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How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Once a website is live, it has a critical part to play for business. It should be easily accessible to the target audiences on web crawlers. In short, a website should be optimized with SEO point of view so that it turns out to be beneficial for enterprise.

Figuring out how to modify a web page to make it internet friendly is an important guide not only for the developer but the website owner as well. Hence, it is very important to look for the best web development services in India for a website. Let us have a look at the factors involved in making a site easy for search engines to crawl:

web development services in India

1) Content Should Be Indexable
Content must be placed in HTML format for better search engine listing. Incorporating Alt text for images and audio/ video with a small description and content is a must. It is critical to know how the web pages are visible to crawlers.

2) An External CSS Stylesheet and JS Files
This is important to give the site a standardized appearance. There are some web designers who make use of CSS Stylesheet for their convenience. In addition, these creates an opportunity for web pages to look different without a lot of extensive coding.

3) URL Construction
A very well planned URL framework prompts a nice customer experience. These should be constructed keeping in mind the navigation & web pages with no use of special symbols like #, %, $ etc. These must follow the strict guidelines as per the search engine bots.

4) Speed Optimization
Focusing on load time during web design is a critical factor. Search engines look for page speed and that directly affects the ranking. Internal redirects must be kept in mind to improve the user experience. Optimization in this respect is vital for web designers as well.

Website Development Becomes Easy And Convenient With SynapseIndia

Since the advent of this century, there has been a significant increase in the thinking of human beings. Business, which was early related either only to the shops or was confined within factories and manufacturing units is now available on our palms or laps in the form of websites. These online promotional presence is the need of hour and foundation of tomorrow’s business.

Discerning this all, SynapseIndia is engaged in providing the most authentic and reliable web development services in India. A robust web development is required by all the business and other service providers in order to augment the quality of their service in all respects. This organization has a broad range of web development service, that can enable to manage the online venture in a more effective and efficient manner.

Supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, this organization has been able to attain an unparalleled position in this domain. The developers working with this company have a thorough command over PHP, Flash, ASP.Net, VB.Net, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and numerous others. These developers work in close coordination with the requirements stated by the clients so as to deliver them a perfect and uniquely tailored web development solution. Some of the offered services under website development are:

  • Portal design & promotion
  • Web based database programming
  • Website development & maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Legacy solution handling

Understanding the importance of robust information architecture, these professionals employ their knowledge to deliver front end development for clients. With SynapseIndia, you can undoubtedly leverage the technical expertise of the professionals on one hand, and quality on the other.

The Moment of Truth: Determining Success or Failure of Your Website

It’s the time to face of reality. The time you finally know whether your website is a success or a flop. This is the thirty-day mark when you can determine whether your website is a lead machine or a money pit.

Why 30 Days?
After the period of 30 days from a new or redesigned website goes live, you can actually measure the impacts for your SEO, website usability, and other general esthetics. Is your website driving traffic? Are visitors staying on your website, what’s the conversion rate? These are questions that sounds very basic but offer a significant amount of value.
Finding out if you’ve succeeded or failed is indeed easier than one might think. By focusing on some of the core items or matrices you can figure out if your website is a hero or a zero.

Metrics to Help You Decide Success or Failure of Your Website

Web development services in India

1. Organic Search Position – Where does your website rank when it comes to primary keyword and phrases? If you have redesigned your website, your rank for these keywords has improved or gone down? Design does make an impact on SEO. An old & corrupt design architecture can negates your SEO efforts. On the other hand, some designers knows and implement SEO guidelines in website design process that can improve your website ranking.
2. Website Traffic – What changes you see in terms of website traffic in 30 days? Just create an annotation in tracking tool like Google Analytics or Omniture for the date your website went live and monitor the traffic differences before and after. If you’ve done things right, you can notice the indication of success through these metrics..
3. Social Interaction – Designing a website that not only presents great content but also allow users to easily share it will produce great results. Again you can check Analytics tool to find out an impact on social engagement.
4. Conversions – Only having traffic on website is never enough. The traffic is useless until it doesn’t convert into potential leads. You need to make sure that you are getting the right traffic that is converting into sales. Design plays a vital role in conversion, so make your website is visually appealing and presents great content.

What About Intangible Benefits?
Success of your website is often based on many intangible factors such as usability, ease of navigation, and information transfer. A design that focuses more on the happiness factor than the income factor is likely to be more successful. Web development services in India are easily affordable and extremely knowledgeable professionals can turn your web design & development project into huge success.

Top 5 web development trends in 2015

Incorporating some new changes in the development of your website can indeed turn out to be effective for the growth of business. The year 2014 has witnessed many changes that took web development to the next level and it continues considering new web development trends in 2015. These trends are extremely helpful in making your website more user friendly, easily accessible and offering your website visitors with great user experience. Below mentioned are some of these most powerful web development trends as explained by companies offering web development services India that will continue to rock in 2015.

Web Development Company India

1. Single Page Website: When you do not have large amount of contents required on your website, it’s great thought to fit all content in a single page website without putting much efforts into it. The best thing about these websites is that they allow you to update the content yourself in easy way.

2. Scrolling: Large number of people are these days getting the websites developed for mobile devices. In such a case, scrolling of website requires to be extremely quick. Even if a website includes lengthy and creatively designed web content, quick scrolling will improve the website user experience on mobile devices and enable you to engage with your audience through content.

3. Large Type Font: With the extreme growth of screen resolutions, your website need to increase the standard font size of the content in order to make it easily readable by your visitors. Obviously, headings should be bigger than paragraph content in size.

4. Flat UI: These days in year 2015, the flat user-interface is highly in demand for website development. Flat UI offers a vital design with minimal engaging elements. Also a benefit of flat UI is that it approaches with a less image-demanding design.

5. Parallax Scrolling: To add liveliness to your website, turning towards Parallax Scrolling is a smart move been taken by many web developers in 2014 and same trend is going forward this year. At time you scroll a website, the front and background both images and content are nicely animated via parallax technique.

Companies offering web development services India can take your web development to the next level by using these trendy techniques.

Top 5 tips for developing a business website

It has been often discussed and confronted that having an online presence is becoming a necessary step for the business owner. However, what it takes to plan, design and create the business website is always a critical step towards online branding.

Keeping the business goal presentable yet convincing enough to the prospective audience is always a challenge. Recent development in web designing has also added to the worries of the business owners for web designs. CSS3 , HTML5 or being mobile friendly strangles the mind of developers a lot.

It becomes very important to any owner and developer to coherently decide the parameters and find out what will give the business – the best of earnings and online visibility.

Here are 5 major points that needs to be planned and checked before developing a business website :

1. A complete Sitemap & defined wireframe of website.

Ideas that needs to be conveyed effectively to the audience should be mentioned in the website. All the aspects that a buyer need before choosing you over your competitors should be clear to him on the website. Many web development companies in India advocates this theory that crystal clear idea of design and business objective makes the website rule over many other parameters.

2. Content of the website : What user wants

Content is always considered the ruling factor for any website ranking and keeping this one checked for your website development is always a win-win situation. This is what readers or your prospective clients comes for on your website.

3. Keeping Mobile friendly

With technology advancement, the number of mobile users is increasing day by day and it is becoming an important aspect to create a business avenue for your company. With new guidelines of search engines and their remarks over websites having mobile compatibility creates the galore of opportunity for business owner to create apps, offers and prizes for the sales.

4. Website Optimization

Keeping the navigation easy for the website and aligning the content with proper links and optimized webpages adds a beauty to the website. In addition to ranking factors on search engines, SEO do add the value to your website architecture.

5. Build Online Presence : Make sure Prospects Are Buying What You’re Selling

Whenever a new business glows in the horizon, it always creates a buzz around the segment competitors. Your prospective leads don’t value the efforts & quality you put in your HTML, if your service doesn’t ensures users interest directly , you’re not selling what they’re buying.

NextGEN Facebook- An advance wordpress plugin for all social sites

The social networking websites have no doubt ushered in a new era of communication. Till a few years back one couldn’t possibly have thought about being able to share views, thoughts, ideas and other things so easily and so instantly. But the various social sites have made that unthinkable happen. But the innovators and the developers are not satisfied with just that. Now we have with us a new tool in wordpress that is better known as the NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) which has taken the means of communication to an altogether newer levels.

NextGen Facebook Plugin

NGFB is the new advanced wordpress plugin that gives you a more comprehensive control on the manner in which your content would be viewed on the social sites irrespective of the manner in which your webpage is shared. In other words it can be said that now you can easily improve Google search engine rankings, social engagement, and click-through rates on various social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many others.

NGFB has many features such as:

  • It is very fast and makes full use of the all the available caching techniques. It loads only the library files.
  • It leaves no traces of itself when it is uninstalled.
  • The support and development process of NGFB is an ongoing process.

The best part is that now with NGFB you can easily control your content on the wordpress through your mobile devices. NGFB works as the mobile phone application that can be easily downloaded to your mobile. Networking had never been such an easier and an amenable affair. It even works as the mobile enterprise apps that can be used to update your content on the wordpress. And all this without spending a fortune. Access your wordpress blog through your mobile using NGFB and keep your readers well informed.

How to Choose the Right Software Company for your Web Application Development Need?

Once we taste a new delicacy we praise the chef and try to enjoy it thoroughly, but only few asks for the recipe. These are the people who believe in creating the magic instead of just watching it and forget. Everything changed for good with the introduction of technology in human life. Business saw a great deal of revival and internet played the part of fuel in the process. Now in present scenario internet is not just meant for information accessing, it also acts as bridge between customers and business. And to make all these process smoothly operational software applications acts as gears of the machinery.

The Journey Begins with a cause: What Yours?

Web base application saw the rise in the context that something was needed to make management easier and to update all types of information without depending on repeated installation in various client systems. This was supposed to save a lot of time and much of human dependency for doing a redundant job could be eradicated through the implementation of this one. But, just as it had arrived as a solution several related challenges sprung up. Whenever there is a new dimension of technology in the hood people crave for that and this happened with web based software applications too. Companies offering array of these started to grow like mushrooms leading to issue of how to pick the best out of them as the budget were really steep.

Where the road leads and how to keep a track?

With rising number of outsourced projects the employment rate has perked up in India especially in IT sector. Companies are formulating strong HR policies for hiring the best and retaining them. This has given you the scope to find your best guardian angel in a developer and that too at a price which can challenge any nations IT industry without compromising quality.

This offers a situation where clients have option to select from array of companies for their web-based software application projects. A standard web development company in India has in their arsenal all the tricks and power to make your dream projects be the buzz of the web world, but to find them one must make sure to look for certain parameters of developer, here are those:

  • E-commerce Application Angle: They are master of eCommerce and know all the tits and bits about custom shopping cart development along with promotions of products on display and generating business through them. They are also expert in third-party payment gateway integration like PayPal, etc.
  • Content Management Systems Authority: Full authority over any site or portal can be managed by CMS and that is also a part of the authority that a web application company must possess.
  • Knowledge of Database Management System: The in and out understanding of database is the third feature to look for. Most of the companies are expert in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
  • Inventory or Stock Management System Implementation: With Ecommerce comes the knowledge of inventory management and this has to be in their kitty to prove their worth. If you are a client before hiring them checks for this for sure.
  • Miscellaneous: There are many more points which will be authority areas of such a standard firm such as online auctions, discussion boards or forums integration, E-newsletter Application, User Registrations, etc to name a few.

Once you have checked all these point, you can rest assured about not just employing the right team for the best software solution but also about the mandate of reaching an excellent balance between the paradigm of price and performance.