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7 Best Advantages of Outsourcing IT Projects

According to the IT Outsourcing Statistics report, around 50% of the IT companies and Application Development Firms globally, have outsourced their projects. It is also noticed that the frequency of outsourcing is much higher in big IT companies, in comparison to mid-sized and new startups. Here are some of the reasons why the outsourcing of IT projects is popular in the market.

1. Secure From Distractions: Eventually, the IT companies have a core business, which they need to take care on a priority basis. Moreover, all the companies have limited technical resources and manpower. They need to concentrate on their core objective. With outsourcing, they don’t need to engage their resources on different projects. Through outsourcing, the companies can make proper utilization of the resources, prioritizing their core activities, and doing business optimally.

2. Highly-Skilled Professionals: As the different project have diverse requirements, they need different types of skill for the completion of the project. It is really difficult for a company to train their team every time according to the project requirements. It will be totally wastage of time and money for them. Instead of this, it is better that company hire a skilled personnel for efficiently working on the project. This is possible with outsourcing. In outsourcing, your projects can be handled by skilled professionals, without any in-house training sessions.

3. Better Management: Every company wants to grow and expand their business activities. But while expanding the business, the team starts concentrating only on few important operating areas. This way, many of the areas remain unattended, resulting in mismanagement and lack of productivity. To secure your business such situation, it is better that you hire the best IT project management personnel for it. These people ensure that your day-to-day official operations will remain working, in the best possible manner.

4. Decreases Operational Expenses & Labor Costs: If you hire dedicated experts for your project, it may complete your work, but it’s cost you a lot, as you can’t utilize the resources for other projects. Instead of this, if you hire a third-party app developer, you need to pay a certain amount  till the completion of the project, which is compatible low. Moreover, as they are service providers, they will complete your project more efficiently and productive.

 5. Better Quality Standards: Basically, the outsourcing companies works on the latest technologies, implement innovative ideas, and designate the right resource on the project. This results in the use of the latest technology and new elements in the projects that enhances the quality of the projects. So, while selecting the outsourcing partner, make sure that you select the best partner which can deliver the quality projects to you.

6. Advantages Without Commitments: By connecting with an outsourcing partner, you can get all the expertise benefits and resource for your project. Just by simple contract, you can connect with an outsourcing company. For this, sign an agreement, make the payments, and work will be done.

7. Less Risk: Basically, IT projects have to face various risks such as technology issues, latest market trends, legal regulations, competitor analysis, security issues and much more. An outsourcing company will take care of all the aspects. Moreover, they will use the tools and resources that perfectly fits your project requirements. This result in lesser project risks, as the outsourcing company, remove the improper outdated information and make sub-optimal utilization of resources.


If outsourcing is done properly, it provides the companies with a chance to handle projects efficiently, as well as help in securing the business from unexpected or increased operational, IT, and training costs. Whether you are an existing company or new startup venture, and really want to manage your IT project development work properly, you should go for the outsourcing services. You can connect with the top web development company India and avail their IT outsourcing services for your projects. As they are experts in Outsourcing, they know very well, what fits best for your projects.

Make Your Website Competitive With Latest Web Development Trends

With the passing of time, the new innovation and latest technologies are ticking the web development market. With progressive technologies, powerful frameworks and robust development tools, this year has brought a huge box of opportunities for the web developers. Considering the latest technology development in web development, many of the companies are experimenting with new innovations and providing excellent custom website development services for their valuable customers. If you want to have a best website according to the latest trends, then you can connect with any of the Web Development Company India, and take their services. But before hiring any company, just make sure that the company follows all the latest trends which are mentioned here.

1. Motion User Interface (UI)

As one of the three parts of the Foundation for Apps, Motion UI is a Sass library which is used for creating a flexible CSS transitions and animations. With the help of motion UI, the developers can easily make the app’s transitions look rich and seamless with predefined motions. Moreover, with Motion UI, the prototypical animated elements can smoothly integrate into the websites.

2. Advanced Responsive Design

Previously, responsive design is restricted to mobile-friendly design. As there are a huge number of devices and wearable gadgets like Apple watch, Google Glass, etc., are available in the market, a responsive design has become a basic necessity of all. To fulfill this need, the Semantic UI design framework is using by the developers.

3. Huge Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), it has taken app development to a next level of success. For exchange of data with it, you need to link the smart objects to the internet. Even, various devices can connect to the internet and make easily accessible.

4. Browser based IDEs

Currently, cloud-based versions of IDEs are used by various developers. As it is easily accessible, flexible and have a huge community, the developers prefer to use it. Even with this, you can make a quick test of a bootstrap code of Jade, without downloaded a single file.

5. Full-Screen Navigation Design

To enhance the user-experience for mobile devices, full-screen navigation design is really important. For example, when the user reaches on a registration form for filling, then just with one click the form will come with full-screen size, which make easy for the users to fill out the form. While providing a Custom Website Development services, you can add on the full-screen navigation design, and make the website more trendy.

4 Trust Factors That Help To Build A Website and Convert Users

In the internet world, an uncountable number of websites are available, out of which some of them are informative website, some of them are business website and some are social media sites. Due to a huge number of websites, the people have become very queries about the design, look and the content of the websites. According to the top Web Development Company in India, the first impression of the any website decides the visitor stays on it or not. When a person visits on a website, it look of the color, density and layout of the site. If it’s found attractive, then it look for the content, grammar, assets, products and any other interesting thing, and at last look for the link connected to other pages.

Although, it is a very small process, but it convince users that the website is trustworthy and can rely on it for purchasing. What kind of trust factors should include on a website to enhance business reliability? It is a most common question, which is asked by the website development company, while website developing process. Here are the factors that should be included to increase the reliability of the website.

1. Testimonials

When it comes to trust business, the consumers consider experts and friends’ recommendations before doing it. Testimonials are the most effective source to make anyone trust you. By adding a name, face, or voice to a testimonial represent the valuable customer, which creates a deep impact on the mind of the visitors. Moreover, authentic testimonials on the website, can also use on a multiple marketing channels, such as social media or email marketing, which can prove as a most powerful trust builders for any business.

2. Design

A website design is the very first thing that attracts potential customers, as it give the first impression to a user about the business. If the website has a clean design that looks professional will surely make visitors to trust in it, and if the business doesn’t have a professional looking website, the users will look elsewhere for a similar product or service.

3. Business Information

A good website should have mentioned the correct business information, such as contact number, business address, email id, etc. that shows the proficiency of the business, and help to build trust with customers. In addition, create an About Us page that is descriptive and visually appealing. Also, add on the picture and the names of the employees, which provides a clear idea about the business and the employees. Surely, it will help to build customers trust on the business.

4. Awards and Certifications

Another impressive method that help in getting the valuable trust of the visitor is Certificates and Awards. These awards and certificates will represent the notable achievements of the business. Also, this make users feel more secure, while filling out their personal information in the customer form.

The above points will surely help your website to gain customers’ trust and interest, and convert them into valuable customers. If you have any confusion about these points, you can connect with any of the web development company India, and they will resolve all your problems, efficiently.

5 Reasons Why Should You Need To Hire A Professional Web Development Company

Currently, the website has become a part of every business planning. No matter if you are a new venture or market leader, you need a website to create a significant online identity of your brand. With a powerful website, you can showcase your product and services, attract potential customers, increase web traffic and develop valuable business opportunities. But for enjoying the best benefit of your website, you need to take special care of it and have to make timely updations for increasing its feasibility.

While creating a website, mostly business person gets confused, as they don’t have the clearest idea about hiring the quality web design and development services. There are two types of method for getting your site work done.

  • Hire a full-time team of web designer and developers for your project
  • Hire a professional web development company

Somehow, hiring a personal team of designer and developers will be costlier, and it can effect on your budget. In fact, hiring a professional web design and developing company will be more beneficial in all the ways. There are some advantages that help you to make your decision:

1. Uniqueness
As every business is not same, there business requirements are also not same. So it is very important that you have website that fulfill all your business requirements. By hiring a Web Development Company India, you will get the unique and customized web solution, which fulfill your business needs and offer a great unique global exposure to your business. As the development company has team of professional designer and developers that create an exclusive website, which help you to get a unique global identity in the business world.

2. Browser Compatibility
There are various web browsers, which are frequently used by the users. So, it is really important that your business website should be compatible with all the browsers. To check its compatibility you need to perform browser testing, for that you need a web development company.

3. Semantics and Validation
However, it is not so difficult to learn HTML tags and coding that required for developing a website. But, a professional web development company knows all the design and development tactics, and provides the perfect development solutions with better command over semantics and validation of codes.

4. Optimization
In the development process, the website optimization has also played a vital role. While website optimization, the content of your website should be optimized for various things, including search engine friendliness, loading speed, and lead conversions. As it is a dynamic process, the expert can keep the track record of the latest optimization process. In the process, a web development company supports your website by keeping the site upgraded on a regular basis, to get the best result for you, as well as to maintain their presence in the market.


The above points will definitely help you to understand a value of a professional web development company. So don’t get confused and hire the best web development company for your business project.

Tips to Create an Powerful Call to Action

If any visitor turns on your website, you expect them to do something on it, which fulfill your goal. They purchase the products, or share your content, or sign up for your mailing list. But the question arises, that how do you get them to take the specific action you want them to do? It is really hard to encourage a customer to take a desired action that you want them take it. For this purpose, you need a powerful, yet interesting call to action (CTA). Before moving further, just have a look of what type of call to action is preferred by the companies.

Powerful Call to Action

1. KISSmetrics: The call to action method where one can “Log In With Google” make them easily log on any page without any security issue.

2. Evernote: If you “Want to remember everything? Sign up for Evernote” is another method of a powerful call to action. The users immediately understand the message when you want to convey them.

3. Crazy Egg: The “Show Me My Heatmap” call to action of Crazy Egg is another compelling call method, which uses the voice of the customer.

4. Square: Square is another interesting call to action method where something offers to attract prospective customers, like “Get a Free Card Reader”.

Tips to Create a Progressive Call to Action For the Website

1. Direct Approach: In this your business website should have direct approach. Be clear and tell your visitors what you do and what exactly you would like them to do. The action must be strong, short and simple.

2. Unique: In the competitive market, it is very important that you have a unique identity, which differentiate you from your competitors. It is hard, but interesting that you makes your call to action unique, different from others.

3. Use Actionable Language: In Call to Action, try to use words that compel your visitors to do what you want them to.

4. Easy & Simple: The Call to Action process should perform effortlessly. Explain your prospective visitors that converting is not costly. For example, if you are offering a product or services free of charge, such as a free demo, then don’t forget to mention that in your call to action.

Top Web Design & Development Trends for 2016

2016 is all set to enter in our lives & web experts have already started forecasting of trends that are expected to rule in 2016. This year web development industry has witnessed many new changes & trends that focused to offer better user interface & easy accessibility of websites. Below mentioned are some key trends that are predicted by many of the web development companies in India. Let’s have a look on these:

Web Design Development Trends 2016

1. Longer scrolling sites
This year, we have seen that many new websites were launched that were longer in length when scrolling through the page. It is easier for users to simply scroll rather than visiting different pages to find information about single product, services or topic.

2. Storytelling & Interactions
Your visitors engage with the content available on your website. Telling a story through your content is a big plus. This is why storytelling & interactive website work as a marketing tool in itself.

3. Removal of non-essential design elements
A design is complete when all of the unnecessary elements have been eliminated.

Designers & developers have already started eliminating various design elements that are of no need at all such as background colors, complex layout and many more. Instead, they opted for a simple and clean website design.

4. Hidden main menus
Though hidden menus is a responsive web design technique, yet in 2015 some of the sites started using this technique for desktop websites as well. This enables your visitors to see more of your site than menus.

5. Large Typography
Typography plays a critical role in design. We are expected to see typography even larger than previous year. Large typography is likely to be a trend in 2016 in order to enhance the visual hierarchy of the page.

Color Psychology in Web Design: Choosing a Great Color Scheme for Your Website

Think, what if the next day you wake up and find everything as black and/or white only. The world as you have known till now, is gone. All the colors have faded away. No more green is the tree, no more colored apparels and clothing, no more paints to distinguish your house, no more colors on your TV or desktop screen, no more colors except for two – black and white.

Boring! Isn’t it? Colors have made our world more vibrant and lovely. Without colors there would be no emotional responses, no feelings and no connection among people and things in this world.

Psychology of color or color psychology deals with observing, studying and application of effects of various colors on human minds as they tend respond emotionally under each colors influence.

Psychology of color is considered as the most effective tool in the design & marketing world today. “color accounts for 85% of the reason for a product being purchased” – says Neil Patel. What expert marketers do is they use different colors and seek respective emotional responses from potential customers. This gives them the edge over other rivals. Of course, there are many other factors that affect the buying decision of a customer, but color psychology plays a crucial role in the process too.

Psychology of Colors in Web Design:
Psychology of color in web design deals with how a person responds emotionally when s/he comes across a website. Research says that when a person is browsing casually, it takes mere 10 seconds for him/her to decide whether to stay on the page or not. Those 10 seconds are very crucial and only eye catching websites make him to stay there.

What do you think plays the most important role in those 10 seconds. Is it the content, the products or services listed? No, it is the color and the color psychology of the web design that helps decide the person whether to stay or to leave.

Important considerations when choosing website colors
It’s recommended to speak clearly about the website color scheme to the company you’re contracting for web design or web development services in India. Below mentioned are some factors that will help you making a right decision.

  • Does your website require to synchronize with an existing color scheme? This could be the case for business sites which require to reflect the specific branding that the company already uses.
  • Knowing the purpose of your website. If you’re selling products or services, make sure that colors you choose should inspire the particular emotion in website visitors.
  • What kind of contents (images & graphics) will you use into the site? Your color scheme should match your images for maximum impact.

Things You Can Do to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Website

Does your WordPress website take too long in loading? Your users might exit from your website and move on to some of your competitor’s website if it takes long in loading.

Here are top 5 things you can do to make your website load quickly:

web development company in India

1. Find the Best Hosting Services Provider
A poor hosting service provider can not only slow down your website but may also cause security problems for your website. It’s always recommended to choose a reliable hosting partner.

2. Image Optimization
Image optimization on your website can drastically improve your overall website speed. Images are the major reason responsible for slow websites. You can ask your web development company in India to take care of image size & optimize them if required.

3. Make Use of Caching Plugin
A caching plugin is amongst the most important WordPress plugins. This plugin serves ‘snapshots’ of past versions of your site, enabling for a faster delivery when someone requests it. These plugins are also very simple to manage as you need not to do anything except turning it on.

4. Minify Your Codes
Messy files that include various scripts & styles make the webpages heavier. Cleaning unnecessary code can be helpful in improving the speed of your website.

5. Database Optimization
WordPress framework automatically saves different versions of your contents including comments, posts, pages and many more. Though, it can be considered as a great feature as it back up your content, however many of the backup versions created are unnecessary. Optimizing database can make your website load faster. There are various plugins available to help you with database optimization of your WordPress website.

What You Should Know About Web Development Strategy?

When it comes to develop a successful strategy for building a top class online presence that drives visitors and bring more business, many businesses so still lack in that particular area. Website development strategy for outstanding, & successful websites is basically a 3 step process. When you get in touch with a company or agency to avail web development services in India, they do follow this three-step process.

Web Development Services

It is the first and most important part that companies go through before start developing a website. Knowing your business needs & understanding them precisely is critical to develop a successful strategy.

Once developers & project managers are done with understanding the business needs, now it comes to perform a proper research that involves user needs along with their interests & behavior. A website is useless until people do not visit and perform any action on it. Involving user psychology is another critical aspect of developing a workable web development strategy.

After business & user needs, it comes to closely have a look on competition. A web development strategy should involve that how your website will standout in the competition. Making sure your website is unique & has something extra to offer that your competitors do not. Also, a strong web strategy needs to focus on competitor’s strength & weaknesses.

When you contract a company for web development services, you should involve with them in developing a workable strategy for your website.

Some Alarming Security Threats in Web Development

An important part of developing a website or application is to take security concerns in consideration. Web development process includes the practices of creating extremely secured and user-friendly websites and applications. Whenever you avail web development services in India or anywhere else, make sure that particular company is good in taking security concern into account while developing your application.

Security Threats in Web Development

When it comes to the security concern for a web application, few common mistakes that developers make are:

1. Cross Site Scripting: It is a threatening glitch that allows the significant execution of the script available in your browser. It can result in hijacking of user sessions more easy and even can introduce malicious worms. This error is often caused by inappropriate validation of information for user-supply.

2. SQL injection: It is a kind of malicious attack on a website that noticeably exploits validation of insufficient input. SQL injection acquires the access of the shell on server of database.

3. Shell injection error: This thread is very similar to the before mentioned SQL injection. Under such thread, the attacker basically tries to develop a different input string so that he can get the access to your web servers’ shell. By accessing your web server’s shell, attackers can hugely harm your site. This error usually occurs when you pass on an untreated user input in the shell. Such attacks can be prevented by sanitizing and validating all of your user inputs.

4. Phishing attack: This is amongst the most common web attacks. In phishing attack scammers try to trick the users for acquiring their login details. To ensure your website does not affected by these attacks, you should use only one significant and valid URL for login.