Vital Tips for Facebook Application Release & Maximizing Growth

Development of Facebook application for your business is highly beneficial as well as tedious to achieve; businesses that realize this fact direct their efforts to create the most awesome Facebook application with the help of experienced developers. Once your Facebook application development processes are done, you will look further for the prospects of viral growth. Here, we will discuss about some ways that can help yield maximum traction with your new app.

Facebook application development

Analyze your App Screenshots & Icons – Initially, when potential users have interaction with your Facebook app, you need to give them something really impressive. This requires focusing specially on the app logo, app icon and screenshot; ensure that all of these are well-ready before you actually go for the actual launching.

Create an Appealing App Copy – You need to present your app to users in a smart way; this requires making a highly interesting app copy that’s informative yet concise. Around 250 characters is all you get to impress your targeted audience; so ensure that your phrases are quite punchy. Maintaining consistency is important and hence you can look forward to using the same text at places where the app is advertised.

Submit App to Directories – There are two main directories that you can consider for submission – the official Facebook directory and the not-so-official New Apps directory. Submitting your app to Facebook directory would consume a bit of time due to requirement of 5 users. Also, your app may take several days to actually appear in the official directory.

Set a Time for App Release – Make sure you are aware of the different usage patterns of social network users. Always remember that breaking into social circles quickly & effectively will bring better results for your Facebook app. If you want quick traction for your app, ensure that users add your app while their other friends are online.

Establish Communication with Users – Form “Bugs” thread and “Feature Request” thread in your Facebook app’s about us page. Make sure any bugs reported by the users are fixed therein without delay. Users are more interested in your product if you develop it actively while adding new features timely. Generate goodwill by resolving problems users face while using your app.

A Deeper Look into the Major Software Development Risks

Taking note of the risks that can be a problem for your software development project in the coming time is a critical activity that every company involved in software development should take care of. Almost every software development company in India and abroad these days takes crucial measures to ensure that all factors leading to a potential risk are taken into consideration.

If you are a software development company that is not addressing all the risk factors in the test plan, there may be deep trouble in store for you. It should be especially understood that all risks, whether small or large should be identified, classified as well as managed properly prior to commencing the actual execution of program. Let’s take a broader look at the risks that should be taken into consideration.

Schedule Risk – If you are not addressing your schedule risks then there are high chances of your project schedule being slipped. Your project may be severely affected if this risk is not taken well care of. There are a number of reasons due to which your schedule may slip; wrong time estimation being the most prominent one. Improper tracking of resources such as system, staff, skills of individual etc., is another big reason. Schedule may also slip due to unexpected project scope expansions and failure to pin-point the complex functionality.

Operational Risks – As the name suggests, these risks are involved at the operational level. Various reasons due to which there can be a loss due to operational risks include – incorrect implementation of the process, inability to address priority conflicts and delegate responsibilities suitably in the team, insufficient resources, improper resource planning and inadequate communication.

Budget Risk – There can be a number of scenarios in which you can suffer a loss due to the budget. Even the slightest of inaccuracy in estimating the budget may bring the scope of your software development project under high risk. Project scope expansion is another major reason that may impact your project due to budgetary reasons.

Technical Risks – Such risks result in total failure of software functionality; thereby affecting the performance as well. Constantly changing requirements is a major reason for the same while difficult project modules integration is also equally responsible for bringing in such risks.

Business Benefits of developing Enterprise Mobile App

Business is more than buying and selling things. It’s about developing a base which can make our daily work quite easy for each interest. Launching a business and reaching it to the desired level of success are two diverse exercises. Every business success depends on two things; first its output and second one is the ROI (return on investment). Every successful business has high sales and low investment.

The collection of people, technology and process in order to manage connectivity options of mobility solutions and software is known as an enterprise mobility solution. In the developed business world, we should increase the productivity and wish to gain an aggressive edge in the global business, and to achieve this we need to optimize the use of resource in a progressive manner.

Mobile Application Development

These solutions are developing very fast pace globally and with the using of smart phones and mobile applications, mobile world reaches new heights each day. Mobile apps are normally designed for gaming and shopping purpose, but now mobile apps are also used by people for their official work. In present time, Mobile application development company, develops various mobile apps for the whole purpose of business benefits. Let’s have a look the benefits of business mobility solutions and try to understand why it becomes trendy in the present economic environment:

  • One of the major benefits of enterprise app is that it connects employees anywhere, anytime and therefore it increase productivity.
  • Using enterprise apps decrease the cost of other equipments and tools required to work like marketing and sales.
  • It is useful to the maximum utilization of resources like inventory data, customer information, sales and marketing also.
  • These apps are helpful to drive business operations.
  • It improves customer relationship and customer satisfaction and support.
  • It encourages centralized communications among clients, customers, stakeholders and vendors etc.

Hybrid Mobile App Development – Must Know Points for Developers

HTML is a highly popular language for mobile app developers; cross-platform code portability and low cost of development are the major reasons behind developers going for these web technologies. In respect to mobile apps, Hybrid apps have gained much importance over the years. Native apps apps are mobile apps in their purest form and one can definitely find a mobile application development company for getting native apps developed as per need.

By taking the native path, developers are able to make use of all the capabilities of an operating system as well as the device. Conversely, web app your code can be easily ported across different platforms in form of a web app. Hybrid apps on the other hand blend the best of both worlds and thus present a more effective option for developers.

Building Hybrid Apps Demands Precision & Expertise…

Mobile application development company
Typically, there are two ways in which a Hybrid app can be built; it can be either in the form of WebView app or as a Compiled hybrid app. When taking the WebView app approach, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code base are running in an internal browser wrapped in a native app. Through the wrapper, native APIs get exposed to JavaScript. In the compiled hybrid app approach, C# or JavaScript is used for writing the code that results in a native app produced for each platform. However, with this approach, there is less freedom for developers.

Both of these approaches are extensively used by developers across the globe; however, WebView apps are more common as these allow developers to employ the best of their skills. Hybrid apps loose the edge in some areas as compared to native & mobile web apps. One of the biggest drawbacks related with is the performance issues that exist for certain types of apps. Additionally, support is not available for all operating systems & devices that makes it a bit risky to choose hybrid. You just cannot ignore these drawbacks as hybrid approach is not suited for all types of apps. It would be essentially required to evaluate the target user segment, their platform preference as well as the requirements of the app before choosing the hybrid approach.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Mobile Application Development

The demand for mobile apps has constantly gone up over the years and so has the number of apps in the market. But, is such flood of apps in the App market really worth it. App development has gradually started to lose its real meaning though the industry keeps on booming at a constant rate. It must be understood that whether building an app for iOS, Android or some other mobile platform, high focus is essentially needed. You just cannot create & serve anything for mobile users as trends have changed. Mobile users now look for apps that can not only serve their purpose but also provide value. It can be done best if you follow some tips that can boost your mobile app development efforts. Let’s take a look at a few of these tips.

Mobile Application Development Company

Learn How your Targeted Platforms Work – The concept of a well-designed & elegant iOS app is slightly different from that of an Android app due to the sole reason that beauty is relative to the platform. Hence, its always good to get a fair understanding of the targeted platforms and accordingly implement your app content & branding around that platform’s parameters.

Think About Web Service – In the case of developing cross-platform apps, its recommended to build the code totally abstracted as if its a Web service. Also make sure that your programming logic is not dependent on the screens & the corresponding platforms. This should be followed by creation of the native user interfaces that will use these local Web services. In this manner, the entire user interface code will be not coupled to the logic.

Modules are Not Fiery; So, Embrace Them – Appcelerator provides a comprehensive, top-class, cross-platform API. It actually serves as the much-needed Native Module Development Framework that developers can make good use of to leverage additional features and functionality. With the help of these modules, your app’s overall quality will be enhanced while the corresponding user experience will also reach top levels. Hence, never fear from modules; rather, use them wisely.

Adopt Frequent Testing Approach – The components in your cross-platform app will be cross-platform as well as platform-specific. Hence, never follow the practice wherein you work on the Android version for many days, and run it on iOS later to discover the anomalies. Rather, you should test more often. In this way, if something is faulty in one platform, it can be identified & fixed therein.

Following tips given above can prove to be handy for your mobile app development project. A mobile application development company like SynapseIndia has qualified developers who constantly follow such tips to make the undertaken mobile app development projects successful.

The Intricacies Involved in SharePoint Migration & Its Solution

Correct SharePoint implementation is essentially required to make the entire process successful; when we say correct implementation, it implies eliminating all chances of failures and avoiding delays completely. During a typical migration process, the estimated time may deviate from that actually required due to a number of factors like unavoidable delays that take your SharePoint implementation on the wrong foot.

Conducting migration in a timely manner is not the only requirement; precisely, the details must also be set right. More care needs to be taken in regard to checked-out documents as users will never like to redo on the documents again once the migration is completed. Hence, prior to migration, get a report to know the number of checked-out documents existing in SharePoint. Besides that, also fetch a report on the database size and the number of sites that have been updated lately.

Migration Expert – Minimizing Risks in SharePoint Migration…

You can do all of the above manually or can get a migration tool for the same. Migration Expert is a tool that gives you the leverage to look into whatever you are having in SharePoint; further it analyzes it and accordingly delivers reports that you can use for better migration.

It essentially scans following –

  • Web applications
  • Content databases
  • Site collections
  • Sites that are against Microsoft-recommended thresholds

Post successful scan, Migration Expert provides the results (with links to a database) against 60 metrics. Its suited for SharePoint 2007 or 2010 migrations besides SharePoint 2013 and Office365 too. Almost every SharePoint development company in India and abroad is employing it as a best practice for SharePoint Migration. Better prediction of required time periods is the biggest pros related with this tool as it eliminates all chances of risks.

Keys to Ensure Successful Delivery of Software Development Projects

Managing a software development project can give you a hard time if proper planning is not done. A number of software projects fail due to various reasons like incompetency to meet deadlines, going over the budget, not fulfilling customer requirements etc. However, there are few points that you can consider to follow to ensure that your software development project is not a failure. Let’s take a look at the points in detail –

Software Development Company in India

Software Development is More than Simple Coding – A software development project’s productivity to a large extent depends on the choice of software language. The impact of using one language compared to other may make marked differences in the end software. However, if the capabilities of the team are strong, choice of language rarely makes a difference. Another thing that needs to be considered is that requirements gathering, analysis, design, configuration management, documentation, system & integration testing comprise around 70% of the total efforts on a project. Hence, coding is not the major task in a software development project as there are many other tasks that require equal focus.

Software Development is Not Same as Manufacturing – Normally, in a manufacturing facility, for increasing production, one goes for adding another assembly line or increasing the number of workers. The same concept does not work for software development too. It would be a wrong approach followed by a software development company in India or abroad if it considers adding more resources to attain the project deadlines. Adding more members in the team would degrade the work quality besides increasing the cost too. More importantly, there would be wastage of time in establishing sync between the old & new members.

Cost & Schedule Cannot be Interchanged – Schedule and cost of a software development project share a non-linear relationship. Shortening a pre-set schedule to meet a deadline will lead to inefficient team operation, increased communication complexity, reduced testing and to be more worse, lowered software quality. One of the most common causes of project failure is unrealistic schedules. So, try avoiding falling to any of such conditions.

These are some of the points that one should consider while working on software development projects.

Points to consider while selecting a Facebook Application Development Provider

With more than a billion users, Facebook is world’s largest social network that extends bright & exciting opportunities for businesses to expand their reach besides strengthening their brand popularity. Getting a Facebook app developed for your business can thus be the right step to proceed in this direction.

Facebook Application Development Company

Well-designed Facebook apps bring promising growth potential for brands whose targets audience comes under the typical Facebook user demographic. So, if you have plans for Facebook app development, you need to hire a suitable company for the same.

Following are given some points you should consider before hiring a Facebook application development company

Domain Expertise – The Facebook application development company should have considerable experience in building relevant apps for your business. Checking out experience means you need to have a look at the previous work done by the company. Ask them for the methodology their developers employ for creating a particular Facebook app besides analyzing the functionality of apps developed in the past. Their developers should also be capable of adjusting to the tweaks to Facebook’s algorithm besides also taking advantage of newer features such as Open Graph.

Ability to Build Feature-rich Facebook Apps – Easily handling the key challenges coming in the way of developing feature-enriched Facebook apps should be the major ability of the company’s developers. They should be able to create flexible & interactive Facebook apps featuring a beautiful user interface and driving better growth & engagement for your business.

Adherence to Facebook Guidelines – Most importantly, the company by any means shouldn’t violate the Facebook’s guidelines and policy. Its important to avoid facing rejection at a later stage after the app is developed. So, its better to check for this to ensure that its not too late.

Ability to Deliver within Deadlines – Time bound delivery is a factor that comes into play for every business looking to attain its fixed set of objectives within a set time. So, if you have a target to achieve based on the outcomes of your newly developed Facebook app, you should consider hiring a company that creates & delivers you the app as per schedule.

SynapseIndia Announces Distribution of TABLET phones to its Employees

IT outsourcing major SynapseIndia recently announced the distribution of Micromax P470 tablet to its employees who attended the 15th Foundation day retreat HR activities. It was a major announcement made at the company’s 15th Foundation Day held at a retreat hotel outside Delhi/NCR that brought more smiles on the faces of employees of the reputed company.

SynapseIndia 15th Foundation Day

As per the company spokesperson “Our company has been delivering web and mobile applications for our global clientele successfully every year simply because of the valiant, dedicated efforts of our employees. This is indeed the prime reason for our influential success & annual growth. So, we have decided to gift tablets to our employees who have been dedicating their time & efforts for our company’s growth & prosperity. We hope that it will further encourage the use of mobile applications within the extended family and be popular with out employees families and kids.”

Definitely, it was a great news for each SynapseIndian as everyone was thrilled to get the latest tablets. As per an employee “It’s very appreciated! We give our heart & soul everyday to ensure that our company is constantly progressing on the path of success. We take pride in the fact that we are part of a company that recognizes employees efforts and rewards them from time-to-time. The tablets we would be getting are indeed a token of appreciation from our company for our efforts and HR engagement, and this truly makes us feel great!”.

Over the years, SynapseIndia has evolved into a complete IT solutions provider with service offerings ranging from web & mobile app development to online promotions and more. The CMMI Level 3 certified company offers a host of employee benefits that include monthly awards, provident fund, medical programs, health insurance, performance bonuses and more. Its indeed these diverse benefits that make SynapseIndia a great organization to work in for employees.

SynapseIndia CMMI: SynapseIndia currently follows all processes under CMMI level 3 certification that further ensures delivery of higher quality services to global clients. The reputed IT outsourcing company is looking forward to attaining CMMI Level 5 in near future that would further solidify its reputation in the global market.

SynapseIndia Celebrations: Celebrations are held in SynapseIndia throughout the year; most prominent ones being celebration for Holi, Diwali, Christmas etc. By means of these celebrations, the reputed company looks forward to unifying its employees for building better, stronger bonds and adopting a more collaborative approach in future. SynapseIndia also has plans to organize the upcoming celebrations in a more enjoyable environment like a resort or hotel.

SynapseIndia Events: SynapseIndia organizes various motivational, learning events from time to time. Different morale-boosting events are normally organized within the company; while depending on the event nature, arrangements are also made to organize it at a different venue. In the coming time, the company plans to arrange more of such events at different venues for boosting employee morale & increasing engagement while bringing them together for more fun, frolic & enjoyment.

SynapseIndia Expansion plan: SynapseIndia is on the path of transforming its future expansion plans into reality. With registered offices currently in India, US and UK; the CMMI certified company is looking forward to spreading its IT outsourcing business by opening more registered offices across the globe. Announcement for the same has already come out during the company’s 15th Foundation Day event.

SynapseIndia Employee benefits: Several employee benefits available to SynapseIndia employees include LTA, performance bonuses, medical insurance, accidental insurance, etc. Based on its employee-friendly policy, the company plans to add on more attractive benefit plans for its employees in near future to ensure that their motivation level stays at the peak.

SynapseIndia Ranking: SynapseIndia ranking is excellent among the different web development companies located across the globe. SynapseIndia is planning to maintain its excellent ranking and market goodwill by adopting a more client-specific approach.

SynapseIndia Recruitment: SynapseIndia is looking forward to hire more qualified professionals including web developers, mobile app developers, SEO specialists etc., for its registered offices. The company’s recruitment team has also made future plans to adopt a more comprehensive candidate screening procedure for the vacant job positions and hire the right candidates that can fit well in the company’s culture & environment.

SynapseIndia Research & development: The IT outsourcing major considers research & development as an integral part of business success. Consequently, SynapseIndia team would be emphasizing more on this aspect in future to find effective methods of simplifying processes, minimizing operational costs and maximizing client benefits. To attain this, the IT company would be strengthening its research & development team by adding more resources in the coming time.

How Microsoft SharePoint helps to increase productivity?

Microsoft SharePoint has played a crucial role in providing small & large businesses with invaluable opportunities to be strong on the strategic front while also improving productivity levels at a steady pace. It serves as a useful tool to bring in considerable improvements in the efficiency & productivity of your business.

SharePoint gives ample focus to work-flows, thus bringing impressive results in the long run as well as short run. Consulting a SharePoint development company in India may be a viable option; however, its better to also know the ways in which this useful tool can help improve the productivity & efficiency of your business.

SharePoint development company

1. Effective Collaboration – SharePoint facilitates teamwork by maintaining strong connectivity among your team members. You can use it to get fast access to crucial information within the time frame required, thus rendering the capture, creation and sharing of community knowledge very easy. Most importantly, all of your teams, whether internal or external remain in sync.

2. Application Integration – Its fairly easy to employ collaborative applications with this tool. You can integrate with other familiar tools like Microsoft Office to get a robust combination that enables you meet your daily productivity goals in the most efficient manner and using the least effort.

3. Information Security System Control – Your information security system plays a crucial part in defining your business success. SharePoint offers the chance to manage & control security using scalable infrastructure that brings in a constant stream of powerful administrative services.

4. Firm Foundation for Web-based Apps – The role of web applications in enhancing your business efficiency & productivity cannot be denied. Sharepoint allows you authenticate web parts & master pages while also facilitating customization enhancements, thus making work simple and productivity high.