “user marketplace: user groups” that help you in your app user testing.

Nowadays, Iterative Prototyping has become quite common in the mobile app development industry. From the target users to the development tools to the user testing, it will help at each level of the development process, and support to launch a unique app. The above points will help you to arrangement efficiently all your tasks and come with a finest mobile development project. If you want to use the iterative prototyping for your mobile app project then connect with a good company that offers excellent services in Mobile App Development India.

Why Is A Web Development Company Important For Your Business?

For a successful business, the company requires a powerful, strong and attractive online identity which is possible only with an attractive website along with effective strategies. In the recent business market, the website is considered as one of the most efficient eMarketing methods. Through a website, the company can easily portray themselves as a brand, as well as showcase their products and services directly for their target audiences. Moreover, it helps to create a reliable and trustworthy image among the potential customers. Considering the website’s importance in the growth of a business, it is necessary that your website is developed properly with all the latest features and functionalities, and provides a better user experience.

When it comes to the website development, it is a complete process that includes various activities like designing, development, technology implementation, features, etc. Before developing a website, it is necessary that you understand your business basic requirements like why you need a website, what are your target audiences, what are the features you want to add to your website, etc. Once you are sure about your business requirements, you need to search for the best developers for your project. Either you should hire your own website development team or a top web development company for your website development.

For building an engaging & interactive website, it is important that the developers have good knowledge about various web development frameworks, along with deep experience in implementing the latest technologies. Additionally, for building a good website, you need various professionals like a designer, developer, tester, etc. Hiring your own team of professionals may cost you a huge amount and time. Additionally, if you hiring a team, you have to pay salary and other allowances, which in turn increases your budget. Instead of taking so much stress, it is better you go for a Web Development Company from India. By taking the outsourcing web development services, you not only get the best services from talented professional website developers but also assured of getting your project completed within the time frame. To make you understand, here are some benefits of connecting with an outsourcing web development company:

1. A good web development company help you to get a customize business website according to your requirements.
2. As they have a team of professionals who can work on multiple development frameworks, they can easily create your website on any framework of your choice.
3. They will add all the relevant features and functionality to your website, which are important for it.
4. Multiple experts like a designer, developer, tester, etc., will work on your project and create a powerful website for you.
5. It will cost appropriate charges. It means you have to pay only the amount for the services you will take from them.
6. They can create a unique content and implement specific keywords that result in a better ranking in the search results.
7. As customer satisfaction is always on the priority of the development company, they always try to deliver the quality results that surely help you to sustain in this highly competitive market.

For a good, attractive and effective website, it is necessary that it is developed properly with appropriate technology and right strategy. For this, you need the help of web development company. Being professionals, the web development company has a complete knowledge of the latest market trends and newest technology, and the capability to implement the right solutions according to the projects.

How Can You Enhance The User-Experience of Your Website?

As the website has become the basic necessity of a business, it is essential that it creates an adequate impact, can provide a smooth user experience, and can fulfill client needs. Whether it is an eCommerce business or informative website or any other kind of website, visitors come to it with an aim of finding the results according to their searches. So, if you want to get a good website traffic, it is necessary that your website contains all the information that your visitors are looking for, as well as it can provide an excellent user-experience.

As a web design creates a great impact on your website user experience, you need to focus more on it. Add numerous powerful features and functionalities to your web design, which not only enhances the quality of user experience but also helps in gaining a desirable digital rating. Here are some web designing principles that will surely help you to achieve your targets:

1. Matchless Value Proposition

In the industry market, maintaining a unique identity among the deluge of websites is quite difficult.  Through value proposition, you can explain to your visitors that how can your products and services meet their needs. For this, you can implement the visual illustrations that simplify the user access and increases their engagement with the website. Also, you can add a unique content to your website, which helps in creating a unique identity among the websites that are offering the similar products and services.

2. Add Right Call-To-Action:

To convince the visitors for making their action, the Call-to-Action button is really important. So, it is necessary that it is designed attractively and aligned properly with the website design. Try to add your call-to-action button in the middle or bottom of your web design, which provides a better look to your visitors. Also, include the words such as Best, Try, etc., which attract your visitors and enrich their user experience.

3. Avoid Broken Links

When it comes to the website links, it should work properly and quickly. A broken link not only spoils your visitor’s user experience, but also make them leave your website page, and make them never visit it again. To avoid such situation, it is essential that you work on the broken links. You should create a 404 error page. It will keep your visitors on the website and refer them some valuable links related to their search. You can also use the 301 redirects which help the users to understand that this web page is not available, as well as redirect them to an appropriate web page. Additionally, avoid using heavy image files with longer codes. As heavy files, make the links bulky, it takes a time to load, which can irritate your visitors.

The above measures will surely improve your website design and provide a better user experience to your visitors. To implement these measures in your web design or developing a perfect web design with them, you should take a help of professional designers. As they are professionals, they can properly implement all these measures to your website. So, connect with a top company of website design India and hire their services.

5 Important Tips For Hiring The Best Android App Developer

With technology innovations and enhancement, the mobile apps industry has grown widely. From gaming app to entertainment apps, to business apps, all are immensely used by people, globally. Considering the mobile app advancements, various companies are using the apps with aim of promoting their products and services, connecting with their potential customers, and obtaining a better ROI.

Among multiple mobile app platforms, Android is the most efficient platform, which is widely used by the companies for building their business apps. It helps the businesses with branding and promotion, and make them connect with more potential buyers. But, when it come to the development of an Android app, it is quite challenging task for the developers to build a customer-centric app. So, it is necessary that you hire Android Developer, who has a great expertise and wide experience in the Android app development. But, a major question that everyone comes across while developing an app is, how to choose an efficient Android app developer for the app development. To help you, here are 5 important tips:

1. Experienced Android App Developer: While hiring an efficient Android app developer, the most important thing that you should consider is an experience. Although, building a customer-centric app is a difficult task for which you need to hire an experienced developer, who can efficiently develop an app.

2. Cost Should Not Matter a lot: Hire a cheap Android app developer with a lack of Android app development knowledge and experience, may result in the poor quality apps. Instead of taking such risk, it is better that you hire an Android app developer who has great capabilities of developing a feature-rich app, at the cost-effective price.

3. Check Developer’s Portfolio: To understand the capabilities of developer and quality of its work, you must check its previous projects. With the previous project portfolios, you can easily check their designing capabilities and development abilities, as well as can know how efficient are the developer in delivering the complete project. Moreover, it also helps you to understand that the Android developer can fulfill your app’s requirements or not.

4. Can Deliver High-Quality App or Not: While selecting an Android app developer, ensure that it can deliver a high-quality final product or not. Although, a large number of similar apps are available in the market, but what make them different from each other is their quality. So, choose an Android app developer, who has a great experience in delivering the quality products.

5. Understand The Importance of Quality Apps for Business: A good and talented Android developer always puts great inputs and experience to create a unique app. Also, it should understand the importance of an app for your business, as well as know what works better for it. So, hire an Android app developer who can benefit you and your business both.

Top 5 Technological Benefits of Symfony

Symfony is an excellent PHP web application development framework which is widely used by the developers, for building the finest web applications. It comes with various reusable PHP components/libraries that reduce the repetitious coding work and speed up the development and maintenance process of the web applications.

1. Faster Performance: Usually, the business owners are very much concerned about their web application performance. Once the web application designing and development work has completed, they start concentrating on the performance optimization, which is not easy at all. By using the Symfony framework, you can easily enhance the speed of your web application effectively.

2. Great Flexibility: Symfony framework is easily adaptable and scalable for building a powerful web application. With its event dispatcher and dependency injector, you can easily configure all the application bricks independently. Through its fully-fledged features, you can even create a complex application having an extensive range of features and functionalities.

3. Expandable: Through Symfony Bundle (plug-in), you can easily add the core features to your web application. As these bundles are expandable, you can use it for the enhancement of your web application functionality, and can be reused in other projects or shared with the Symfony community.

4. Easy To Develop: Symfony framework not only provides a fully functional environment but also offers a great comfort and ease for the developers. In order to make the developers’ work easier and comfortable, the framework takes care all the minor functionalities and allow developers to more focused on the core concepts of the web application.  Moreover, with its Web Debug Toolbar, the developers can easily get the native support & security for the web application development.

5. Simple to Implement:  Symfony has become a prime choice among the web application developers due to its lucrative features. With its great documentation process and huge community support, the beginners can easily understand it and use in the development of  professional web applications.


Using Symfony framework, the developers can easily create an efficient, scalable and performance-rich web applications, as per their client’s needs. So, if you are looking for feature-rich web application development services, then simply Hire Symfony Developers and get the most advanced services without burn your pocket.

5 Tips To Make Your Website Landing Pages More Lucrative

For building an efficient website, the developers need to work really hard. They prepare a design layout, implement proper codes, add a big list of product and services, and develop a professional website. But, most of the time, registering a website on the Internet doesn’t help to earn a decent ROI. It means you are unable to earn the business profits according to your success parameter. This is just because of the communication gap between the website visitors and the website landing page. When a web visitor clicks on the specific link and redirects on another link page, then visitor instantly leave your website. So, it is quite important to make your landing page user-fascinating and bug-free.

List of  some exceptional tips that surely help you to make your website landing page warm welcoming:

1. Consider User Expectations: When it comes to the web designing and marketing strategies,  user preference should be the top priority. Think and ensure who is your target audience and what is the perfect way to share your message along with them. Also think, your user’s expectations from your website.

2. Use Simple Language: A good content is always a powerful tool to keep the visitors on the website long time. So, it is necessary that your website content should be written in simple language and offer informative message. A simple content is more readable and understandable for the web visitors, as well as it helps to grab the attention of the readers.

3. Excellent Design: Although, a large number of free templates are available on the internet, but unable to drive more organic traffic. Instead of using the generic design for your website, create a custom design for your company’s website. With a custom web design, you can easily attract more visitors on your site and can create a good impression.

4. Highly Secured: Although, a wide number of unreliable offers are present online, it is truly difficult for the web visitors to trust anyone. So, just make sure that your landing page provides only authentic and reliable information to the visitors. You can do it easily by adding your address, email, phone number, etc. Also, you can add some customer’s reviews and feedbacks regarding your product or services that will help you to build the trust among visitors as well as existing customers’.

5. Implement The Right Visuals: As per the recent researches, the visitors respond quickly to the visual content in comparison to the textual content. So, integrate a professional theme to your site and introduce relevant images & business logo that would be able to convey the correct message to your target audience.

Even though a huge number of websites are present in the market, it is really difficult for you to build a strong identity for your business website. If you really want to stand out in this competitive market, then you need to really work hard. Implement the custom design website, add all functionalities & build the most authentic landing pages for your business website. But for all this, you need a great assistance of the best designing and development team. So, connect with a reputed Custom Website Design Services India and prepare yourself to get business reward soon.

Top 5 Features That Would Help WordPress To Rule In 2017

In today’s competitive era, if you want to have a successful online presence for your business, then you should have a user-friendly website. With an effective and dynamic website, you can fulfill your customer’s demand, enhance your business opportunities and build a strong online presence. As a website plays a very critical role for any business, it is essential that you select the best platform for your website development. It means you need WordPress.

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It provides a blogging feature, which companies can use it for fulfilling their marketing goals. Additionally, WordPress provides a valuable platform to its users to add new web pages, blog posts, content, images, and videos. With WordPress, the users do not require HTML or FTP software for building and uploading content on the website. As WordPress website has simple coding, it becomes easy for the search engines to crawl, read and index the website content, and business can get a better website ranking in SERPs. To know more about it, here are some important points.

1. SEO-Friendly: When it comes to the SEO benefits for business, then you should have a WordPress websites. As WordPress comes with numerous built-in SEO attributes, it improves the quality of the website, makes it more SEO-friendly, and helps the search engines to crawl the website more easily. More the search engines can easily crawl your website, more it will get a better ranking in the search results.

2. Provide Complete Control on Website: As WordPress is the best CMS, you can easily update the content of your website, on a regular basis. Even for this, you didn’t require any help of professional developers. Additionally, due to it compatible features, you will have a complete control over your website, as well as can simply customize the design and user interface of your website, if you have technical knowledge.

3. Enhanced User-Experience: When it comes to the user-experience, WordPress website provides an excellent user experience to the visitors, as well as help in increasing the online brand image. Through WordPress, the developers can create a dynamic and interactive website, which provide the better user experience and increase its searchability.

4. Unlimited Extensions: WordPress comes with a large number of extensions and plugins that can easily use on the website. Through these extensions, the developers can easily expand the functionality of the website, improve the design of the website and provide a better user-experience.

5. Scalability: WordPress is a significant platform, which provides various features and functionalities to a website. With WordPress based website, you can set-up multiple users for a website, according to your specific duties and authority. Through admin, the multiple users can easily manage the site as per their duties.

WordPress is a leading CMS platform. With WordPress, you can easily create a content-oriented website. You can easily make the regular content updates on the website, and enhance the user-experience of it. So, if you want to build a good, attractive, and user-friendly website for your business, then WordPress is the best option for you. Simply connect with a top WordPress Website Development Company and get a CMS website for your company.

Why PHP Is The Best Programing Language For Web App Development

In today’s digital era, PHP has become one of the most powerful and the finest scripting languages that is highly used by the developers, globally. Through PHP, the developers can easily create a dynamic, efficient and interactive web application. Considering its popularity and features, some of the major brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc., were created on the PHP framework.

When it comes to the PHP, it is an open source general-purpose programming language, which provide complete freedom to the developers, to design and build innovative web applications. Additionally, in comparison to other scripting languages, it offers a great flexibility and high speed to the web applications. However, a large number of scripting languages are available in the market, it is really difficult to select the best language for the development of web applications. To clear your confusion, here are some of the best features that explain why PHP is the best programming language.

1. Excellent Design Aspect

PHP comes with five major principles of designing i.e., open-closed, interface segregation, single responsibility, Liskov substitution and dependency inversion. It allows the frameworks to redesign the software source code and remove the code smells.

2. Less Coding

Usually, many developers are more likely to show their exceptional coding skills and develop their own codes. But, with PHP they don’t need to do this. As various coding issues and the solutions are already shared by PHP community over the internet, and therefore, the developers need not to write new codes for routing, unit conversion, etc. They can simply download it from the internet. Also, the developers should create a list of required codes for website app development and directly download from the internet.

3. Usage of Latest Version

To use the maximum features of PHP for web application development, it is quite essential for you to use the latest versions of PHP. It does not only introduce the latest features in your website application but also offer amazing security features. Moreover, the latest version also decreases the maintenance of the web application.

4. Unit Testing

Eventually, the unit testing is one of the finest methods of getting the codes feedback. As small tests are written in PHP, they perform fast and ensure that the codes are running properly. Through mail unit testing tools like Snap test, Codeception, and PHPUnit, you can easily obtain the valuable feedback on the design of the application.

PHP is a major platform through which the developers can easily create the finest applications for the businesses. To enjoy the maximum features of PHP in your web applications, it is necessary for you to use the latest version of PHP. For this, you just need to connect with a top PHP application Development Company India. As they are highly professionals, they know very well how to use the latest version of PHP for the effective web application development.

Expected Mobile App Trends For 2017

In the past few years, the mobile apps have completely conquered the global business market and become the basic necessity of every business. Considering the app requirements, the developers are experimenting with the new app idea, latest technology, and designs, and coming up with the different applications. Moreover, in this year, we have witnessed a huge battle between the iOS apps and Android applications, as well as the immense demand for hybrid applications. Seeing the great demand of apps, it is expected that in the coming year, we will get a chance to view various new mobile device technology and powerful applications.

Previously, the apps were created only for the smartphones. But now, they are highly used for the wearables, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices, etc. From 2017, the industry is expected huge opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs with the growing mobile app market. As we are about to enter into the year 2017, its time to look forward and consider some of the major mobile app development trends.

1. Continuous Growth in Location-Based Services (LBS)

Mostly, mobile devices are compatible with GPS, location-based services. Through these GPS features apps, the users can easily get the exact information according to their needs. Considering the benefits of location-based services, it is highly used in some of the key areas like security features, indoor mapping, location-specific payment portals, retail offers, travel & tourism and many others. Moreover, the beacon technology has gained a huge appreciation in this arena.

2. Android Instant Apps For Gaining More Popularity

Recently, Google has announced its Instant Apps feature that focused on providing exactly what it claims and enables Android apps to run immediately. These type of apps are inbuilt and did not require to be installed for using it. The “run-only-as-you-need” concept will create a major change in the app industry.

3. Application Security

In the last few years, mobile devices security has become a major topic due to the security of the important user data. Although, most people do not pay attention to the security of the smartphone, but it is one of the major concerns of the app developers. Apps with inbuilt security are considered on the higher priority at the API level and a simple code for accessing the app itself.

In the year 2017, a great mobile app trends are expected. Above points will surely help you to know the upcoming trends of the industry. If you want to implement these trends to your mobile app, then connect with an App development company and take a best Android App Development Services India.

Tips For Finding The Most Appropriate Software Development Company

For the development of a good website, it is necessary that you connect with a leading & a reliable software development company. But finding a best software development company is really a difficult work, as a wide number of companies already exist in the market. To decrease your confusion for making a selection, below are some points to consider:

What You Want To Create:

Initially, the most important thing is to decide what exactly you want to build. For this, firstly understand what you want to do with your website or an app, what is the aim of your website or app, who are your target audiences and for what type of devices your website or app will be compatible. Once you are ready with all the basic information, its time to select a best Software Development Company in India. Try to select a company who have great expertise and years of experience in the concerned domain, as well as can provide a detailed information about the latest market trends and competitive market. Here are some of the tips that surely help you to make your selection:

1. Discover Your App Platforms: Initially, you need to decide your target audience. Once you are done with a selection of your preferred customers, its time to know what type of devices they are using. Check whether they use iOS, Android, Window Phone, or tablets. Once you know your customer’s preference, ask the app development company that if they can provide development services for a specific platform or not.

2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Basically, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a kind of prototype implement in the mobile app. It is used to get maximum first users and decide which features are needed to be changed or removed. Another reason that you need to build an MVP is that it help you to evaluate whether it is working out or not.

3. Get Engaged: Although, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, then also you are an important part of the development process, as you know very well that how your final app should look like. Explain your concept and need to the team so that you can see create your app according to your requirements.

4. Get Results in Small Size Packages: While developing an app, the process is divided into smaller parts that are known as sprints. This allows you to observe the development process and make all the required changes. So, ask your development company to provide your results in smaller packages. So, whenever you want, you can track the application development process.

5. Choose Between The Material & Time As Well As Fixed Prices: Eventually, the time & material provide a great flexibility to control the development process and help to manage your budget, efficiently. Moreover, it will help you to know the correct specification of the project.

6. Check What You Are Paying For: Before hiring a software development company, make sure that they are ready to provide you the source code. For a majority of the cases, developers can able to use the open source libraries. If the developer has a custom library, you can’t own it. You will get a royalty free license for using it.

7. Select An Appropriate Company For Your Project: While making a selection of an software development company, you should check and confirm that how many developers they have and how many will work on your project. If your project is small, you didn’t need to hire a big development company. You can also hire even an experienced small development company.