Top Reasons to Hire PHP Developers from India

Following the latest industry trend, it is really essential for all the small and medium sized businesses to have their own valuable online presence. This requires creating a unique website for your company, which can attract your potential customers’ and enhance your business opportunities.

Hire PHP Developer India

But, when it comes to unique web application, then PHP web development has been the most preferred choice of companies, from last few years. The constructive platform of PHP development can solve business challenges efficiently, and increases the functionality of the website, that’s the reason why companies prefer PHP websites. Considering the value of the PHP websites, here are the top reasons to Hire PHP Developers from India, for your business:

1. Cost Efficiency
For running a business productively, the budget plays an important role. Choosing the cost-effective method, business owners prefer hiring dedicated PHP developers from offshore areas for their web and mobile app development work, which cost them cheaper prices for it.

2. Flexibility
Indian PHP developers are flexible in their work, which provides a chance for the companies to give any task or project to them, and get their project ready within the estimated time period.

3. Easy to Hire
PHP developers are easy to hire, as there are a number of PHP web programmers in the industry, are looking for the best employment opportunity to show their true potential. Also, there are many web development companies which outsource PHP development for their clients, at reasonable prices.

4. Dedicated Developer
Nowadays, businesses search for the quality work, which the web development companies understand very well. That’s why companies offer only services of trustworthy and dedicated web developers, which are reliable and complete the project on time.

5. Expertise
PHP developers from Indian, are expertise in PHP development and have great knowledge about PHP language and its tools. With their expertise and experience, a PHP developer will make your website more effective and productive.

9 Essential PHP Testing Frameworks 2016

The adjusting PHP code isn’t really interesting to do, that’s why PHP testing framework has been created. To increase the proficiency of the developers, these frameworks provide automatic testing, which speed up the PHP development process, recognize issues, decreases security issues, remove bits of superfluous code, and enhance the complete performance of the web applications for which the code is used.

For PHP web application development process, there are few automated PHP testing frameworks available, and selecting the appropriate framework is really challenging. Here is the list of top PHP testing frameworks which will highly use by the developers, in the year 2016.

PHP web application development

1. Simple Test
Simple test is quite easy to use and light weighted. It has many important and useful features, such as support for SSL, Forms and Proxies, as well as quick PHP task checking. If you have worked on the JUnit, then you will find a SimpleTest’s interface quite similar with it.

2.PHP Unit
PHPUnit is the most used framework by the PHP developers. It is a most impactful programmer-oriented unit testing framework, which got recently updated with the 5.1 stable release.

3. Behat
Different but impactful, Behat is a behavior-driven PHP testing framework, which is used as a story-based behavior driven development, to creates tests look like stories. It is simple to understand and easy to use, which make it quite popular among the developers.

4. Codeception
Offering excellent PHP testing to both beginners and pros, Codeception provides a 5 minute run quick app tests, as well as easily integrates with other frameworks to allow API testing, Functional testing and acceptance testing.

5. Peridot
by providing describe-it syntax, Peridot permits the developers to write tests in a natural method. As it is event-driven, you can simply create an ad-hoc extensions for it, which makes it faster, lightweight, and can be customized with reporters and plugins.

6. DBUnit
For large and Big testing projects, DBUnit is the most preferred choice of the developers, because It is a robust PHP testing framework for data fixture.

7. PHPSpec
PHPSpec or SpecBDD PHP is a behavior-driven testing framework that used by the developers to write the specifications to determine how apps behave. It is one of the trustworthy framework which comes with a detailed user guide.

8. Mockery
Mockery is a flexible PHP mock object framework which is easy to use. It can be efficiently used with other frameworks, especially with PHPUnit, for unit testing.

9. Selenium
Due to its accessibility and utility, Selenium automates browsers and web applications for testing purposes and helps developers to create robust browser-based regression tests.

Top Web Design & Development Trends for 2016

2016 is all set to enter in our lives & web experts have already started forecasting of trends that are expected to rule in 2016. This year web development industry has witnessed many new changes & trends that focused to offer better user interface & easy accessibility of websites. Below mentioned are some key trends that are predicted by many of the web development companies in India. Let’s have a look on these:

Web Design Development Trends 2016

1. Longer scrolling sites
This year, we have seen that many new websites were launched that were longer in length when scrolling through the page. It is easier for users to simply scroll rather than visiting different pages to find information about single product, services or topic.

2. Storytelling & Interactions
Your visitors engage with the content available on your website. Telling a story through your content is a big plus. This is why storytelling & interactive website work as a marketing tool in itself.

3. Removal of non-essential design elements
A design is complete when all of the unnecessary elements have been eliminated.

Designers & developers have already started eliminating various design elements that are of no need at all such as background colors, complex layout and many more. Instead, they opted for a simple and clean website design.

4. Hidden main menus
Though hidden menus is a responsive web design technique, yet in 2015 some of the sites started using this technique for desktop websites as well. This enables your visitors to see more of your site than menus.

5. Large Typography
Typography plays a critical role in design. We are expected to see typography even larger than previous year. Large typography is likely to be a trend in 2016 in order to enhance the visual hierarchy of the page.

7 Reasons Which Make You Choose PHP for Developing Website

For enhancement, the Internet industry has been upsetting various evolutions. Most of the web developers prefer using PHP to design their website because it is an open-source server-side scripting language that provide diverse elements to perform. PHP is an interpreted script language which fitted best for developing websites. Due to its compatibility with Windows and Unix-based operating system, it is highly valuable. It provides a suitable base to build exceptional quality websites and web applications, easily. Here are some points which prove using PHP is highly beneficial for the websites:

PHP Web Development Company India

1. User-Friendly
PHP is easy to use perform language in comparison of other programming languages. It provides a base for creating secure and minimum coding web based applications with maximum functionality.

2. Adaptability
As one of the most flexible languages in comparison of their languages like Asp, .Net, etc. Being finest high-end programming language it simply matches the custom requirements of any businesses.

3. Dynamic
Its dynamic features help you to develop lively websites which automatically refresh. PHP based websites did not require any updates manually for refreshing it.

4. Profitability
Using PHP is highly profitable for the developers who are new in the online market. Economically, its benefits as it can easily be obtained free of cost from the internet. The users can download its latest version with paying any money.

5. Data Processing
PHP enhances the website function on a large level. It supports the user to include fast data processing features on the websites, which increase its proficiency.

6. Open Source
PHP is a free of cost and simple to use open source language which offers the ultimate solutions for all website development needs.

7. High Performance
with it’s extensive features, PHP enhanced the speed of development instead of increasing the speed of execution. It makes complete use of Apache web server and the MySQL database.

There are many PHP web development company in India, which are well-known with their work. Due to extra-ordinary features, web developers prefer using PHP languages for creating an unimaginable PHP web development projects instead of other languages.

Color Psychology in Web Design: Choosing a Great Color Scheme for Your Website

Think, what if the next day you wake up and find everything as black and/or white only. The world as you have known till now, is gone. All the colors have faded away. No more green is the tree, no more colored apparels and clothing, no more paints to distinguish your house, no more colors on your TV or desktop screen, no more colors except for two – black and white.

Boring! Isn’t it? Colors have made our world more vibrant and lovely. Without colors there would be no emotional responses, no feelings and no connection among people and things in this world.

Psychology of color or color psychology deals with observing, studying and application of effects of various colors on human minds as they tend respond emotionally under each colors influence.

Psychology of color is considered as the most effective tool in the design & marketing world today. “color accounts for 85% of the reason for a product being purchased” – says Neil Patel. What expert marketers do is they use different colors and seek respective emotional responses from potential customers. This gives them the edge over other rivals. Of course, there are many other factors that affect the buying decision of a customer, but color psychology plays a crucial role in the process too.

Psychology of Colors in Web Design:
Psychology of color in web design deals with how a person responds emotionally when s/he comes across a website. Research says that when a person is browsing casually, it takes mere 10 seconds for him/her to decide whether to stay on the page or not. Those 10 seconds are very crucial and only eye catching websites make him to stay there.

What do you think plays the most important role in those 10 seconds. Is it the content, the products or services listed? No, it is the color and the color psychology of the web design that helps decide the person whether to stay or to leave.

Important considerations when choosing website colors
It’s recommended to speak clearly about the website color scheme to the company you’re contracting for web design or web development services in India. Below mentioned are some factors that will help you making a right decision.

  • Does your website require to synchronize with an existing color scheme? This could be the case for business sites which require to reflect the specific branding that the company already uses.
  • Knowing the purpose of your website. If you’re selling products or services, make sure that colors you choose should inspire the particular emotion in website visitors.
  • What kind of contents (images & graphics) will you use into the site? Your color scheme should match your images for maximum impact.

Things You Can Do to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Website

Does your WordPress website take too long in loading? Your users might exit from your website and move on to some of your competitor’s website if it takes long in loading.

Here are top 5 things you can do to make your website load quickly:

web development company in India

1. Find the Best Hosting Services Provider
A poor hosting service provider can not only slow down your website but may also cause security problems for your website. It’s always recommended to choose a reliable hosting partner.

2. Image Optimization
Image optimization on your website can drastically improve your overall website speed. Images are the major reason responsible for slow websites. You can ask your web development company in India to take care of image size & optimize them if required.

3. Make Use of Caching Plugin
A caching plugin is amongst the most important WordPress plugins. This plugin serves ‘snapshots’ of past versions of your site, enabling for a faster delivery when someone requests it. These plugins are also very simple to manage as you need not to do anything except turning it on.

4. Minify Your Codes
Messy files that include various scripts & styles make the webpages heavier. Cleaning unnecessary code can be helpful in improving the speed of your website.

5. Database Optimization
WordPress framework automatically saves different versions of your contents including comments, posts, pages and many more. Though, it can be considered as a great feature as it back up your content, however many of the backup versions created are unnecessary. Optimizing database can make your website load faster. There are various plugins available to help you with database optimization of your WordPress website.

What You Should Know About Web Development Strategy?

When it comes to develop a successful strategy for building a top class online presence that drives visitors and bring more business, many businesses so still lack in that particular area. Website development strategy for outstanding, & successful websites is basically a 3 step process. When you get in touch with a company or agency to avail web development services in India, they do follow this three-step process.

Web Development Services

It is the first and most important part that companies go through before start developing a website. Knowing your business needs & understanding them precisely is critical to develop a successful strategy.

Once developers & project managers are done with understanding the business needs, now it comes to perform a proper research that involves user needs along with their interests & behavior. A website is useless until people do not visit and perform any action on it. Involving user psychology is another critical aspect of developing a workable web development strategy.

After business & user needs, it comes to closely have a look on competition. A web development strategy should involve that how your website will standout in the competition. Making sure your website is unique & has something extra to offer that your competitors do not. Also, a strong web strategy needs to focus on competitor’s strength & weaknesses.

When you contract a company for web development services, you should involve with them in developing a workable strategy for your website.

4 Smart Tips to Marketing Software Development

In todays world where everything is technologically controlled, software development has become an indispensable part. As an emerging industry, it is turning out to be increasingly essential for software developing companies to build their product in a manner that matches creative business models. Working with a smart team impacts both the quality of the product and the business’s bottom line. By following the below compiled 4 smart strategies, software development companies in India have managed to enhance their overall efficiency.

1) Multiple Skill-set Team: Team with the right blend of skillset for various requirements and diverse phases of the software development lifecycle is a must. All-rounder employees with expertise in testing & coding enhances the overall productivity. Working with a fully stocked team of experts would ensure hassle free working of diverse representatives all through the process.

2) 24×7 Availability: With most of the companies operating globally, working in shifts optimizes the time management. This has to be done strategically. For instance, a quality testing group can test the software during the night and send bug reports in the morning so that they can be rectified. This way, it will be easy to get out the most from a specific time slot.

3) Delegation of Task: Some phenomenally tedious and distressing tasks such as support, customization & maintenance should be assigned to an external source. By doing so, the development team would be able to concentrate on its core task improving the product quality.

4) Competitive Cost: However cost plays an important role in attracting a customer, it needs to planned well. Organizations can drastically reduce on the development costs by smart utilization of the resources & time. This should instead be given to the customer which again would improve the company’s bottom line by scaling approach.

Some Alarming Security Threats in Web Development

An important part of developing a website or application is to take security concerns in consideration. Web development process includes the practices of creating extremely secured and user-friendly websites and applications. Whenever you avail web development services in India or anywhere else, make sure that particular company is good in taking security concern into account while developing your application.

Security Threats in Web Development

When it comes to the security concern for a web application, few common mistakes that developers make are:

1. Cross Site Scripting: It is a threatening glitch that allows the significant execution of the script available in your browser. It can result in hijacking of user sessions more easy and even can introduce malicious worms. This error is often caused by inappropriate validation of information for user-supply.

2. SQL injection: It is a kind of malicious attack on a website that noticeably exploits validation of insufficient input. SQL injection acquires the access of the shell on server of database.

3. Shell injection error: This thread is very similar to the before mentioned SQL injection. Under such thread, the attacker basically tries to develop a different input string so that he can get the access to your web servers’ shell. By accessing your web server’s shell, attackers can hugely harm your site. This error usually occurs when you pass on an untreated user input in the shell. Such attacks can be prevented by sanitizing and validating all of your user inputs.

4. Phishing attack: This is amongst the most common web attacks. In phishing attack scammers try to trick the users for acquiring their login details. To ensure your website does not affected by these attacks, you should use only one significant and valid URL for login.

How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Once a website is live, it has a critical part to play for business. It should be easily accessible to the target audiences on web crawlers. In short, a website should be optimized with SEO point of view so that it turns out to be beneficial for enterprise.

Figuring out how to modify a web page to make it internet friendly is an important guide not only for the developer but the website owner as well. Hence, it is very important to look for the best web development services in India for a website. Let us have a look at the factors involved in making a site easy for search engines to crawl:

web development services in India

1) Content Should Be Indexable
Content must be placed in HTML format for better search engine listing. Incorporating Alt text for images and audio/ video with a small description and content is a must. It is critical to know how the web pages are visible to crawlers.

2) An External CSS Stylesheet and JS Files
This is important to give the site a standardized appearance. There are some web designers who make use of CSS Stylesheet for their convenience. In addition, these creates an opportunity for web pages to look different without a lot of extensive coding.

3) URL Construction
A very well planned URL framework prompts a nice customer experience. These should be constructed keeping in mind the navigation & web pages with no use of special symbols like #, %, $ etc. These must follow the strict guidelines as per the search engine bots.

4) Speed Optimization
Focusing on load time during web design is a critical factor. Search engines look for page speed and that directly affects the ranking. Internal redirects must be kept in mind to improve the user experience. Optimization in this respect is vital for web designers as well.