What’s new in PHP 5.6.0 latest version

PHP is one of the most important web development language used by the developers. Almost all the versions of PHP that have been released till now have only added to the much valued image of the language. But the most awaited version has that been of the PHP 5.6.0. Being a PHP software developer you are aware of the fact that the majority of the code is not written by you. Another thing that you realize is that it is easier to write new code rather than fixing the older one. Thus debugging is something that really requires a new approach.

Thanks to the release of PHP 5.6.0 the new phpdbg is going to be a prominent feature of this latest version of the language. It is not only going to help the PHP software developer but would also herald a new beginning in the web development process. The best part is that you would not have to compile the phpdbg yourself and use Netbeans to get it running.

Some of the other important features that would be included in the PHP 5.6.0 are:

Exponential operator

These new exponential operators works so like to arithmetic operators that we learnt in school.

Constant scalar expressions

We can now write a scalar expression involving numeric and string literals and/or constants in contexts where PHP previously expected a static value, such as constant and property declarations and default function arguments.

  • Importing namespaced functions
  • Streams for post data
  • Variadic functions
  • Default character-Encoding improvements
  • TLS improvements.

Extracting more from the release of PHP 5.6.0, there are some more changes with the new version that may affect compatibility as :

  • Array keys won’t be overwritten when defining an array as a property of a class via an array literal.
  • json_decode() is more strict in JSON syntax parsing.
  • Stream wrappers now verify peer certificates and host names by default when using SSL/TLS.
  • GMP resources are now objects.
  • Mcrypt functions now require valid keys and Ivs.

It is no doubt the best update of PHP version, offering more performance and changes to syntax that could use variadic functions passing any number of arguments now.

All these new features would simply go on to make sure that the PHP software developer has his job cut out for him. Developing websites or doing other programming would become a lot more fun and easy with these new features added to PHP.

How HTML5 simplified website development


Since the inception of markup languages, internet has evolved many folds comparing to the present scenario. HTML5 being the latest development that is creating a buzz in world of markup languages. It has not only improved the language from HTML4 with support for latest multimedia but also has become one of the easily understandable languages to work on.

It is specially designed to deliver rich internet applications without the need of any extra plugins. It has new semantic, graphics and multimedia elements that makes it feasible on a cross-platform. HTML5 also has new form elements & new API’s to make it easier to build web applications.

Not just markup, HTML5 specifies special scripting application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used with JavaScript to improve the user interface and give the developers an easier way to improve website development.

Few newly introduced API’s that are making HTML5 a new tool for website development are :

  • Canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing
  • Cross-document messaging
  • Browser history management
  • MIME type and protocol handler registration
  • Microdata
  • Timed media playback
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Document editing
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Web Storage , an upliftment in storage system having similarities to cookie module.

According to a report released by Binvisions, 34 of the world’s top 100 websites were using HTML5 to give their web UI – a better interface of customer interaction .

As HTML5 syntax has no commonness to standard generalized markup language but it is compatible with common parsing of older version of HTML.

NextGEN Facebook- An advance wordpress plugin for all social sites

The social networking websites have no doubt ushered in a new era of communication. Till a few years back one couldn’t possibly have thought about being able to share views, thoughts, ideas and other things so easily and so instantly. But the various social sites have made that unthinkable happen. But the innovators and the developers are not satisfied with just that. Now we have with us a new tool in wordpress that is better known as the NextGEN Facebook (NGFB) which has taken the means of communication to an altogether newer levels.

NextGen Facebook Plugin

NGFB is the new advanced wordpress plugin that gives you a more comprehensive control on the manner in which your content would be viewed on the social sites irrespective of the manner in which your webpage is shared. In other words it can be said that now you can easily improve Google search engine rankings, social engagement, and click-through rates on various social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many others.

NGFB has many features such as:

  • It is very fast and makes full use of the all the available caching techniques. It loads only the library files.
  • It leaves no traces of itself when it is uninstalled.
  • The support and development process of NGFB is an ongoing process.

The best part is that now with NGFB you can easily control your content on the wordpress through your mobile devices. NGFB works as the mobile phone application that can be easily downloaded to your mobile. Networking had never been such an easier and an amenable affair. It even works as the mobile enterprise apps that can be used to update your content on the wordpress. And all this without spending a fortune. Access your wordpress blog through your mobile using NGFB and keep your readers well informed.

Top 5 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Resource for Developing Desktop Windows Application

The Windows is still here and will be forever. It might just accommodate itself being open source-friendly!

Considered as the most iconic innovation in the computer industry windows operating system is the most preferred place to be while using any computer globally. No matter how much robustness Mac has been offering for past several years, the loyal customer base of Windows has not been affected that much.

If we go over the data shared by TNW (i.e. The Next Web) in their survey of worldwide OS market share in December 2013, it is clearly visible that Windows has a strong domination of around 90.83% and Mac just 7.43%. The app development industry is much influenced by this factor and as a result of this a steady growth in windows desktop application part has been visible in past one year.

This has got more leverage with the release of Windows 8 which is totally cross-platform compliant and is fit for platforms like tablets and futuristic desktops along with mobiles which allows gesture and fingertip movement.

Desktop Application

What Exactly is this Desktop Application all About?

Desktop applications are primarily meant for a single user usage with maximum security. Business houses shifting to cloud are keeping a considerable part of their data in desktop applications as these are in private hardware environment. Generally the .Net platform is the base of such type of applications, but can be integrated with any software or application. The windows store is now getting great response from users with high rate of download from global brands desktop app version.

The Difference of Taste:

The understanding of any software development environment makes one fit for delivering windows desktop application is not totally true and hence one should consider hiring dedicated resource for the same related to this niche. Hire software developer related to this domain as they are the ones who knows in and out the whole operation and approach process. There are quite a few advantages that come with dedicated resource hiring and here are top five for your review.

  1. Understanding of Windows API index: A professional related with this has complete understanding of the Windows application programming interface (API). With that they deliver desktop & server applications which run with any Windows version and outside applications if needed.
  2. Knowledge of secured development cycle: The security is the part that you cannot compromise with, and so with professionals related to windows desktop application development follows stringent Security development life cycle which ensures flawless platform elements protection. They carry on threat model development, uses tools for code scanning and extensive QA.
  3. FSRM understanding: The file server resource manager API is one of the most crucial parts as it deals with directory size ensuring, file management and reports generation, etc. With a knowledgeable professional you are in safe hands.
  4. UI and UX area justifications: The very purpose of any application is ultimately for offering the finest experience and a developer with the right UI and UX understanding makes the usage of it with the functionality part.
  5. Freedom from buggy end result: In most of the fixed software delivery contract in absence of prolonged conversations on regular basis the end-result is not always what one desires to have. Hiring dedicated resource not just keeps you updated with every progress; you can even keep on adding inputs on every stage and add value to the end-result with much more efficiency.

Top 5 Ways to Develop Custom Software for Your Business

There are many facts that exhibit the strong fact that software development and especially related to business is the most sought after ones. On February 1st, 2014 the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shared with the world its estimated employment table up to the year 2020. From the year 2010 to 2020 the growth rate is 14.3%. The prime thing to be noticed in their data is that the first and second positions in the chart are covered by software industry.

Some Confident Facts

A closer look over the industry trend and global demand chain reveals the fact that most of this software development need is related to custom software meant for business. Investment on bespoke solutions and software are now widely carried on by various established firms as they are witnessing the changing scene of the market and understand that only with a customized solution they can stay in the top of the tide.

Job / Role

Employment number change through 2020, in thousands

% change through 2020

Software Developers, Systems Software



Software Developers, Applications



Computer Systems Analysts



Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects



(Source: Employment Projections program, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Business, Cloud and Mobility

Software development industry is now all set for a revival phase and the prime need for it has been initiated by business houses. The technology realm has been shifting to mobile and cloud platform and for staying in the popular zone the software stature has to be made compatible with these. This had made cross-platform application development more popular over web applications. It is been recorded that 74% of the business apps are set for being shifted to cloud version and this will make the cloud industry worth somewhat $210 billion by 2018.

Along with all these a survey by computerweekly, a leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the UK IT community, has stated that more than 11% are spend over custom software development in any business center by the year 2013/14. This has been backed up by business need and over the year is expected to see more height.

percentage of Business Software spend growth

Know the Recipe:

Any software development company of India will have their own secret recipe and not everyone knows that. This call for the understating of the whole process for adding value to the development process of customized software for your business need with the hired team of professionals. There are stages with thorough break-ups for performing the job; a basic overlook over the prime parts is quite wise.

  • Finalizing the Requirements: Business requirements are unending and considering single software for delivering all those needs is not a great idea, thus primarily encircle the region of its functionality benefit.
  • Phase wise Approach: Taking everything in a single go is not at all wise, thus make sure to chalk out the stages depending on agile way and then initiate each of those.
  • Don’t be Mundane: Do not try a me too as then there is no need for customization. Every business is unique and so is their need, make sure to create a blueprint of that and accordingly sit with the development team for delivering.
  • Improvise the Process: In the SDLC process stay connected throughout the stages with your hired team and give your inputs as those will give it the desired shape.
  • Essentiality of QA: Testing phase is most crucial as in most of the case being custom version of a concept quite a few bugs should be expected. Thus, only after thorough testing the final version needs to be release for use.

How to Choose the Right Software Company for your Web Application Development Need?

Once we taste a new delicacy we praise the chef and try to enjoy it thoroughly, but only few asks for the recipe. These are the people who believe in creating the magic instead of just watching it and forget. Everything changed for good with the introduction of technology in human life. Business saw a great deal of revival and internet played the part of fuel in the process. Now in present scenario internet is not just meant for information accessing, it also acts as bridge between customers and business. And to make all these process smoothly operational software applications acts as gears of the machinery.

The Journey Begins with a cause: What Yours?

Web base application saw the rise in the context that something was needed to make management easier and to update all types of information without depending on repeated installation in various client systems. This was supposed to save a lot of time and much of human dependency for doing a redundant job could be eradicated through the implementation of this one. But, just as it had arrived as a solution several related challenges sprung up. Whenever there is a new dimension of technology in the hood people crave for that and this happened with web based software applications too. Companies offering array of these started to grow like mushrooms leading to issue of how to pick the best out of them as the budget were really steep.

Where the road leads and how to keep a track?

With rising number of outsourced projects the employment rate has perked up in India especially in IT sector. Companies are formulating strong HR policies for hiring the best and retaining them. This has given you the scope to find your best guardian angel in a developer and that too at a price which can challenge any nations IT industry without compromising quality.

This offers a situation where clients have option to select from array of companies for their web-based software application projects. A standard web development company in India has in their arsenal all the tricks and power to make your dream projects be the buzz of the web world, but to find them one must make sure to look for certain parameters of developer, here are those:

  • E-commerce Application Angle: They are master of eCommerce and know all the tits and bits about custom shopping cart development along with promotions of products on display and generating business through them. They are also expert in third-party payment gateway integration like PayPal, etc.
  • Content Management Systems Authority: Full authority over any site or portal can be managed by CMS and that is also a part of the authority that a web application company must possess.
  • Knowledge of Database Management System: The in and out understanding of database is the third feature to look for. Most of the companies are expert in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
  • Inventory or Stock Management System Implementation: With Ecommerce comes the knowledge of inventory management and this has to be in their kitty to prove their worth. If you are a client before hiring them checks for this for sure.
  • Miscellaneous: There are many more points which will be authority areas of such a standard firm such as online auctions, discussion boards or forums integration, E-newsletter Application, User Registrations, etc to name a few.

Once you have checked all these point, you can rest assured about not just employing the right team for the best software solution but also about the mandate of reaching an excellent balance between the paradigm of price and performance.

Why and How to Hire the Right SharePoint Developer for your Project

Microsoft now has a new CEO in Satya Nadella and with him the company has set sails on a boat that is poised to take their success story ahead. Without any doubt, in the technology niche, they are undisputedly the biggest name. Being such a big name is not always that easy as it seems to be. Every year they keep on trying many things in their lab out of which only 14% seem the reality of beta and alpha stage. From that 14% on average 4% of the products or solution witness the success for which they are developed. A great deal of thought always plays behind the scene. Microsoft’s SharePoint is just another such splendid feather in their cap.

The Prologue

SharePoint is a tool developed in the den of Microsoft using which top-notch websites can be designed with extensive features. Its primary usage area is that of enterprise. Among many of its utilizations generally SharePoint is a great combination for intranet based websites and document management system. In SharePoint 2013 the social angle has been additionally incorporate to make it more robust for users.
This is a quintessential tool meant for adding value to the production structure of any organization and paces up the speed of delivery. SharePoint can be customized through HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, based on each and every business requirement people goes for tailor-made customization.


Know your Magician:
With so many options to play with one need to hire someone who is a master of custom SharePoint development with an extensive knowledge on the subject. Though it seems very easy the hiring process is not that simple, one must know how to make the right selection. To begin with one must look for following points in a developer who is portraying himself as a SharePoint developer:

  • Technical and Programming Expertise: A person who is developer of SharePoint must have thorough .Net knowledge as it is the framework on which it is based. While performing the customization knowledge over HTML, jQuery and JavaScript is a must. Along with all these complete understanding about Windows Server and SQL Server is also considered additional trait. The list does not end here as other chapters include Windows SharePoint 2.0 & 3.0, workflow solution, WCF SharePoint, Infopath, .Net development, Microsoft Office SharePoint, MOSS 2007/2010, portal solution, etc. If you are looking to hire someone for SharePoint make sure get one with these chapters’s knowledge.
  • Microsoft Certification: As always hiring someone with certified skills is of great advantage. This proves this person’s metal and Microsoft SharePoint Certification is really a tough module to crack. Only the cream of the crop gets past this barrier, so one is rest assured of getting the finest services from a developer who is certified. Thus, this pointer is a must follow one.
  • Full competency over Website fundamentals: SharePoint is must for creating intranet and extranet website. This along with the design understanding makes one perfect for development based on SharePoint.
  • Understanding of Business Movements: SharePoint is meant for productivity increase of any company and that too with the help of several supporting tools. A developer must have thorough understanding of business flow.

When you go for searching the right person for your next project keep in mind the pointers shared above.

Why dedicated resources are important for custom software development

Innovation calls for drastic measures and out-of-the-box calls for customization. Someone someday might have thought that our species can be master of the world and that lead to where we are today. Every company comes up with unique ideas as brainstorming is a common aspect of an agency, but at the end of the road most of those ideas don’t see the light of reality due to the fact that those look impossible to implement overtly looking. People who have changed the web world as we see it today were mere laughing stocks due to their different way of thinking in their preliminary years.

Facebook turned 10-years older just few days back. Who would have thought about the height it scaled? 1.15 Billion And still growing – is what it says, and Facebook is leaving all others behind. A simple statistics shows how great they have done going the customized way.


Social Media visitors Growth

If they had gone the conventional way of the famous orkut from same niche they would not have been able to draw such number of people towards them and gain such a stature of popularity. This is what is called for by an organization looking for custom software development authority. The selection of developer in such scenario is most crucial as they are the ones determining the fate of your application or software. Around the globe people are now moving more towards mobile platform from desktop and hence a huge addition in the mobile usage penetration has been witnessed globally. This goes up to 151% in Central and Eastern Europe.

custom software development authority.


This has made it very much necessary to go for hybrid apps and responsive web development – compliant with both mobile and desktop user for ruling the future. In most of the cases, any custom project does not go its intended way and there are various reasons for that. The prime reason can be attributed to fact that any custom work cannot have a fixed timeline as being in the pipeline of project there are many scope that keeps on adding both from the client’s port and even developer’s port as a form of suggestion. Thus, to keep everything under control one must make the hiring of a dedicated developer who is conversant with the software framework is the allotted project.

Dedicated Resources Advantage:

Group studies were always very much helpful in your teenage life and the simple reason behind that was several minds goes after a single goal dedicatedly. When you hire someone dedicatedly for your software or application development he makes himself full-time available to you and hence you both get to plan the project execution path together. All your ideas and vision gets imbibed in him and there is no other projects’ distraction. Hire software developer from a firm having a good track record and never go for saving money and hire per hour people as that will never offer you a mind in same boat.

Know your right custom software developer by asking:

  • How many years of experience you have?
  • What are your core power areas of expertise?
  • Show what you have done in similar projects in past?
  • What should I pay you this much?
  • What development path do you consider for this particular project of mine?
  • Do you see a potentiality of successful idea in this project?

When you find someone answering all these in the most convincing way you know that you have hit the jackpot. Set sail with him and do innovate.


The Best Ways to Choose The Right Software Development Company

The software industry word-over has been witnessing ameliorating success in last few years with the arrival of fresh faces and new visionaries. Unlike the web 1.0 era this is not time for mere dictatorship of few big companies, rather even small start-ups are coming ahead in the name game with out of the box concepts. This made the web 3.0 revolution which in the process has laid the foundation of smarter future.

Let it be a Risk-free Endeavor!

There is a gulf of difference between hiring a company for your software requirement from among any available options over the web, and picking the right one from a list of chosen few from India. It’s like having a coffee from a mundane office machine – you never know of a ‘surprising good’ taste, before many disappointing one – and to having it directly from Colombian hills to your house. Just like the aroma tells the difference of coffee quality, the standard of a firm tells us about their quality. It can safely be said that spending some time in the searching game is much more profitable than looking for initial money saving of few bucks by hiring lesser known name. Promises are made in hurry by many companies to lure potential customers, but one should believe in facts and stats instead of promises. When someone is handing over their software development project to a firm with all their thoughts and dreams, one must make sure that the authority taking over the projects feels the same level of bonding with the project and has got right set of skill to perform it flawlessly.

Know How to Spot The Talent

Even after years of industry experience and magnitude of management skill one can miss picking up the right company while doing the search. To make it simple few pointers are given below that must be considered:

  • Experience & Understanding: To deliver not only zeal is sufficient expertise and know-how is irreplaceably needed. Thus, while making a choice right grasp over the core concept of project must be respected.
  • Repute & Good Name: There are few names that bell the ring of being authority in our mind the moment we hear their name. This is why a well-reputed firm with good feedback for past customers must be preferred.
  • Flexibility: A company with flexible work culture must be the choice as they can adjust their way of doing things with your favourable style be it communication mode or delivery structure.
  • Confidentiality Maintenance: A company with strong policy of confidentiality has to be preferred and it is one of the most important pointers to be kept in mind. When you hire a name all your ideas and assets are with them, so it becomes a must to have a proper confidentiality agreement or policy or you might end up in a really cramped position.

software development company in India

What can be a Possible ‘Safe Investment’?

India is the place to look for solution – it’s often the notion that keeps coming to businesses world over ear. But, without the right information of the industry and importantly the team, why would you think to try them?

Almost every software development company in India and its surrounding environment have changed a lot in last few years. It’s important that keep a check of that. The area where development is very much visible is talent and support system, accelerated delivery channel, etc. According to NASSCOM, software product exports is expected to reach a staggering height of USD 1.5 billion which is almost y-o-y growth of 13 per cent. The prime factors behind this have to be the demand and usage of mobility and cloud applications by most of the SMBs based in India.

Comparing with the global industry the Asia/Pacific software developers number is the highest in the year of 2014. The share is almost 38% which is bigger than America and EMEA considerably. In this 38% share of Asia/pacific region most of the developers hail from India and a considerable number also operate based in America with headquarters in India. This tells the fact why considering a software company based in India is always the prime choice of new age entrepreneurs.