Things You Can Do to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Website

Does your WordPress website take too long in loading? Your users might exit from your website and move on to some of your competitor’s website if it takes long in loading.

Here are top 5 things you can do to make your website load quickly:

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1. Find the Best Hosting Services Provider
A poor hosting service provider can not only slow down your website but may also cause security problems for your website. It’s always recommended to choose a reliable hosting partner.

2. Image Optimization
Image optimization on your website can drastically improve your overall website speed. Images are the major reason responsible for slow websites. You can ask your web development company in India to take care of image size & optimize them if required.

3. Make Use of Caching Plugin
A caching plugin is amongst the most important WordPress plugins. This plugin serves ‘snapshots’ of past versions of your site, enabling for a faster delivery when someone requests it. These plugins are also very simple to manage as you need not to do anything except turning it on.

4. Minify Your Codes
Messy files that include various scripts & styles make the webpages heavier. Cleaning unnecessary code can be helpful in improving the speed of your website.

5. Database Optimization
WordPress framework automatically saves different versions of your contents including comments, posts, pages and many more. Though, it can be considered as a great feature as it back up your content, however many of the backup versions created are unnecessary. Optimizing database can make your website load faster. There are various plugins available to help you with database optimization of your WordPress website.

What You Should Know About Web Development Strategy?

When it comes to develop a successful strategy for building a top class online presence that drives visitors and bring more business, many businesses so still lack in that particular area. Website development strategy for outstanding, & successful websites is basically a 3 step process. When you get in touch with a company or agency to avail web development services in India, they do follow this three-step process.

Web Development Services

It is the first and most important part that companies go through before start developing a website. Knowing your business needs & understanding them precisely is critical to develop a successful strategy.

Once developers & project managers are done with understanding the business needs, now it comes to perform a proper research that involves user needs along with their interests & behavior. A website is useless until people do not visit and perform any action on it. Involving user psychology is another critical aspect of developing a workable web development strategy.

After business & user needs, it comes to closely have a look on competition. A web development strategy should involve that how your website will standout in the competition. Making sure your website is unique & has something extra to offer that your competitors do not. Also, a strong web strategy needs to focus on competitor’s strength & weaknesses.

When you contract a company for web development services, you should involve with them in developing a workable strategy for your website.

4 Smart Tips to Marketing Software Development

In todays world where everything is technologically controlled, software development has become an indispensable part. As an emerging industry, it is turning out to be increasingly essential for software developing companies to build their product in a manner that matches creative business models. Working with a smart team impacts both the quality of the product and the business’s bottom line. By following the below compiled 4 smart strategies, software development companies in India have managed to enhance their overall efficiency.

1) Multiple Skill-set Team: Team with the right blend of skillset for various requirements and diverse phases of the software development lifecycle is a must. All-rounder employees with expertise in testing & coding enhances the overall productivity. Working with a fully stocked team of experts would ensure hassle free working of diverse representatives all through the process.

2) 24×7 Availability: With most of the companies operating globally, working in shifts optimizes the time management. This has to be done strategically. For instance, a quality testing group can test the software during the night and send bug reports in the morning so that they can be rectified. This way, it will be easy to get out the most from a specific time slot.

3) Delegation of Task: Some phenomenally tedious and distressing tasks such as support, customization & maintenance should be assigned to an external source. By doing so, the development team would be able to concentrate on its core task improving the product quality.

4) Competitive Cost: However cost plays an important role in attracting a customer, it needs to planned well. Organizations can drastically reduce on the development costs by smart utilization of the resources & time. This should instead be given to the customer which again would improve the company’s bottom line by scaling approach.

Some Alarming Security Threats in Web Development

An important part of developing a website or application is to take security concerns in consideration. Web development process includes the practices of creating extremely secured and user-friendly websites and applications. Whenever you avail web development services in India or anywhere else, make sure that particular company is good in taking security concern into account while developing your application.

Security Threats in Web Development

When it comes to the security concern for a web application, few common mistakes that developers make are:

1. Cross Site Scripting: It is a threatening glitch that allows the significant execution of the script available in your browser. It can result in hijacking of user sessions more easy and even can introduce malicious worms. This error is often caused by inappropriate validation of information for user-supply.

2. SQL injection: It is a kind of malicious attack on a website that noticeably exploits validation of insufficient input. SQL injection acquires the access of the shell on server of database.

3. Shell injection error: This thread is very similar to the before mentioned SQL injection. Under such thread, the attacker basically tries to develop a different input string so that he can get the access to your web servers’ shell. By accessing your web server’s shell, attackers can hugely harm your site. This error usually occurs when you pass on an untreated user input in the shell. Such attacks can be prevented by sanitizing and validating all of your user inputs.

4. Phishing attack: This is amongst the most common web attacks. In phishing attack scammers try to trick the users for acquiring their login details. To ensure your website does not affected by these attacks, you should use only one significant and valid URL for login.

How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Once a website is live, it has a critical part to play for business. It should be easily accessible to the target audiences on web crawlers. In short, a website should be optimized with SEO point of view so that it turns out to be beneficial for enterprise.

Figuring out how to modify a web page to make it internet friendly is an important guide not only for the developer but the website owner as well. Hence, it is very important to look for the best web development services in India for a website. Let us have a look at the factors involved in making a site easy for search engines to crawl:

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1) Content Should Be Indexable
Content must be placed in HTML format for better search engine listing. Incorporating Alt text for images and audio/ video with a small description and content is a must. It is critical to know how the web pages are visible to crawlers.

2) An External CSS Stylesheet and JS Files
This is important to give the site a standardized appearance. There are some web designers who make use of CSS Stylesheet for their convenience. In addition, these creates an opportunity for web pages to look different without a lot of extensive coding.

3) URL Construction
A very well planned URL framework prompts a nice customer experience. These should be constructed keeping in mind the navigation & web pages with no use of special symbols like #, %, $ etc. These must follow the strict guidelines as per the search engine bots.

4) Speed Optimization
Focusing on load time during web design is a critical factor. Search engines look for page speed and that directly affects the ranking. Internal redirects must be kept in mind to improve the user experience. Optimization in this respect is vital for web designers as well.

Top five strategies For Mobile App Success

With the number of mobile phone subscribers reaching 6 billion globally and the rapid booming market that promises to further connect tens of billions more within few coming years, has changed business strategies forever. The technology enhancement provides a grand opportunity to how an organization connects and execute business with its clients, workers and accomplices.

To overcome the growing market competition, businesses are focusing on mobile applications as their major strategy. According to the Lopez Research survey, more than half of the companies have plans to build more than 20 enterprise mobile apps this year. Here it is vital to mark out some of the strategies that make these mobile apps successful. They can be summarized as below:

1. Flexible software development tools: Today’s advanced mobile app development platforms offer modules to support critical management elements such as testing, app version control, application catalogs, performance analytics, security and lifecycle management. This flexibility is sure to play an important role in achieving huge success for mobile apps.

2. Data Security: A major point of concern that prevents an app’s success is ‘How’ and ‘Which’ data is accessed & transmitted via mobiles as everyone is worried about their personal information theft & misuse. Data must flow seamlessly and securely between a corporation’s data center, the cloud and mobile devices. This should always be kept in mind while developing an app.

3. Custom Applications: An application that can’t only access the data a person needs but also exceeds his expectations is sure to create a buzz in the market. Companies need to cash this feature by building custom applications after a deep research.

4. Continuous improvement and user engagement: Customer feedback must be looked into and continuous improvements should be made for improving engagement & user experience with the app. Tackling ability to inform like crash reporting, flow visualization, session length, frequency of use, etc shall be a strong differentiating factor.

5. Leveraging cloud computing technology: Nowadays cloud solutions are used for application testing, mobile application development platforms, and enterprise app integration. Processing of mobile and IoT data with high accuracy & ease has further glorifies the concept.

Hence, we can conclude that these points are vital in success of the mobile apps and one should consult the best mobile app development companies which would further strengthen this possibility.

Website Development Becomes Easy And Convenient With SynapseIndia

Since the advent of this century, there has been a significant increase in the thinking of human beings. Business, which was early related either only to the shops or was confined within factories and manufacturing units is now available on our palms or laps in the form of websites. These online promotional presence is the need of hour and foundation of tomorrow’s business.

Discerning this all, SynapseIndia is engaged in providing the most authentic and reliable web development services in India. A robust web development is required by all the business and other service providers in order to augment the quality of their service in all respects. This organization has a broad range of web development service, that can enable to manage the online venture in a more effective and efficient manner.

Supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, this organization has been able to attain an unparalleled position in this domain. The developers working with this company have a thorough command over PHP, Flash, ASP.Net, VB.Net, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and numerous others. These developers work in close coordination with the requirements stated by the clients so as to deliver them a perfect and uniquely tailored web development solution. Some of the offered services under website development are:

  • Portal design & promotion
  • Web based database programming
  • Website development & maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Legacy solution handling

Understanding the importance of robust information architecture, these professionals employ their knowledge to deliver front end development for clients. With SynapseIndia, you can undoubtedly leverage the technical expertise of the professionals on one hand, and quality on the other.

Learn how usability testing can take your business to next high level through few easy to use tools

Before understanding about the tools that are used for usability testing, it is of paramount importance to understand, what Usability Testing is all about?
It is a process in which the evaluation of a product by testing it on users, that is used in user-centered interaction designs, is done. A highly effective mode of testing, it gives a direct and accurate result of viability of a process through user interaction. Not only this, but this process is also used for checking the human made product’s capability to meet its intended customer.

Since the advent of 21st century, human civilization has travelled various miles. From inventing the first computing device to today’s mobile applications, all has been a testimony of our development and evolvement with time. Not only this, but the pace with which e-commerce websites have been developed makes ‘usability testing’ more important.

Software development in India is not new, but the programmers working in India are much more creative and advanced in all terms. Owing to which, they have developed some vital and effective tools for usability testing including, Concept Feedback, the process in which all pivotal information is gathered from experts about new designs for marketing or advertising. Other than this, Chalkmark, Clicktale, Clixpy, Crazyegg, Ethnio, and feedback army are the other tools.

All these tools are very useful and easy in application. And these usability testing tools assist clients in many ways. Removal of errors, easy software learning, better quality software and easy acceptance of software by the users are some of the benefits that end user can have from this.

Knowing Your Needs before Contracting Software Development Company

In recent time software development has turned out to be excessively mind boggling for contemporary businesses, making it impossible to handle. However, a wide range of organizations have possessed the capacity to create distinctive turnkey applications for business use, there are still a few undertakings that require a dedicated solution for best efficiency. This is when searching for a software development services providers comes in.

An accomplished software development organization has the ability to offer secure software that is touchy to your organization’s necessities while as yet permitting you to keep focused spending plan. With a specific end goal to make the most out of employing a software development organization, you need to make sense of what you require from that organization.

Talk about Software Development with Your Management Team
Before you finalize a software development organization, you need to discuss it with your management team. Talk about what the best application would be for your organization. This may be customer tracking, funds or data services. It is best for you to get information from the individuals who will be utilizing the project that is produced consistently.

Write Down What You Are Looking For
After you go to an agreement about your needs with your management team, you should make a fake custom program. You can basically write down it on paper. It doesn’t need to be great. It will offer the software development organization that you procure a thought of what they are really going after. If you don’t know anything about software development, you can simply attempt to make a list of what you require similarly as the software is concerned.

Have a Budget in Mind
When you have noted down everything that you require from the software, you should plan out your objectives to the extent spending plan and time is concerned. This need to be done before you pick a software development company and contract it. This is so you can abstain from being influenced to pay more than you can bear the cost of by the software development service provider. There are some software development companies out there who decide to change the predefined spending plan before the task is finished. You need to demonstrate the software development organization that you have just a certain measure of cash to spend on the task. This will help you acquire moderate software development services.

Clear up Security Needs
In spite of the fact that you require your software to do certain things for your business, the one thing that you completely need is security. You have to verify that your organization and your software is shielded from outside dangers. Be clear about your security needs. Make your security needs the most imperative thing while you are planning the task with the software development company.

The Moment of Truth: Determining Success or Failure of Your Website

It’s the time to face of reality. The time you finally know whether your website is a success or a flop. This is the thirty-day mark when you can determine whether your website is a lead machine or a money pit.

Why 30 Days?
After the period of 30 days from a new or redesigned website goes live, you can actually measure the impacts for your SEO, website usability, and other general esthetics. Is your website driving traffic? Are visitors staying on your website, what’s the conversion rate? These are questions that sounds very basic but offer a significant amount of value.
Finding out if you’ve succeeded or failed is indeed easier than one might think. By focusing on some of the core items or matrices you can figure out if your website is a hero or a zero.

Metrics to Help You Decide Success or Failure of Your Website

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1. Organic Search Position – Where does your website rank when it comes to primary keyword and phrases? If you have redesigned your website, your rank for these keywords has improved or gone down? Design does make an impact on SEO. An old & corrupt design architecture can negates your SEO efforts. On the other hand, some designers knows and implement SEO guidelines in website design process that can improve your website ranking.
2. Website Traffic – What changes you see in terms of website traffic in 30 days? Just create an annotation in tracking tool like Google Analytics or Omniture for the date your website went live and monitor the traffic differences before and after. If you’ve done things right, you can notice the indication of success through these metrics..
3. Social Interaction – Designing a website that not only presents great content but also allow users to easily share it will produce great results. Again you can check Analytics tool to find out an impact on social engagement.
4. Conversions – Only having traffic on website is never enough. The traffic is useless until it doesn’t convert into potential leads. You need to make sure that you are getting the right traffic that is converting into sales. Design plays a vital role in conversion, so make your website is visually appealing and presents great content.

What About Intangible Benefits?
Success of your website is often based on many intangible factors such as usability, ease of navigation, and information transfer. A design that focuses more on the happiness factor than the income factor is likely to be more successful. Web development services in India are easily affordable and extremely knowledgeable professionals can turn your web design & development project into huge success.