5 Important Tips For Smooth eCommerce Website Migration

For enhancing the functionality, performance, and compatibility of an eCommerce website, the website owners migrate their site from one platform to another. But migration of an eCommerce website from one platform to another is not easy. You have to face various challenges and issues during the whole process. Here are 5 important tips that you must consider while planning your website migration:

One of the major problems for migration is to decide whether you should choose a commercial tool or an open source tool. Consider various important features such as payment solution, order management, ERP, target market etc., and decide which is the best tool for your eCommerce website. Select a tool that can provide a multi-channel experience for various currencies and different locations. To become a major market player, it is essential that your eCommerce website offers an advanced analytical, price optimization, data mining facilities and much more.

1. Create a Deployment Calendar: While migrating your eCommerce portal, you need to involve all its functions like IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Services. It is a team work. The people from different business departments should aware about the migration process and make sure that there are no delays.

2. Change in Business Processes: While migrating to a new platform, your manual processes will reduce and automated processes increase. So, by making small changes to the business processes is just not enough. You need to test the processes. For your eCommerce website, you need to set up the framework and functionality of it, along with the desired plugins. Moreover, you need to validate and test the processes to know how much custom coding is required.

3. Perform SEO: Usually, the migrated websites have to experience a huge drop in their search ranking. So, it is essential that you plan your migration with an SEO expert. It will create the least impact on your eCommerce website rankings.

4. Setting Up Metrics: To check the success of the conversion, it is necessary that you fix certain parameters for an eCommerce website. If a platform migration is successful, then stakeholders can easily decide what will be the important factors to concentrate.

5. Guide The Users: Migration is easy, but making users accept that change is really difficult. To make the employees accept the change, the organization should arrange a training program for them. Through frequent training, you can create an excitement among your employees.

For a successful migration of an eCommerce website, it is really important that you connect with a top eCommerce development services provider. As they are professionals, they know very well how to migrate a website, as well as how to secure its market value among its users.

Enhance Your Website Functionalities With Zend Framework 3

Zend Frame is one of the most efficient frameworks that is highly used by the developers for the web application development. It is an open source, object-oriented PHP 5 framework, which comes with a wide number of PHP-based templates & extensible MVC implementation supporting layouts. As the technology demand increases in the market, the software companies come up with   innovative ideas, robust technologies and latest features to fulfill this demand.

Time-to-time, Zend technologies has come up with its various upgraded versions, to fulfill the demand of latest technologies implementation and newest features. From Zend Framework 0.1 version to ZF 2.4.9 version, the developers have come a long way. Taking the Zend framework to the next level, the developers has come up with  Zend framework 3.

What is Zend Framework 3?

Zend Framework 3 has come by subtle difference for the ZF 2 MVC users. To know more about it, here are some of its main features:

a) Compatibility: It is completely compatible and supportive for PHP 7.

b) Improved Performance: It increases the application speed up to 4x faster with PHP 5  but performs even better with PHP 7.

c) De-coupling Packages: The latest version allows the reuse of de-coupling packages extensively. Also, it allows development of new packages with integration between multiple components.

d) Documentation: In this version, the documentation is possible with each component repository. Also, if there is a lack of documentation, it allows the developers to block contributions, as well as automate deployment of documentation.

e) Easy Migration: As ZF 3 has great compatibility, the users can easily migrate their website from version 2 to version 3. This version has come up with compatibility features and written migration guides that provide a complete navigation information for the migration.

Zend-Crypt 3.1.0

Zend technologies have released zend-crypt 3.1.0 version. Its last version includes a hybrid cryptosystem, which is used to implement the end-to-end encryption schema in PHP. It provides 2 benefits i.e., it increases the speed of a symmetric algorithm and security of public-key cryptography. This end-to-end encryption (E2EE) will protect all information exchanged between two users. Due to this, only the users can access the exchanged information. Even the administrator won’t be able to access the exchanged data.

Why should you use  Zend Framework 3?

Zend Framework 3 is the upgraded version of the Zend framework. Those who are already using the Zend framework website can easily add all the advanced features through migration and enhance their website performance. Additionally, the developers who want to create powerful web applications can use Zend Framework 3.


Zend Framework is one of the most powerful PHP based frameworks that is used by the global developers for developing simple and engaging web applications. If you also want a nice web solution for your business, then connect with the top Zend development company in India and take their services.

Mobile App Development Checkpoints

Over the year, the mobile apps have become an important part of the businesses. The increased demand for the mobile apps in the global market has generated a huge demand for the best mobile application development companies that can create a large number of mobile apps according to the business needs. Although the mobile apps designing and development is not an easy task, it becomes difficult for the mobile app development companies to come up with newest designs and features to build unique mobile apps. This is happening because of the extensive demand for the unique apps, by the business.

Few things to know before indulging –

1) Technology is Everything: Just having a technical information is not enough for building a successful app. Although, it requires transforming your idea into a reality. But, for its coding and programming, expertise is required. For this, you can hire an efficient app development team, who have great knowledge and years of experience in the required technology.

2) With App Creation, Your Job Is Completed: Your job is not finished with the creation of an application and its launch. The actual work starts with its launch only. To increase the user engagement with the app, it is essential that the customers know about it. For this, you need to invest your time & money in building marketing strategies, planning and implementing them.

3) Your App is Unique: For an app to be successful, unique idea is vital but not enough. It should have a great utility, complete security, and usage reliability. So, before you transform your app idea into reality, make sure it is useful for the users and fulfill their needs.

4) Fund Raising on the App Prototype: For a new start-up business, it is really difficult to arrange funds for them. It is difficult to convince the venture funders to invest in your app.The ventures always demand a strong app prototype that can define its usability and can influence the users to download it.

5) Invest More On Marketing: It is really important to plan a relevant and detailed marketing strategy for the app. Although paid marketing is essential, but having a high-quality app and customer satisfaction is also critical. If you have a quality app, then only you can make your target audience aware of its usage, and benefits.

To have a successful app, it is essential to develop a high quality & interactive app. For getting a high-quality app, it is recommended to connect with a top mobile application development company.

5 Effective Google Featured WordPress Plugins For Business Website

Google is a major search engine which is highly used by the internet users for searching a particular information. It is not only known for its search results, but it also has a wide range of skillful apps that ensures the enhanced ROI and proper work management. Google apps are focused on managing operational activities, streamline business processes and support WordPress websites and blogs to a great extent. This is because Google provides an ample range of easy apps that can smoothly integrate with the WordPress website with their APIs and plugins. Moreover, with its Gmap, calendar, advertising, etc. features, Google apps adds great flexibility and adaptability to the website. To make the best use of the Google Apps, the WordPress plugins is the best option. Here are the top 5 Google featured WordPress Plugins that surely enhanced the website efficiency:

1. Google SEO Plugins

Through Google, the website can obtain the maximum traffic. With its extensive array of tools, the websites can easily increase their SEO. But for this, they need to install best performing and productive SEO based plugins that increase the digital marketing efforts. Here are some of the WordPress plugins that surely help you to increase the website’s SEO.

a)XML Sitemaps through which you can catalog your web pages, and can inform Google and other search engines about your website’s structure. Whenever you added a new page or delete the old page, it creates a new sitemap and submits it to all the search engines.

b)Google Analytics Dashboard usage various understandable reports which actually makes the Google Analytics data simple. It analyzes custom reports and a widget together and provides key insights of the administration dashboard.

c)Google Analytics help it users to retrieve their data from the Google Analytics account and access all the important features directly from the dashboard.

2. Social Media Plugins

Over the years, the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have made the online promotion and social media sharing simple and easier for the users. You can obtain all the benefits of social media platform by using a wide range of social media plugins that are:

a)Google+ Plugin: Through this, the users can add a +1 button to their portal and display their rating to people. With this, you easily display your Google+ updates in widgets, posts, and pages.

b)Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events: Through this plugin, you can easily integrate your Google Calendar and Google+ Hangout with the WordPress website, which enables you to display your upcoming schedule in the pages, widgets, and posts.

3. Google AdSense Based Plugins

The aim behind the Google AdSense is to help the website owners to earn maximum money with their websites. For this, Google AdSense program endow the website owners to display their ads on their websites and rewards whenever the ad is clicked by the users. Through plugin, the users can easily put their ads anywhere on the portal like posts, pages, etc.

4. Google Fonts Plugins

For those who want to use various fonts on their websites, Google fonts’ plugins are the best option for them. Through this plugin, the users can easily insert the high-quality fonts on their WordPress site. For using the plugins, you need to add the required Google code in it and have to assign the Google fonts to particular CSS elements of the portal from admin panel of the WordPress website. As this plugin has more than 600 fonts, you can select the best fonts and add it to your theme without any coding.

5. Google Utility Plugins

By using the Google Utility plugin, you can make your WordPress website more useful, flexible and usable. Through Google Apps Login, you can safely access your WordPress portal (Dashboard). It means, if a user logged into an email, they can simply log into the WordPress login screen without mentioning any username or password. Another Google Utility plugin is Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA). This plugin saves and secures the website from all type of frauds and abuse. For this, it uses a high-quality risk analysis processes to differentiate between humans and bots.

By adding these Google featured WordPress plugins, you can make your website more powerful and user-friendly. Moreover, they provide a better exposure to a website in various search engines. But for all these you need professionals help. So hire the best WordPress Development Company India, and make the experts handle your WordPress website with appropriate plugins.

7 Best Advantages of Outsourcing IT Projects

According to the IT Outsourcing Statistics report, around 50% of the IT companies and Application Development Firms globally, have outsourced their projects. It is also noticed that the frequency of outsourcing is much higher in big IT companies, in comparison to mid-sized and new startups. Here are some of the reasons why the outsourcing of IT projects is popular in the market.

1. Secure From Distractions: Eventually, the IT companies have a core business, which they need to take care on a priority basis. Moreover, all the companies have limited technical resources and manpower. They need to concentrate on their core objective. With outsourcing, they don’t need to engage their resources on different projects. Through outsourcing, the companies can make proper utilization of the resources, prioritizing their core activities, and doing business optimally.

2. Highly-Skilled Professionals: As the different project have diverse requirements, they need different types of skill for the completion of the project. It is really difficult for a company to train their team every time according to the project requirements. It will be totally wastage of time and money for them. Instead of this, it is better that company hire a skilled personnel for efficiently working on the project. This is possible with outsourcing. In outsourcing, your projects can be handled by skilled professionals, without any in-house training sessions.

3. Better Management: Every company wants to grow and expand their business activities. But while expanding the business, the team starts concentrating only on few important operating areas. This way, many of the areas remain unattended, resulting in mismanagement and lack of productivity. To secure your business such situation, it is better that you hire the best IT project management personnel for it. These people ensure that your day-to-day official operations will remain working, in the best possible manner.

4. Decreases Operational Expenses & Labor Costs: If you hire dedicated experts for your project, it may complete your work, but it’s cost you a lot, as you can’t utilize the resources for other projects. Instead of this, if you hire a third-party app developer, you need to pay a certain amount  till the completion of the project, which is compatible low. Moreover, as they are service providers, they will complete your project more efficiently and productive.

 5. Better Quality Standards: Basically, the outsourcing companies works on the latest technologies, implement innovative ideas, and designate the right resource on the project. This results in the use of the latest technology and new elements in the projects that enhances the quality of the projects. So, while selecting the outsourcing partner, make sure that you select the best partner which can deliver the quality projects to you.

6. Advantages Without Commitments: By connecting with an outsourcing partner, you can get all the expertise benefits and resource for your project. Just by simple contract, you can connect with an outsourcing company. For this, sign an agreement, make the payments, and work will be done.

7. Less Risk: Basically, IT projects have to face various risks such as technology issues, latest market trends, legal regulations, competitor analysis, security issues and much more. An outsourcing company will take care of all the aspects. Moreover, they will use the tools and resources that perfectly fits your project requirements. This result in lesser project risks, as the outsourcing company, remove the improper outdated information and make sub-optimal utilization of resources.


If outsourcing is done properly, it provides the companies with a chance to handle projects efficiently, as well as help in securing the business from unexpected or increased operational, IT, and training costs. Whether you are an existing company or new startup venture, and really want to manage your IT project development work properly, you should go for the outsourcing services. You can connect with the top web development company India and avail their IT outsourcing services for your projects. As they are experts in Outsourcing, they know very well, what fits best for your projects.

Why SharePoint is A Perfect Platform For Business Portal Development

When it comes to a website development, various features are considered on a priority list. Whether it is smooth functioning or easy access to the information, people expect for all important features from a portal. To meet the user’s expectation, it is necessary that you understand your users’ expectations and prepare a blueprint according to it. Once you are done with a blueprint, try to develop a customized website that can provide an excellent user experience and complete data security to your visitors.

For business portal development, one of the most promising technologies is SharePoint. Basically, SharePoint is a web based platform that is highly used for the development of both websites & softwares. To know more about it, here are some of its excellent features that define the SharePoint benefits:

1. Collaboration: It is a vital element that required for a business development. SharePoint empower various collaborative platforms that can easily customized for the development of project portals, discussion portals, team sites, community sites, and knowledge pages. Through this framework, the company can get a high power portal, where various teams can easily share and access the task, documents, calendars, blogs, etc. Moreover, the user can perform efficient project management, email integration, outlook integration, etc.

2. Information Management: For the proper information management, the company needs various efficient tools for it. For this purpose, SharePoint is the best platform for them. The team members can seamlessly publish their content and efficient document management through with it. It is the most efficient platform for document lifecycle management and  hassle-free content publishing.

3. Digital Asset Management: Consider the importance of digital asset management, SharePoint has come up with its updated version SharePoint Server 2013. It offers an excellent library template named Asset Library that is used for creating a new image, audio, and video content with an intension of labelling the media assets. With this you can display a digital assets to users that allow them  to browse the asset library, inserting a web page on a team site, and much more.

4. Cloud Based Model: SharePoint has a cloud based app model which helps developers to work on different web languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc., and create new apps. Moreover, it provides more portability to the documents, the users can easily insert documents through URL pointers.


As SharePoint has numerous vital features, it is one of the best solutions for creating a business portal. So, if you also want an efficient portal for your business, you just need to connect with a top SharePoint development company India. They will help you to get a customized SharePoint based website for your business.

Top Benefits of Converting HTML Website Into WordPress Website

In the past few years, the online business competition has reached to a new level in respects of marketing strategies, audience expectations, business opportunities etc. The companies are coming up with their business websites with the aim of getting more business opportunities. To stay ahead in the market competition, the site owners are trying their best to come up with various new innovative development on their website.

Many of people think that having an HTML website is enough to ahead the competition, but actually, it is not so. They did not realize that they are not even the part of the competition. This is because of WordPress. Nowadays, the WordPress has become a primary tool for the businesses who wants to survive in the digital world. The WordPress website gets more organic traffic and low bounce rate in comparison of HTML website, which results in better SEO rankings. The businesses can enjoy various benefits by shifting the website platform from Html to WordPress. For getting your website on WordPress platform, you can connect with top WordPress development company India and take their services. Still, you are confused, then here are top benefits of using WordPress in comparison of HTML.

1. Website Maintenance Become Simple

It is always really difficult to maintain a Html based website. According to the requirements, the programmer needs to make changes in the website. But with WordPress, there is no need to take any help or support from the programmer for making changes in the website. One can make itself the required changes. As WordPress comes with admin panel, the users can simply make the desired changes in the website by login to the backend of the site, which is not possible with the Html websites.

2. Compatible To Search Engine Optimization

Eventually, WordPress is featured as an effective tool for blogging. It has various built-in functions that help in the improvement of the website rankings. With WordPress, the businesses need not worry about the website ranking. This is possible because WordPress analyzes the search engines and develop the relevant keywords for titles, meta descriptions, etc., which helps the website to get visibility on the web index and improve its rankings.

3. Unlimited Plugins

The WordPress websites come with efficient plugins and valuable extensions. It has thousands of plugins that offer various solutions that save the users from the unwanted coding for new features. The users can select any plugin or extension and add it to the website, as most of them come free of cost.


Basically, A WordPress is an open-source content management system, which efficiently manages the content of the website. It comes with numerous plugins and extensions that make the development process really easy and simple for the developers. Due to its user-friendly features, the visitors can stay on the website.

Is Your Personal Data Secured With Mobile Apps

The data management, and security have always been the major issues with regards to the use of mobile applications for the business purpose. Eventually, the applications are widely used by the consumers for their various purposes. But, for using the application, the users need to install apps on their mobile phones and fill out various personal details like email addresses & passwords. Moreover, for using the native apps, the consumers have to allow access to mobile stored data. All these personal data is collected by the application developers assuring that it will remain confidential, but actually it is not. There is no security of data confidentiality.

For such situation, the consumer data protection has become a major question. Are there any laws and regulations for saving the consumer data from theft or illegal access? Previously, the developers have lack of transparency about the usage of information, as they are collecting various data that was irrelevant to the app features and it usage.

To overcome this problem, the major companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., have come together and supported for providing the better coordination in app installations and proper implementation of the privacy policies. This results in the stricter norms and encryption algorithms that are using by the developers for the safety of user’s data.

For enhancing the mobile app security and data privacy, the White House has released “Declaration of Confidentiality”, a document that determines the best practices for managing comprehensive and relevant data on user’s devices. It is a regulatory effort which is made to maintain the privacy of users in the application.

Type of Measures That Mobile Phone Users Can Take To Protect Access Of Their Personal Data & Mobile Data

Usually, the developers can easily track the consumer’s activities through personal data available in the mobile phones. They can easily track their location, schedule, locations, etc. Moreover, it increases the possibilities of the loss of the personal data that is stored on the cell phones. To secure the data from stolen, the users should take various security measure, such as

1. They should remove the browser history or search history from the phone.
2. They should turn off the location tracking feature as anyone can gain access to the information
3. They should secure their phone from physical stolen and should keep the data back from securing the lost of data.


Nowadays, the users are very much concerned about their mobile phone security and privacy. For this, it is essential that the developers create the applications with a host of security safeguards and protocols to manifest the user’s trust in them. For this, you should hire a company that provides mobile application development in India, follow all the protocols and security standards and build the most secure apps.

Top 6 Advantages Of Using CakePHP For Building a Large Scale Website

PHP platform has multiple frameworks that can be used for developing different professional websites and applications. But, when it comes to the web development, the developers prefer only CakePHP. It is an open source web framework, which is written in PHP language and follows the MVC approach. It is widely used by the developers for creating high-end websites. Although, it is one of the best frameworks for all sort of website development, but it is specially used by the developers for a large scale website development. Here are some solid reasons why it is so:

1. Model View Controller Approach: CakePHP framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, which helps in connecting and saving the queries to the database. If you want to make any type of changes within the database, then you can do it effectively. This model will help you to insert, delete, alter or read the model efficaciously. Moreover, it also supports in offering real-time progress report of the project.

2. No Default Language: Normally, a large number of frameworks runs on a default language (English), which actually a major problem for the developers. Various professionals are unable to understand the exact meaning of the default language and find themselves in a big trouble. But, with CakePHP, there is no such problem, as it has no default language. The developers can select the framework language according to their choice.

3. Configuration Autodetected: CakePHP comes with an auto-detection feature, due to which the developers did not need to configure the framework manually. In CakePHP Framework, the URL you use and the location of each and every library is automatically detected. Except Database connection settings, there is nothing that should be managed manually by the developers.

4. Completely Secure: CakePHP has Licensed under the MIT license, which makes it a registered and authorized tool. Moreover, it also provides complete security to various built-in tools like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, XSS prevention and input validation.

5. Do Not Need Huge Coding: While creating an application, writing each letter of the code becomes really irritating for the developer.  CakePHP has various plug-ins and components that can be used without writing any source code. This is not only helpful to save your precious time but also cost-effective.

6. Object Relational Mapping: In CakePHP, every table is in a form of class, due to which the developers can easily define the relation between different tables. Once the developers properly define the relation, they can use it along with the main record impressively.

Whether it is a big project or a small project, CakePHP fits into each requirement. Considering the exceptional benefits of CakePHP framework, if you want a CakePHP framework website, then connect with the best CakePHP Web Development Company India. They will understand your requirements and create a professional website for your business.

Why Drupal Framework Is The Perfect Choice For Online Business?

Drupal is an open source and free content management framework that is used by over thousands of websites across 229 countries. It is distributed under the General Public License which provide the users a complete freedom to modify their website architecture according to their requirements. Due to its extensive features, it is widely used for business collaborations and knowledge management purpose. These are some of the reasons that make the Drupal, one of the most powerful frameworks.

Drupal Framework comes with an ample range of powerful and efficient features that include menu management, user account registration, media management, layout customization, RSS feeds, taxonomy, themes, caching features, workflow tools, advanced search, release updates, system integration, etc. Moreover, its core installation can perform as a simple website or a multi blog which provide a user-specific content.

Distinctive Features of Drupal

1. Data Abstraction Layer: The Drupal has extended the data abstraction layer due to which the programmer did not need to write SQL queries as a text anymore. Now, Drupal uses the PHP data objects for database abstract. Microsoft has created a database driver for SQL Server and Drupal, which basically support the file SQLite DB Engine.

2. Support Windows Developers: With data abstraction layer and capability to perform on the Windows web server IIS, Drupal has made easy for the Windows developers to become a part of the Drupal community, which works on various issues that are faced by the Windows developer.

3. Extending The Core: This feature allows the third-party modules to extend, contribute, and override Drupal’s default behaviors without making any changes in the Drupal’s core code. Basically, Drupal confine the core files from contributed themes and modules which increase the flexibility as well as allow the administrators to simply upgrade to the latest releases without overwriting the website’s core customizations.

4. Consistent Improvisations: Drupal has various improvements for the administrator and visitors, both. The drag & drop functionality, image galleries, add labels by default, custom content, color contrast & intensity, third-party integration tools, content listings, and private messaging are some of the features that are improved.


Due to its extensive features and extended functionality, the Drupal has become the most preferred framework for developing a content-based website. So, if you want a content based website for your online business, then Drupal framework is the perfect option for you. Hire the best Drupal development Services India and get a powerful website for your online business.