5 Tips To Make Your Website Landing Pages More Lucrative

For building an efficient website, the developers need to work really hard. They prepare a design layout, implement proper codes, add a big list of product and services, and develop a professional website. But, most of the time, registering a website on the Internet doesn’t help to earn a decent ROI. It means you are unable to earn the business profits according to your success parameter. This is just because of the communication gap between the website visitors and the website landing page. When a web visitor clicks on the specific link and redirects on another link page, then visitor instantly leave your website. So, it is quite important to make your landing page user-fascinating and bug-free.

List of  some exceptional tips that surely help you to make your website landing page warm welcoming:

1. Consider User Expectations: When it comes to the web designing and marketing strategies,  user preference should be the top priority. Think and ensure who is your target audience and what is the perfect way to share your message along with them. Also think, your user’s expectations from your website.

2. Use Simple Language: A good content is always a powerful tool to keep the visitors on the website long time. So, it is necessary that your website content should be written in simple language and offer informative message. A simple content is more readable and understandable for the web visitors, as well as it helps to grab the attention of the readers.

3. Excellent Design: Although, a large number of free templates are available on the internet, but unable to drive more organic traffic. Instead of using the generic design for your website, create a custom design for your company’s website. With a custom web design, you can easily attract more visitors on your site and can create a good impression.

4. Highly Secured: Although, a wide number of unreliable offers are present online, it is truly difficult for the web visitors to trust anyone. So, just make sure that your landing page provides only authentic and reliable information to the visitors. You can do it easily by adding your address, email, phone number, etc. Also, you can add some customer’s reviews and feedbacks regarding your product or services that will help you to build the trust among visitors as well as existing customers’.

5. Implement The Right Visuals: As per the recent researches, the visitors respond quickly to the visual content in comparison to the textual content. So, integrate a professional theme to your site and introduce relevant images & business logo that would be able to convey the correct message to your target audience.

Even though a huge number of websites are present in the market, it is really difficult for you to build a strong identity for your business website. If you really want to stand out in this competitive market, then you need to really work hard. Implement the custom design website, add all functionalities & build the most authentic landing pages for your business website. But for all this, you need a great assistance of the best designing and development team. So, connect with a reputed Custom Website Design Services India and prepare yourself to get business reward soon.

Top 5 Features That Would Help WordPress To Rule In 2017

In today’s competitive era, if you want to have a successful online presence for your business, then you should have a user-friendly website. With an effective and dynamic website, you can fulfill your customer’s demand, enhance your business opportunities and build a strong online presence. As a website plays a very critical role for any business, it is essential that you select the best platform for your website development. It means you need WordPress.

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It provides a blogging feature, which companies can use it for fulfilling their marketing goals. Additionally, WordPress provides a valuable platform to its users to add new web pages, blog posts, content, images, and videos. With WordPress, the users do not require HTML or FTP software for building and uploading content on the website. As WordPress website has simple coding, it becomes easy for the search engines to crawl, read and index the website content, and business can get a better website ranking in SERPs. To know more about it, here are some important points.

1. SEO-Friendly: When it comes to the SEO benefits for business, then you should have a WordPress websites. As WordPress comes with numerous built-in SEO attributes, it improves the quality of the website, makes it more SEO-friendly, and helps the search engines to crawl the website more easily. More the search engines can easily crawl your website, more it will get a better ranking in the search results.

2. Provide Complete Control on Website: As WordPress is the best CMS, you can easily update the content of your website, on a regular basis. Even for this, you didn’t require any help of professional developers. Additionally, due to it compatible features, you will have a complete control over your website, as well as can simply customize the design and user interface of your website, if you have technical knowledge.

3. Enhanced User-Experience: When it comes to the user-experience, WordPress website provides an excellent user experience to the visitors, as well as help in increasing the online brand image. Through WordPress, the developers can create a dynamic and interactive website, which provide the better user experience and increase its searchability.

4. Unlimited Extensions: WordPress comes with a large number of extensions and plugins that can easily use on the website. Through these extensions, the developers can easily expand the functionality of the website, improve the design of the website and provide a better user-experience.

5. Scalability: WordPress is a significant platform, which provides various features and functionalities to a website. With WordPress based website, you can set-up multiple users for a website, according to your specific duties and authority. Through admin, the multiple users can easily manage the site as per their duties.

WordPress is a leading CMS platform. With WordPress, you can easily create a content-oriented website. You can easily make the regular content updates on the website, and enhance the user-experience of it. So, if you want to build a good, attractive, and user-friendly website for your business, then WordPress is the best option for you. Simply connect with a top WordPress Website Development Company and get a CMS website for your company.

Why PHP Is The Best Programing Language For Web App Development

In today’s digital era, PHP has become one of the most powerful and the finest scripting languages that is highly used by the developers, globally. Through PHP, the developers can easily create a dynamic, efficient and interactive web application. Considering its popularity and features, some of the major brands like Facebook, Wikipedia, etc., were created on the PHP framework.

When it comes to the PHP, it is an open source general-purpose programming language, which provide complete freedom to the developers, to design and build innovative web applications. Additionally, in comparison to other scripting languages, it offers a great flexibility and high speed to the web applications. However, a large number of scripting languages are available in the market, it is really difficult to select the best language for the development of web applications. To clear your confusion, here are some of the best features that explain why PHP is the best programming language.

1. Excellent Design Aspect

PHP comes with five major principles of designing i.e., open-closed, interface segregation, single responsibility, Liskov substitution and dependency inversion. It allows the frameworks to redesign the software source code and remove the code smells.

2. Less Coding

Usually, many developers are more likely to show their exceptional coding skills and develop their own codes. But, with PHP they don’t need to do this. As various coding issues and the solutions are already shared by PHP community over the internet, and therefore, the developers need not to write new codes for routing, unit conversion, etc. They can simply download it from the internet. Also, the developers should create a list of required codes for website app development and directly download from the internet.

3. Usage of Latest Version

To use the maximum features of PHP for web application development, it is quite essential for you to use the latest versions of PHP. It does not only introduce the latest features in your website application but also offer amazing security features. Moreover, the latest version also decreases the maintenance of the web application.

4. Unit Testing

Eventually, the unit testing is one of the finest methods of getting the codes feedback. As small tests are written in PHP, they perform fast and ensure that the codes are running properly. Through mail unit testing tools like Snap test, Codeception, and PHPUnit, you can easily obtain the valuable feedback on the design of the application.

PHP is a major platform through which the developers can easily create the finest applications for the businesses. To enjoy the maximum features of PHP in your web applications, it is necessary for you to use the latest version of PHP. For this, you just need to connect with a top PHP application Development Company India. As they are highly professionals, they know very well how to use the latest version of PHP for the effective web application development.

Expected Mobile App Trends For 2017

In the past few years, the mobile apps have completely conquered the global business market and become the basic necessity of every business. Considering the app requirements, the developers are experimenting with the new app idea, latest technology, and designs, and coming up with the different applications. Moreover, in this year, we have witnessed a huge battle between the iOS apps and Android applications, as well as the immense demand for hybrid applications. Seeing the great demand of apps, it is expected that in the coming year, we will get a chance to view various new mobile device technology and powerful applications.

Previously, the apps were created only for the smartphones. But now, they are highly used for the wearables, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices, etc. From 2017, the industry is expected huge opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs with the growing mobile app market. As we are about to enter into the year 2017, its time to look forward and consider some of the major mobile app development trends.

1. Continuous Growth in Location-Based Services (LBS)

Mostly, mobile devices are compatible with GPS, location-based services. Through these GPS features apps, the users can easily get the exact information according to their needs. Considering the benefits of location-based services, it is highly used in some of the key areas like security features, indoor mapping, location-specific payment portals, retail offers, travel & tourism and many others. Moreover, the beacon technology has gained a huge appreciation in this arena.

2. Android Instant Apps For Gaining More Popularity

Recently, Google has announced its Instant Apps feature that focused on providing exactly what it claims and enables Android apps to run immediately. These type of apps are inbuilt and did not require to be installed for using it. The “run-only-as-you-need” concept will create a major change in the app industry.

3. Application Security

In the last few years, mobile devices security has become a major topic due to the security of the important user data. Although, most people do not pay attention to the security of the smartphone, but it is one of the major concerns of the app developers. Apps with inbuilt security are considered on the higher priority at the API level and a simple code for accessing the app itself.

In the year 2017, a great mobile app trends are expected. Above points will surely help you to know the upcoming trends of the industry. If you want to implement these trends to your mobile app, then connect with an App development company and take a best Android App Development Services India.

Tips For Finding The Most Appropriate Software Development Company

For the development of a good website, it is necessary that you connect with a leading & a reliable software development company. But finding a best software development company is really a difficult work, as a wide number of companies already exist in the market. To decrease your confusion for making a selection, below are some points to consider:

What You Want To Create:

Initially, the most important thing is to decide what exactly you want to build. For this, firstly understand what you want to do with your website or an app, what is the aim of your website or app, who are your target audiences and for what type of devices your website or app will be compatible. Once you are ready with all the basic information, its time to select a best Software Development Company in India. Try to select a company who have great expertise and years of experience in the concerned domain, as well as can provide a detailed information about the latest market trends and competitive market. Here are some of the tips that surely help you to make your selection:

1. Discover Your App Platforms: Initially, you need to decide your target audience. Once you are done with a selection of your preferred customers, its time to know what type of devices they are using. Check whether they use iOS, Android, Window Phone, or tablets. Once you know your customer’s preference, ask the app development company that if they can provide development services for a specific platform or not.

2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Basically, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a kind of prototype implement in the mobile app. It is used to get maximum first users and decide which features are needed to be changed or removed. Another reason that you need to build an MVP is that it help you to evaluate whether it is working out or not.

3. Get Engaged: Although, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, then also you are an important part of the development process, as you know very well that how your final app should look like. Explain your concept and need to the team so that you can see create your app according to your requirements.

4. Get Results in Small Size Packages: While developing an app, the process is divided into smaller parts that are known as sprints. This allows you to observe the development process and make all the required changes. So, ask your development company to provide your results in smaller packages. So, whenever you want, you can track the application development process.

5. Choose Between The Material & Time As Well As Fixed Prices: Eventually, the time & material provide a great flexibility to control the development process and help to manage your budget, efficiently. Moreover, it will help you to know the correct specification of the project.

6. Check What You Are Paying For: Before hiring a software development company, make sure that they are ready to provide you the source code. For a majority of the cases, developers can able to use the open source libraries. If the developer has a custom library, you can’t own it. You will get a royalty free license for using it.

7. Select An Appropriate Company For Your Project: While making a selection of an software development company, you should check and confirm that how many developers they have and how many will work on your project. If your project is small, you didn’t need to hire a big development company. You can also hire even an experienced small development company.

5 Important Tips For Smooth eCommerce Website Migration

For enhancing the functionality, performance, and compatibility of an eCommerce website, the website owners migrate their site from one platform to another. But migration of an eCommerce website from one platform to another is not easy. You have to face various challenges and issues during the whole process. Here are 5 important tips that you must consider while planning your website migration:

One of the major problems for migration is to decide whether you should choose a commercial tool or an open source tool. Consider various important features such as payment solution, order management, ERP, target market etc., and decide which is the best tool for your eCommerce website. Select a tool that can provide a multi-channel experience for various currencies and different locations. To become a major market player, it is essential that your eCommerce website offers an advanced analytical, price optimization, data mining facilities and much more.

1. Create a Deployment Calendar: While migrating your eCommerce portal, you need to involve all its functions like IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Services. It is a team work. The people from different business departments should aware about the migration process and make sure that there are no delays.

2. Change in Business Processes: While migrating to a new platform, your manual processes will reduce and automated processes increase. So, by making small changes to the business processes is just not enough. You need to test the processes. For your eCommerce website, you need to set up the framework and functionality of it, along with the desired plugins. Moreover, you need to validate and test the processes to know how much custom coding is required.

3. Perform SEO: Usually, the migrated websites have to experience a huge drop in their search ranking. So, it is essential that you plan your migration with an SEO expert. It will create the least impact on your eCommerce website rankings.

4. Setting Up Metrics: To check the success of the conversion, it is necessary that you fix certain parameters for an eCommerce website. If a platform migration is successful, then stakeholders can easily decide what will be the important factors to concentrate.

5. Guide The Users: Migration is easy, but making users accept that change is really difficult. To make the employees accept the change, the organization should arrange a training program for them. Through frequent training, you can create an excitement among your employees.

For a successful migration of an eCommerce website, it is really important that you connect with a top eCommerce development services provider. As they are professionals, they know very well how to migrate a website, as well as how to secure its market value among its users.

Enhance Your Website Functionalities With Zend Framework 3

Zend Frame is one of the most efficient frameworks that is highly used by the developers for the web application development. It is an open source, object-oriented PHP 5 framework, which comes with a wide number of PHP-based templates & extensible MVC implementation supporting layouts. As the technology demand increases in the market, the software companies come up with   innovative ideas, robust technologies and latest features to fulfill this demand.

Time-to-time, Zend technologies has come up with its various upgraded versions, to fulfill the demand of latest technologies implementation and newest features. From Zend Framework 0.1 version to ZF 2.4.9 version, the developers have come a long way. Taking the Zend framework to the next level, the developers has come up with  Zend framework 3.

What is Zend Framework 3?

Zend Framework 3 has come by subtle difference for the ZF 2 MVC users. To know more about it, here are some of its main features:

a) Compatibility: It is completely compatible and supportive for PHP 7.

b) Improved Performance: It increases the application speed up to 4x faster with PHP 5  but performs even better with PHP 7.

c) De-coupling Packages: The latest version allows the reuse of de-coupling packages extensively. Also, it allows development of new packages with integration between multiple components.

d) Documentation: In this version, the documentation is possible with each component repository. Also, if there is a lack of documentation, it allows the developers to block contributions, as well as automate deployment of documentation.

e) Easy Migration: As ZF 3 has great compatibility, the users can easily migrate their website from version 2 to version 3. This version has come up with compatibility features and written migration guides that provide a complete navigation information for the migration.

Zend-Crypt 3.1.0

Zend technologies have released zend-crypt 3.1.0 version. Its last version includes a hybrid cryptosystem, which is used to implement the end-to-end encryption schema in PHP. It provides 2 benefits i.e., it increases the speed of a symmetric algorithm and security of public-key cryptography. This end-to-end encryption (E2EE) will protect all information exchanged between two users. Due to this, only the users can access the exchanged information. Even the administrator won’t be able to access the exchanged data.

Why should you use  Zend Framework 3?

Zend Framework 3 is the upgraded version of the Zend framework. Those who are already using the Zend framework website can easily add all the advanced features through migration and enhance their website performance. Additionally, the developers who want to create powerful web applications can use Zend Framework 3.


Zend Framework is one of the most powerful PHP based frameworks that is used by the global developers for developing simple and engaging web applications. If you also want a nice web solution for your business, then connect with the top Zend development company in India and take their services.

Mobile App Development Checkpoints

Over the year, the mobile apps have become an important part of the businesses. The increased demand for the mobile apps in the global market has generated a huge demand for the best mobile application development companies that can create a large number of mobile apps according to the business needs. Although the mobile apps designing and development is not an easy task, it becomes difficult for the mobile app development companies to come up with newest designs and features to build unique mobile apps. This is happening because of the extensive demand for the unique apps, by the business.

Few things to know before indulging –

1) Technology is Everything: Just having a technical information is not enough for building a successful app. Although, it requires transforming your idea into a reality. But, for its coding and programming, expertise is required. For this, you can hire an efficient app development team, who have great knowledge and years of experience in the required technology.

2) With App Creation, Your Job Is Completed: Your job is not finished with the creation of an application and its launch. The actual work starts with its launch only. To increase the user engagement with the app, it is essential that the customers know about it. For this, you need to invest your time & money in building marketing strategies, planning and implementing them.

3) Your App is Unique: For an app to be successful, unique idea is vital but not enough. It should have a great utility, complete security, and usage reliability. So, before you transform your app idea into reality, make sure it is useful for the users and fulfill their needs.

4) Fund Raising on the App Prototype: For a new start-up business, it is really difficult to arrange funds for them. It is difficult to convince the venture funders to invest in your app.The ventures always demand a strong app prototype that can define its usability and can influence the users to download it.

5) Invest More On Marketing: It is really important to plan a relevant and detailed marketing strategy for the app. Although paid marketing is essential, but having a high-quality app and customer satisfaction is also critical. If you have a quality app, then only you can make your target audience aware of its usage, and benefits.

To have a successful app, it is essential to develop a high quality & interactive app. For getting a high-quality app, it is recommended to connect with a top mobile application development company.

5 Effective Google Featured WordPress Plugins For Business Website

Google is a major search engine which is highly used by the internet users for searching a particular information. It is not only known for its search results, but it also has a wide range of skillful apps that ensures the enhanced ROI and proper work management. Google apps are focused on managing operational activities, streamline business processes and support WordPress websites and blogs to a great extent. This is because Google provides an ample range of easy apps that can smoothly integrate with the WordPress website with their APIs and plugins. Moreover, with its Gmap, calendar, advertising, etc. features, Google apps adds great flexibility and adaptability to the website. To make the best use of the Google Apps, the WordPress plugins is the best option. Here are the top 5 Google featured WordPress Plugins that surely enhanced the website efficiency:

1. Google SEO Plugins

Through Google, the website can obtain the maximum traffic. With its extensive array of tools, the websites can easily increase their SEO. But for this, they need to install best performing and productive SEO based plugins that increase the digital marketing efforts. Here are some of the WordPress plugins that surely help you to increase the website’s SEO.

a)XML Sitemaps through which you can catalog your web pages, and can inform Google and other search engines about your website’s structure. Whenever you added a new page or delete the old page, it creates a new sitemap and submits it to all the search engines.

b)Google Analytics Dashboard usage various understandable reports which actually makes the Google Analytics data simple. It analyzes custom reports and a widget together and provides key insights of the administration dashboard.

c)Google Analytics help it users to retrieve their data from the Google Analytics account and access all the important features directly from the dashboard.

2. Social Media Plugins

Over the years, the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have made the online promotion and social media sharing simple and easier for the users. You can obtain all the benefits of social media platform by using a wide range of social media plugins that are:

a)Google+ Plugin: Through this, the users can add a +1 button to their portal and display their rating to people. With this, you easily display your Google+ updates in widgets, posts, and pages.

b)Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events: Through this plugin, you can easily integrate your Google Calendar and Google+ Hangout with the WordPress website, which enables you to display your upcoming schedule in the pages, widgets, and posts.

3. Google AdSense Based Plugins

The aim behind the Google AdSense is to help the website owners to earn maximum money with their websites. For this, Google AdSense program endow the website owners to display their ads on their websites and rewards whenever the ad is clicked by the users. Through plugin, the users can easily put their ads anywhere on the portal like posts, pages, etc.

4. Google Fonts Plugins

For those who want to use various fonts on their websites, Google fonts’ plugins are the best option for them. Through this plugin, the users can easily insert the high-quality fonts on their WordPress site. For using the plugins, you need to add the required Google code in it and have to assign the Google fonts to particular CSS elements of the portal from admin panel of the WordPress website. As this plugin has more than 600 fonts, you can select the best fonts and add it to your theme without any coding.

5. Google Utility Plugins

By using the Google Utility plugin, you can make your WordPress website more useful, flexible and usable. Through Google Apps Login, you can safely access your WordPress portal (Dashboard). It means, if a user logged into an email, they can simply log into the WordPress login screen without mentioning any username or password. Another Google Utility plugin is Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA). This plugin saves and secures the website from all type of frauds and abuse. For this, it uses a high-quality risk analysis processes to differentiate between humans and bots.

By adding these Google featured WordPress plugins, you can make your website more powerful and user-friendly. Moreover, they provide a better exposure to a website in various search engines. But for all these you need professionals help. So hire the best WordPress Development Company India, and make the experts handle your WordPress website with appropriate plugins.

7 Best Advantages of Outsourcing IT Projects

According to the IT Outsourcing Statistics report, around 50% of the IT companies and Application Development Firms globally, have outsourced their projects. It is also noticed that the frequency of outsourcing is much higher in big IT companies, in comparison to mid-sized and new startups. Here are some of the reasons why the outsourcing of IT projects is popular in the market.

1. Secure From Distractions: Eventually, the IT companies have a core business, which they need to take care on a priority basis. Moreover, all the companies have limited technical resources and manpower. They need to concentrate on their core objective. With outsourcing, they don’t need to engage their resources on different projects. Through outsourcing, the companies can make proper utilization of the resources, prioritizing their core activities, and doing business optimally.

2. Highly-Skilled Professionals: As the different project have diverse requirements, they need different types of skill for the completion of the project. It is really difficult for a company to train their team every time according to the project requirements. It will be totally wastage of time and money for them. Instead of this, it is better that company hire a skilled personnel for efficiently working on the project. This is possible with outsourcing. In outsourcing, your projects can be handled by skilled professionals, without any in-house training sessions.

3. Better Management: Every company wants to grow and expand their business activities. But while expanding the business, the team starts concentrating only on few important operating areas. This way, many of the areas remain unattended, resulting in mismanagement and lack of productivity. To secure your business such situation, it is better that you hire the best IT project management personnel for it. These people ensure that your day-to-day official operations will remain working, in the best possible manner.

4. Decreases Operational Expenses & Labor Costs: If you hire dedicated experts for your project, it may complete your work, but it’s cost you a lot, as you can’t utilize the resources for other projects. Instead of this, if you hire a third-party app developer, you need to pay a certain amount  till the completion of the project, which is compatible low. Moreover, as they are service providers, they will complete your project more efficiently and productive.

 5. Better Quality Standards: Basically, the outsourcing companies works on the latest technologies, implement innovative ideas, and designate the right resource on the project. This results in the use of the latest technology and new elements in the projects that enhances the quality of the projects. So, while selecting the outsourcing partner, make sure that you select the best partner which can deliver the quality projects to you.

6. Advantages Without Commitments: By connecting with an outsourcing partner, you can get all the expertise benefits and resource for your project. Just by simple contract, you can connect with an outsourcing company. For this, sign an agreement, make the payments, and work will be done.

7. Less Risk: Basically, IT projects have to face various risks such as technology issues, latest market trends, legal regulations, competitor analysis, security issues and much more. An outsourcing company will take care of all the aspects. Moreover, they will use the tools and resources that perfectly fits your project requirements. This result in lesser project risks, as the outsourcing company, remove the improper outdated information and make sub-optimal utilization of resources.


If outsourcing is done properly, it provides the companies with a chance to handle projects efficiently, as well as help in securing the business from unexpected or increased operational, IT, and training costs. Whether you are an existing company or new startup venture, and really want to manage your IT project development work properly, you should go for the outsourcing services. You can connect with the top web development company India and avail their IT outsourcing services for your projects. As they are experts in Outsourcing, they know very well, what fits best for your projects.